Crimson Comic now online!

The Crimson comic book written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, penciled by Marcus Smith aka MAS, with a cover by Armando Huerta for the online version and a cover by Donald Caron for the print version (Available later), is now online. The character of Crimson is interpreted by model Bianca Beauchamp in the series. WARNING: This is an extremely harsh story and it will offend some readers. Discretion is strongly advised. We recommend however that people who can stomach it read it BEFORE watching Episode 12. It will give a lot more depth to the content of that episode.

Website Updates

Freebies are now activated. Galleries are slowly being implemented. Facebook functionalities have been added to all Comics and Video Medias. The Crimson comic should go live sometime this week. We highly recommend to read it BEFORE the episode. Be warned however that the subject matter is pretty harsh and that sensitive readers may have a hard time with it.

Galleries Implementation

We have a very rich set of galleries, with thousands of photos to upload and arrange, so the implementation is lengthy and complex. Please bear with us for the next fews days as we implement the new galleries progressively.

First Story site now online!

A little like this site, it is currently still under construction but it is still worth exploring if you want to add to the Heroes of the North mythos. Click on the CDO logo in the sidebar.


We will be attending the Megacon in Orlando from March 25 to 28. Come meet us there if you are in the area! Attending will be show creator Christian Viel, screenwriter and Alpha Q actor Yann Brouillette, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais aka Hornet and Edith Labelle aka Fleur-de-Lys. For more information about the convention, please visit their website.

New Website

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our brand new, fully redesigned website! It is perhaps less flashy but it is definitely easier to navigate and everything is easier to find - at least we would like to think so. Visit the newly revamped store and get your favourite Heroes of the North gear or dig into one of our digital comics (also available in paper in the store and pretty soon available as a download!), watch the latest episodes which you can now rate and comment, visit us in the brand new forum or get your questions answered through the FAQ section. We are at the early stage of implementation. There is a lot more to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, explore, visit and most of all, enjoy!

The Heroes of the North Team