Fan Expo Toronto

We are back from a gruelling four days at the Toronto Fan Expo!

We had a rough start as the booth assigned to us had no furniture hours before the show was to start. It took over three hours to get our two tables and a handful of chairs so we could set up before the doors opened… We had less than 45 minutes to do so when all was said and done.

But that was not to be the end of the ordeal. Around 4 PM, a group of voice actors showed up, saying they were assigned the same booth as us., which was in fact, true. So somehow over 15 people were expected to share a 10 x 10 booth. THere was a lot of confusion for several hours until the show ended and we could manage to clear things out. Needless to say, it was a very unpleasant experience for all involved.

So overnight we had to change our location to one that was less optimal but still better than what was originally proposed by the organizers, i.e. a small table under the stairs in the hall.

The other days went much better, with Hornet and 8 Ball leaving quite a strong impression on several thousands of fans. Thousands of pictures taken later, we ran out of 8 Ball keychains, calendars and Hornet reproductions. The brand new Crimson comic, still hot off the press, was also a definite success as we almost sold out of it as well.

We also got to hang out with Dan Parent, who is currently penciling our Team-up issue, finally met in person with Ty Templeton and his wife Keiren, both of whom have done work for Heroes of the North.

The hours were very long, and at times it felt more like a marathon than a convention, but the enthusiasm of the fans, old and new, kept us going through it all. Photos will be posted in a few days in the gallery but in the meantime, you can read this
article from the Toronto Sun…


Toronto Fan Expo and Hornet comic

As some of you may know, we will be attending the Toronto Fan Expo next week, from August 25th to 28th. You will be able to find us at booth 211. Hornet and 8 Ball will be in attendance, along with the show’s producer and a few other guests. A limited edition print version of the Crimson comic will be available for the first time (50 copies only!). Folks who comment on our Fan Expo Facebook thread before Wednesday, August 24th and bring a printout of their comments to our booth will also get a free random surprise.

Besides photo op at the boot, we will have the entire assortment of merchandise currently available in our store, including Hornet figurines you can get signed by the lady herself if you so desire.

That being said, the Hornet comic book will hit the inter webs early next week, just in time for the Fan Expo. Here’s a sneak peek.

Hornet Comic Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


Acadia by Ty Templeton

Just in time for the Acadians National Holiday comes Ty Templeton’s vision of our character of Acadia.

We love Ty Templeton over here at HOTN Central. First of all, he is Canadian. Second, he was worked for almost every major comic book company under the sun, Third, he has worked on Batman AND Spider-Man, fourth, he’s a writer and an accomplished artist and teacher, and like most Canadians, he’s funny as all hell, fifth, he has a cartoon blog called
Bun Toons, sixth, he’s bursting with passion for comics as an art form and a story telling medium, seventh, he is one of the creative minds behind Hoverboy, eight, he draws himself as a rabbit, ninth, he took us HOTN folks seriously and with respect from day one, despite our ridiculous means, and tenth, his wife is also a comic book professional who letters and colours comics… Better yet, she even does us the favour of working on some of our books once in a while. So what is not to love? Feast your eyes on his latest Heroes of the North offering.

BONUS: Ty Templeton talks about his creative process for creating the illustration on his


Happy Acadia Day!

August 15this a day of pride for all Acadians! We join Acadia in wishing all Acadians the best on this day!


Pacifica by Michael Dooney


New Felquists Figurine Design




This is the long awaited cover by Montreal Illustrator Donald Caron for the upcoming Crimson Comic book. It perfectly captures the lethal and raw nature of the character origins. Not to mention it has a very Frazetta feel. Another epic illustration for the books! You can also check it out in our artist Gallery.


It sure took us a while but we have finally gotten around putting up all of our tech sheets on the Characters page. The page is now complete, with all tech sheets readable. The newcomer and last in line being Acadia.

Acadia_spec sheet1