VODA by Geof Isherwood


This is the first glimpse of Voda, our New Manitoban superhero, drawn by Geof Isherwood! Voda is one of the new characters that will be introduced in Season 2. An origin story detailing how she came to get involved with the WDO, what are her powers and so on, will be found in the trade paperback that will be out later this year and will set the stage for her implication in the Heroes of the North Universe.

As usual, the illustration is available in our store.



Heroes of the North Pacifica Road Trip featuring Hastings & Pain

We do not usually promote every single story we make but we like this one and it has been a long time coming. Plus, besides being another fun one from the terrible brothers duo of Yann & Michel Brouillette, it also features the dynamic artwork of Gatineau based artist Andre St-Amour! This 20 pages masterpiece will be part of the 440 pages Heroes of the North trade paperback coming out this fall. It will be the only way to read this story - and you do not want to miss it!!! Hastings & Pain, two Vancouver based superpowered junkies, cause mayhem all across Canada and Pacifica struggles to keep them in check. Even The Canadian himself has to pitch in to help put things on the right track! Yet another Heroes of the North classic tale in the making!


Crimson: Dark Origins comic book near sold out


Our most critically acclaimed comic book, Crimson: Dark Origins is nearly sold-out - in fact, there is only 4 copies available. If you ever wanted to get your hands on it, the moment is NOW!




We will be attending the Free Comic Book day at La Boîte à BD in Laval this year. They have a great initiative where they give, alongside the already free comics, a black and white comic that they get made themselves by asking various indie creators to contribute a few pages. Heroes of the North contributed to the initiative with a 2 pages Nordik story by Yann Brouillette & Christopher Yao. The comic is being handed out alongside the other comics from Free Comic book day! Looking forward to meet everyone and spend a good day filled with fun, comics, fans and friends!



It has been a while but there is a brand new comic now available, both in the EPISODES section (as part of the 8 BALL: ORIGINS menu selection) and in the COMICS section, under the story’s name, 8 BALL - BREAK AND RUN. Illustrated by Deveo studios from a story by Yann Brouillette, the story follows Tony Falcon, while on official vacation from his section 8 training, spending his days playing pool in a small bar in Sudbury, Ontario. Troubling events will lead him to get involved in the local politics and he will get his first taste of vigilantism…


The Rise of Komodo


Artist Zach Fischer is currently hard at work on a 12 pages story that tells the tale of a brand new Heroes of the North Villain, King Komodo, for which you can see one of his layout pages above. Written by Yann Brouillette, the story will be available exclusively in the upcoming HEROES OF THE NORTH TRADE PAPERBACK and through the Season 2 Membership section with Silver or Gold Memberships, as it will complement an episode featuring the villain live.




We will be attending the first ever Moncton comicon - the East Coast Comic Expo on May 18th! More details soon!




Alan Draven, the Montreal author we picked to write the first Heroes of the North novel informed us that he recently completed the first draft of the action packed story late last week. And today, he even has a synopsis to share with all of us.


The recently elected Prime Minister of Quebec is abducted from his home. All that’s left behind is an envelope marked “October Dawn.” The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys, Black Terror, and 8 Ball are sent to investigate. Shortly after, the Premier’s daughter is kidnapped at their summer cottage in the Hamptons in New York. A strange masked woman wearing a costume with the emblem of Russia is involved. Who is she working for? To what end?

Before long, the city of Montreal is placed under a new form of the Emergencies Act. As the team of heroes digs deeper, they unveil a web of mysteries and deception that may threaten the future of the entire country. It’s up to Canada’s bravest heroes to save the day while there’s still time….





As you most likely noticed, we are currently upgrading the site big time. Getting of old code still straggling around, improving and modernizing, simplifying and streamlining are the main goal of this update to prepare for the coming of Season 2 and all the new materials that we have been building in the past few months. That being said, it is never an easy undertaking and it often takes more time than you think so we are still at it. So we apologize for the 404 pages and other inconveniences. We are going as fast as we can to get every area of the site functional as fast as possible.

Here is what to expect from the new site:

- Easier navigation and less pages. All episodes are now viewable through a single click straight from the Episodes page.

- HTML 5 video. We got lots of complaints about the other player - now we are using YouTube, which is a web standard at this point so hopefully things run smoother from now on.

- More streamlined and focused content.

- Season 2 episodes and related comic books will be accessible through a paywall which we are currently in the process of setting up. We are sorry to no longer offer the show and comics for free but these things are expensive to put out and we want to be able to offer a better product, and a more timely delivery, so the show needs to be able to pay for itself. We offer three reasonably priced plans, which be reviewed in the
Members section.

- We are dropping the French entirely from the site. We are sorry to have to do this but French traffic is only a very small portion of our global traffic and it requires almost as much efforts and to put it up as the rest - it just does not make logical sense, considering our limited resources.

The site should be more or less a challenge to navigate this week but after that, everything should be back to normal and we can slowly start to unleash the goodness of Season 2! Thank you for being part of the ride!




We are preparing for Season 2 and there is a whole range of new characters that will appear in that series. One of them is a University of Ontario physician that will become the superhero known as Nano. Here’s a look at the spiffy logo deigned by André St-Amour who also illustrated the first Nano introduction comic, which will be available as part of the Season One trade paperback. We cannot wait until you discover all the wonders we have cooked up for you, the fans!


Festival de la BD de Québec and Website updates


From the outside, it may look like not much is happening but in fact, quite a lot is. We are in the finishing stage of wrapping up everything related to Season One, including Episode 20, the Season Finale comic, the DVD, the 440 pages mammoth trade paperback of all the stories pertaining to Season One, prepping Season 2, and updating the site in a major fashion. So please be patient in the next week or so as we have a lot of broken links. Our goal is to make the site easier to navigate, more efficient yet still packing punch! Let us know how we are doing!

Also, on April 13 and 14, Yann and Michel Brouillette, co-authors of most of our comics and several of the show’s episodes, will be in Quebec City for the Festival de la BD de Québec. They will introduce a 60 pages, extremely limited edition Fleur-de-Lys comic which they will be on
hand to sign on Sunday, April 14th from 12h00-13h00 (Dimanche 14 Avril de 12h00-13h00). Also present at the event will be Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet), who will be in charge of a cosplay event.