Al Rio passed away

Al Rio was one of the first big time artists to jump on board our little project. He drew the Fleur-de-Lys below. His implications helped pave the way for other artists to jump on board and lent us credibility. So it is with great sadness that we heard he has passed away this morning, from an apparent suicide. Fans are invited to leave messages on his DeviantArt page. Our thoughts and sympathies go to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

Fleur-de-Lys by Al Rio


Boutique L'Imaginaire

The first stop on our brand new comic tour was Boutique L’Imaginaire, one of the nicest comic shop we have seen, in wonderful Quebec City and what a load of fun it was!
The awesome team headed by Jean-Michel created our small group of Northern Heroes with top notch reception and great organization. And the really friendly patrons contributed to the first SOLD OUT of the books - we ran through all the books that the store had ordered before the end of the event. Thankfully Jean-Michel had asked us to bring more so we were able to handle the shortage. We had a great time and wish to thank everyone who came by to chat with us, buy gear or discuss the wonders of the comic book world! Thanks again! We look forward to visit you again soon! May is apparently a lovely time to visit Quebec we are told… Happy

We also had the occasion of doing a really fun interview with the people behind Ultimradio. The interview isnot out yet but there is a little post on their
site about today’s events.

Photos will be uploaded in the Events section of the Gallery in a few days.

Comic Delivery Delay

There was a screwup with the delivery of the Heroes of the North Omnibus. Sad The book is going to be at least one if not two weeks late because of it. But have no fear true believers we had copies printed beyond the Diamond orders, so we will bring item with us at the various signing events in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa and we will give the retailers the quantities they ordered directly. Everybody who ordered it online from our website, the books ships Monday, the 30th. To everybody else, we are deeply sorry - the situation is our of our control.

Heroes of the North at Boutique Imaginaire in Quebec City

Heroes of the North and Hornet at Boutique Imaginaire in Quebec City

Interview with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais aka Hornet

Bruno’s Geek Reviews did an interesting and very candid interview with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, who plays the deadly Hornet in our superheroes web series. Definitely worth a read!

Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais) in her new Costume

Heroes of the North Books on Pre-Sale!

The first batch of Heroes of the North books are headed for the printer and will start shipping February 15, 2012!

First is the Nordik Diaries titled
Manon of the Frozen North. It tells the story of Manon Deschênes, in the weeks before she will make the fateful encounter that will eventually lead to her becoming the super heroine known as Nordik…

Also of interest is the Heroes of the North Season One photo book! One hundred pages of exciting pictures from the show, only the very best,a s well as exclusive, never before seen Behind the scenes photographs from the actual shoot! Printed in extremely limited edition of one hundred, individually numbered, this hardcover is for collectors only!

Head out to the
store and pre-order yours now! Quantities are limited!



Alpha Q by Donald Caron

Well, today was artists day at HOTN Central! First we got the amazing work in progress art by Michael Dooney for the upcoming Nordik comic book cover. Then we got some layout art for an upcoming comic book by Olivier Raymond, which we cannot disclose yet because we do not want to spoil anything - that story has HUGE repercussions in the Heroes of the North Universe. No kidding! - and now we just received the print cover for the Alpha Q comic, dramatically rendered by our go-to artist for covers, Donald Caron! Enjoy! For this piece, Donald did a photo session with Alpha Q actor Yann Brouillette and the results are nothing less than stunning! We are sure you will definitely agree! Winking

Alpha Q by Donald Caron

Nordik Comic Cover - Work in Progress by Michael Dooney

Here is the stunning pencil work by Michael Dooney for his cover of the digital comic book version of the story written by Yann Brouillette and penciled and inked by David Cutler, with colours and letters by Keiren Smith. One word: Spectacular!

Nordik by Michael Dooney - Work in Progress

Heroes Cartoon Version

Heroes of the North Cartoon
Coloured version of the characters. Still very much a work in progress this mystery project...

8 Ball Comic progress

We have done out fair share of dark and gritty story lines so far in Heroes of the North so we thought it was time for something a little lighter. Big Bang Theory, a story starring Black Terror and 8 Ball was born. Here is a sneak peek at the work in progress on the upcoming 8 Ball-Black Terror team-up written by Yann Brouillette and penciled and inked by Gibson Quarter, who’s dynamic style is well-suited for the tone of this piece.

Heroes of the North 8 Ball Comic Page 3 Sample

Happy New Year!

We wish you a wonderful and heroic 2012! Happy New Year to all of our wonderful fans and followers, from the Heroes of the North team!

We have a lot in store for 2012, including special events, new heroes and villains and special guest-stars in several episodes of Season 2! Stay tuned and stand on guard!