CODA Sneak Peek: Don’t let it fly

Fleur-de-Lys in Don't let it Fly, by Yann Brouillette
Trouble is brewing in Montreal as Fleur-de-Lys fights Miss Canada right in the terminal!

Here is yet another sneak peek at the upcoming artwork for the last Heroes of the North Omnibus, CODA, coming out in December. In this story by Yann Brouillette, gorgeously penciled and inked by Patrick Hénaff, Fleur-de-Lys meets her match while trying to prevent a potential terrorist attack… At least, it is the official plot line. Since the story is told backwards, you will not find out until the end what it is all about… Prepare to be shocked...

The Canadian - Time Out

Heroes of the North - The Canadian - Time Out page 1
This spectacular page comes from the pencils of Gibson Quarter and the inks of Guillermo Ortego. It features The Canadian trying to defuse what appears to be a bomb, from a story by Yann Brouillette called fittingly enough Time Out! This is one of the many stories that will be found in our last 80 pages omnibus, Coda, which will come out some time in December. It can also be pre-ordered right now form our store. The last omnibus will contain fifty-six pages of previously unseen materials, as well as the 24 pages Season Finale comic.

Manitoba Hero Costume Designs

We have asked two Canadian artists, Christopher Yao and Kieron O’Gorman to give us their interpretation of our Manitoba heroine (still unnamed at the moment - if you have any suggestions, please proposed them in the comments below).

Here are Christopher Yao’s versions, both in red and blue:

Here is Kieron’s versions, again both in blue and red… Let us know what you think below!

Madame Doom No Son of Mine Sneak peek

Madame Doom: No Son of Mine sneak peek
Geof Isherwood surpassed himself with his inks in one of the most bizarre story yet from Heroes of the North. No Son of Mine relates the trials and tribulations of Madame Doom, who expresses the desire to have an heir for her empire. She asks Medusa Commander to provide her with a test tube baby but the results fall short of her high expectations… This twelve page story by Yann Brouillette will be found in the third and last Omnibus of Seasone One, CODA, which is currently in solicitation through Diamond Distribution at your friendly local comic book store or can be pre-ordered straight from us in our store.


Heroes of the North: Jenny
Jenny by Christopher Yao. A character that will be discovered in the Heroes of the North: Season One trade paperback, coming in 2013!

Black Mantis Costume sneak peak

Preparations are still underways for Season 2. Besides blowing miniatures, going to Vietnam and so on, we are also creating brand new costumes for our new villains and heroes. Here is a sneak peek at the leather pants for Black Mantis, designed by Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) and fabricated by the multi-talented Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet). See? We are not kidding when we say we are a small team! You can catch a glimpse of the Black Mantis costume design here:


October Dawn: Coming Spring 2013

October Dawn novel by Alan Draven
With a special thanks to Ty Templeton for the inspiration.

Season 2 Teaser

Last weekend we shot the first scene of Heroes of the North Season 2! You can view the results on our Facebook page. It was a cold day and a tough shoot because it was raining heavily, especially in the afternoon. But everyone involved had a lot of fun! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Black Mantis and Iron Panther's mother (Uni Park) tries ot escape a Vietcong