Website changes

You might have noticed a few changes around the site lately. While some changes are too obvious to miss, some are more subtle. So here’s the rundown:

- A newly revamped sidebar which will feature our monthly specials. making them easier to find at all time;

- Still on the sidebar, a Calendar icon to access the revamped Events page which is no longer accessible from the main menu.

- Again on the sidebar, a Link Exchange icon for an upcoming webseries Link exchange service that will be added soon.

- New episodes menus, allowing you to go back to the block of episodes you are watching from anywhere.

- Buy buttons with every available comics.

- A new gallery system.

- Buy button when relevant in the galleries.

- Feedburner RSS feed in the NEWS section and comments for every news items via Haloscan

- A nifty new store architecture (still in process of implementation, bear with us)

- A new
Press link in the Media section;

- An extensive Site Map;

Also coming up:

- A brand new landing page.

- Cast and Crew pages for each episodes
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