Samedi de la BD Gratuite

flexible Samedi de la BD Gratuite 2014

This year we are contributing a cover featuring Fleur-de-Lys and drawn by Brad Coffey as well as a little seen 2 pages Fleur-de-Lys story by Yann Brouillette and Andre St-Amour. Additionally, writer/actor Yann Brouillette and actress Christina Sciortino (Acadia) will be there for the day and available to autograph your copies!


Free Comic Book Day 2

Free Comic Book Day Boîte à BD Comic Book

Besides the free comics from Marvel and Co., La Boîte à BD also offers their own in-house compilations of stories clocking in at roughly 50 pages featuring artist from Quebec and everywhere else. Heroes of the North contributed a never before seen Nordik story by Yann Brouillette and Christopher Yao. Best of all, it's FREE, but tomorrow only!

En plus des BD gratuites fournies par Marvel et Co., la Boîte à BD vous offre gratuitement une compilation maison d'une cinquantaine de pages avec divers artistes d'ici et d'ailleurs! Nous avons une histoire inédite avec Nordik (Yann Brouillette & Christopher Yao). De plus c'est totalement gratuit mais demain seulement!




We will be attending the Free Comic Book day at La Boîte à BD in Laval this year. They have a great initiative where they give, alongside the already free comics, a black and white comic that they get made themselves by asking various indie creators to contribute a few pages. Heroes of the North contributed to the initiative with a 2 pages Nordik story by Yann Brouillette & Christopher Yao. The comic is being handed out alongside the other comics from Free Comic book day! Looking forward to meet everyone and spend a good day filled with fun, comics, fans and friends!

Festival de la BD de Québec and Website updates


From the outside, it may look like not much is happening but in fact, quite a lot is. We are in the finishing stage of wrapping up everything related to Season One, including Episode 20, the Season Finale comic, the DVD, the 440 pages mammoth trade paperback of all the stories pertaining to Season One, prepping Season 2, and updating the site in a major fashion. So please be patient in the next week or so as we have a lot of broken links. Our goal is to make the site easier to navigate, more efficient yet still packing punch! Let us know how we are doing!

Also, on April 13 and 14, Yann and Michel Brouillette, co-authors of most of our comics and several of the show’s episodes, will be in Quebec City for the Festival de la BD de Québec. They will introduce a 60 pages, extremely limited edition Fleur-de-Lys comic which they will be on
hand to sign on Sunday, April 14th from 12h00-13h00 (Dimanche 14 Avril de 12h00-13h00). Also present at the event will be Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet), who will be in charge of a cosplay event.


Montreal Comicon Schedule Changes

Schedule changes for characters appearances at the Montreal Comicon and other related issues:

Black Terror: Friday and Saturday ONLY. No longer there on Sunday.

Medusa Commander: Sunday - 10 AM to 1 PM.

8 Ball: Friday - 2 PM to 9 PM, Saturday - 1 PM to 7 PM, Sunday - 1 PM to 5 PM

There is a strong possibility that the Masquerade appearance of Friday night may be cancelled - we did not get final confirmation - so for now we are assuming she is coming. We will update as soon as we find out.

All other characters schedules remains as advertised previously.

Despite our best efforts, the Nordik and 8 Ball figurines will not make it on time for the CON - but they should show up within the next 7 business days.

We made only 100 copies of the Comicon special Edition omnibus - they are already flying fast with a couple of dozen already reserved - come get yours early because we don't think there will be any left come Sunday...

We will not be able to do the live action shoot during the con as we could not get the proper authorizations in time... Sad We will make it up to you with a kick ass panel which will introduce Acadia live, before she appears in her episode (20)...

Montreal Comicon Cast line-up

It is that time of the year again! The Montreal Comicon is almost here and this year we have a huge chunk of the cast attending!

The schedule for the Comicon is as follows (Friday, September 14 until Sunday, September 16):

16 h à 21 h
14 h à 21 h
10 h à 19 h
9 h 30 à 19 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h

And here is the Heroes of the North Montreal Comicon appearances:

All three days, all hours: Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais), Alpha Q (Yann Brouillette), Black Terror (John Fallon).

Friday (all hours), end of day Saturday (3 PM until 7 PM) and Sunday (3 PM until 5 PM): 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw).

Friday (6 PM until 8 PM): Masquerade (Pia Metni).

Saturday (10 AM to 5 PM) and Sunday (10 to 4 PM): Donovan Easton (Howard Rosenstein)

Saturday (1 PM until 4 PM) and Sunday (2 PM until 5 PM): Canadian Shield (Michel Brouillette).

Saturday (1 PM until 4 PM): The Canadian (Larry Vinette).

Sunday (1 PM until 4 PM): Acadia (Christina Sciortino).

Sunday (1 PM until 4 PM): Medusa Commander (Constantine Kourtidis).

Sunday (1 PM until 4 PM): Introducing Black Mantis (Season 2 Character)

We will have an exclusive Heroes of the North Omnibus 2 printed especially for the Comicon, on higher quality paper, and with a different cover than the one that will be in stores.

It will also have a different binding and a bonus story not found anywhere else. It will be expensive a little because it is a limited run of 100 - but if you preordered the book from us, bring your receipt with you and you will only pay the difference!

Be there or be square!

The Heroes of the North Team


Boutique L'Imaginaire

The first stop on our brand new comic tour was Boutique L’Imaginaire, one of the nicest comic shop we have seen, in wonderful Quebec City and what a load of fun it was!
The awesome team headed by Jean-Michel created our small group of Northern Heroes with top notch reception and great organization. And the really friendly patrons contributed to the first SOLD OUT of the books - we ran through all the books that the store had ordered before the end of the event. Thankfully Jean-Michel had asked us to bring more so we were able to handle the shortage. We had a great time and wish to thank everyone who came by to chat with us, buy gear or discuss the wonders of the comic book world! Thanks again! We look forward to visit you again soon! May is apparently a lovely time to visit Quebec we are told… Happy

We also had the occasion of doing a really fun interview with the people behind Ultimradio. The interview isnot out yet but there is a little post on their
site about today’s events.

Photos will be uploaded in the Events section of the Gallery in a few days.

Heroes of the North at Boutique Imaginaire in Quebec City

Heroes of the North and Hornet at Boutique Imaginaire in Quebec City


Heroes of the North Expert Comics Sign-In

A picture is worth a thousand words!