8 Ball/Black Terror Team-up Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek at the upcoming 8 Ball/Black Terror Team-up, written by Yann Brouillette. This page is penciled by the very talented Gibson Quarter (Undertow) and inked by the equally talented Guillermo Ortego (X-Factor, Wolverine/Wendigo). If you like mayhem, this issue will have it in spades! Black Terror and 8 Ball literally tear apart everything and anything in their path...

8 Ball and Black Terror Team-up - Art by Gibson Quarter


Nordik/8 Ball Team-up Colours Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Nordik/8 Ball Team-up book written by Yann Brouillette, penciled and inked by David J. Cutler and coloured and lettered by Keiren Smith. Comment below!

Nordik & 8 Ball Team-up Comic

Heroes of the North Omnibus is Officially Sold Out!

We just got word from Ardenn that our 80 pages Omnibus is officially SOLD OUT as far as retailers are concerned. More will be ordered. We over printed a bunch for our own store and for conventions. You can order your copy in our STORE.

Little Oscar Night Heroes of the North review!

The blog They stand on Guard, which talks about Canadian comics, just released a nice little review of our show to counterbalance the blandness of Oscar night…

Before Heroes of the North, there was Ghetto-Tech!

Twelve years ago, we produced our first web series, a post-apocalyptic tale featuring three mutants - the project went nowhere but we found some of the episodes and put them on the site for you enjoyment!

Omnibus selling out!

We are told that several stores in Quebec and, according to Gibson Quarter, at least one in Toronto, have sold out of our Heroes of the North Omnibus! How cool is that? We would like to thank everyone for the support! It is sincerely appreciated!

In case you can no longer get one from your local retailer (always support your local retailers! Things are tough all around!), you can always get a copy from us in the
STORE. We still have a few left.



The Second Indie Intertube Awards Nominations are here...

…And your favourite web series is being nominated in four categories:

- Best Theme Song;
- Best Action;
- Best Transmedia Project;
- Best Additional Material;

You can see all the other talented nominees by visiting the
official page.

HOTN on the Nat and Marie Show

We had the pleasure of doing a live interview with the cool gals of the Nat and Marie Show tonight. The link is also available in the video section in Medias.

New items in the store!


Olivier Raymond is selling his unsold Heroes of the North conventions sketches in our store! Get your favourite Heroes or Villains!

We will also be introducing a new section for original art. The first items will be pieces from the Fleur-de-Lys comics by Olivier Raymond and a Crimson original by Armando Huerta.

As you have no doubt noticed, the entire website is undergoing changes so this new pieces will be added over the next few days!

As for the major changes underway on the website, a blog post will go through them in details, beyond the apparent cosmetic changes. Thank you for your patience!

MSN lists us as one of their favourite web series

We were listed in the Quebec arm of MSN top ten favourite web series (ranking in at a respectable #7).

Chronique BD - Journal de Montréal

Chronique BD Journal de Montréal
Jean-Dominic Leduc who plays one of the New Felquists in Episode 16 also runs a blog about comic books and its French Incarnation, la Bande Dessinée, or better yet, le 9ème Art.

This week in his
chronicle he talks about Heroes of the North, the comic book we just released and the show in general.