An Interview with Hornet

Here’s a pretty cool interview with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais aka Hornet.

Site Improvements and other news

We keep trying on improving the site whenever we can get around to it. We finally figured out a way better search engine for the site, which is accessible via the magnifying glass icon on the side bar on your right.

We have also added a Podcasts and Radios Interviews section in the Medias menu since we have done quite a bit of those. It is by no means a complete list - it will slowly grow over the next few weeks as we put everything online. There is also several new press links in the same section.

The final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS has also been added to the Gallery in the Artists Interpretations tab.

Also coming very soon, both in the Freebies section of the store, the long awaited
Wall Papers AND a downloadable MP3 version of the theme song. You will also have the option of playing it via our mini player.

The Production tab in the
about section has finally been completed: read all about how, when and with what the show was shot!

We also have answered a new question in the FAQ - which has to do with our appearances schedule. All informations regarding our appearances is also accessible in the sidebar by clicking the
calendar button, again in the right side bar.

We have also added a nifty little DIMMER button that allows you to darken the screen when watching the episodes.

And to make signing up for our newsletter easier as well, we have it now inside a popup when you click that big red button on the right.

We have also added a sidebar menu that follows you everywhere on the left, so you do not have to scroll back to go to other parts of the site.

And lastly, we have added a mini menu on each comic book pages so that you can jump with ease on any of the currently available comics without having to go back to the main menu.

Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the new additions!

Toronto Fan Expo: Limited Release Interview Part One

Limited Release is a Toronto based podcast covering web series and the indie industry. They covered Heroes of the North in a review a while back. They also did an interview with us at the Toronto Fan Expo, which has apparently been split in two - our producer talks WAY too much it seems! You can hear all about it here.


Montreal Comicon is over...

… And what a weekend it was! We have not heard any numbers yet but we are pretty sure that last year’s record breaking attendance was broken! So many people came to visit, it was intense! We are still reeling for all the flashes that captured the images of Hornet, 8 Ball, The Canadian and Medusa Commander this weekend. We got to speak to hundreds of fans, some of them first day adopters, and we made a lot of new ones along the way. It was a whirlwind of action all weekend long. We also had a chance to have a very nice dinner with Dan Parent (Archie), his wife and son, as well as the always entertaining Ty Templeton (too many books to count) and his lovely wife Keiren (Heroes of the North, Tights and Fights, Northern Guard) and Gibson Quarter, who will be soon illustrating the 8 Ball comic for us.

A special thanks goes to Oscar, Alex and Elizabeth and all the Comicon staff who worked hard with limited means to put the show together and seriously impressed us with a pretty tight organization overall. The only downside for us was the aggressive attitude of the Place Bonaventure staff - they seemed to be trying very hard to make sure no one felt welcome! Unfortunately, the event was victim of its popularity with people being turned away early in the show. We feel sorry for all of the people who could not come and say hi!

The whole HOTN team had a blast and we hope to see you all again soon!

Fleur-de-Lys Blooming sneak peek!

It is a long time coming, this book. But it will be worth the wait. Many delays have plagued this book so far but we just saw some coloured pages tonight, about 60% done, and let’s just say that they are amazing! And the story by Yann Brouillette which tells of the childhood of Fleur-de-Lys and her brothers is quite an interesting tale that will add a lot of pathos to the Heroes of the North mythos. I know, it rhymes.

Since the colours are not 100% complete, we will not show them yet, despite the fact that they are already stunning. But we will give you a little sneak peek nevertheless at the first page, inked and lettered, complete with a small grammatical error that will be fixed for the final version.


Vietnamese article

The new Hornet costume must have left quite the impression at the Toronto Fan Expo. Heck, we even got an article in iTViet from Vietnam!

Omnibus cover by MAS

Here’s the final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS.


Montreal Comicon 2011

Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18, the 2011 edition of the Montreal Comicon will be happening at the Place Bonaventure Convention Center. And this one promises to be the biggest yet, with Stan Lee in attendance for the first time ever in Montreal, Adam West and Burt Ward and so on… Of course, your favourite friendly neighbourhood web series will be there as well, with some brand new merchandise and some killer conventions specials. Time to put some money aside for that Hornet figurine you want… Because it will be available at a special and exclusive convention price.

In attendance for the two days of merriment will be: the facetious 8 Ball and the striking Hornet in her even more striking Season 2 outfit, and the brilliant mind of Alpha Q!

Also, in more sporadic appearances, we will find the nefarious Medusa Commander alongside the first ever appearance of The Canadian to any convention ever!

So be there or be square!

More stuff!

First, an article about Hornet’s new costume.

Second, we are proud to announce that artist
David J. Cutler will be illustrating the upcoming Nordik comic.

Third, we were number one yesterday on Koldcast. We make regularly the top ten but it is always an honour to make #1. This time it was thanks to their


Fourth, our Toronto Fan Expo Gallery is up.

And here’s a look at the Work in Progress for the Omnibus cover by Marcus MAS Smith:



So much stuff happening...

panel 2 test

First, a really
cool review from the Web Series Wonders blog to start off the weekend…

Two, big news, HUGE news in fact for our little comics that could… Can’t say too much but an American publisher is gonna put our a 96 pages Omnibus of the books throughout the comic book retailers network across North America. Huge exposure for your favourite Heroes! More detail next week as the press release comes out!

Three, stuff is brewing on the toy front as well. So much is happening it is hard to keep track….

Fourth, we got to meet lots of talented young Canadian creators at the last Fan Expo and several of them will join our art team in the coming months. Special thanks to Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith for shepherding some of these encounters...

And we are starting ground work on Season 2… That’s good for a drink, no? Come on! It is Friday night! Have one for us!

And more importantly: STAY TUNED!


Additional comics

panel 1 color test without black bars

We are pleased as punch to announce that will be adding a few comics to our line-up of books for Season 1. The comics menu page will be updated in the next few days to reflect these additions.

Besides the books already listed in the comics section, you will be able to look forward to books about the following characters:

- 8 Ball

- Acadia

- Nordik

- The Canadian

Some new artists will soon join us as well - more on that as things develop, but you can see a little sample above. However, here is a major scoop about the Canadian book. The Canadian comic, a 12 pages story, will be written by none other than jolly
Ty Templeton. Winner of a Joe Shuster award as “outstanding writer” for his work on The Batman Adventures in 2005, it is with great anticipation that we welcome Mr. Templeton to the Heroes of the North fold. We cannot wait to read what he comes up with!

A lot more things are going on behind the scenes but we cannot reveal them to you yet...


Place Vine Blog review

The Place Vine Blog, which reviews Branded Entertainment, Web Series and YouTube Channels, recently took a peek at our show:

Koldcast scores another TKO with the web series “
Heroes of the North,” chronicling the awesome adventures of a butt-kicking band of colorfully costumed Canucks – including The Canadian (Larry Vinette), Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Nordik (supermodel Vanessa Blouin), Black Terror (John Fallon), and Canadian Shield (comic writer Michel Brouillette) – that basically comprise The Justice League of Canada. Together they face off against an equally elaborate assembly line of supervillains, mostly from the evil organization called Medusa. Extensive individual character background files, digital comic books and multi-media merchandise, including collectible figurines, augment this ambitiously designed and expertly engineered alternative universe, every bit as inventive, engaging, entertaining, complex and just plain fun as X-Men or Watchmen and even The Avengers (at least the comics version). There are episodes devoted to each hero’s unique origin story, and many feature French subtitles, adding spice to the “exotic” North of the Border flavor. The production values are simply spectacular, including the sexy costuming, credible action choreography, and budget-limited but contextually satisfying special effects. All in all, this is Geek’s Paradise Found.