flexible Compendium Trade Paperback

What is Compendium? It is the first compilation of all the comics of Season One in one swell 260 pages book! The book will come out at the end of January 2014 and will retail for $39.99.

Here is the catch: We are only printing the quantities PRE-ORDERED. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. The book contains ALL THE STORIES ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE THREE OMNIBUS, so if you already have those, no need to buy this one, hence the limited print run. You can already pre-order it on
Amazon.com, which allows you to save a lot, or you can get it straight from out store as well or through your comic book store in March.

Our first novel, October Dawn, starts shipping next week!

October Dawn Novel Cover

The first Heroes of the North novel, written by Montreal author Alan Draven, starts shipping next week, just in time for the Ottawa Pop Expo!

Featuring The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys, 8 Ball, Black Terror and Pacifica, the story introduces a brand new villain and provides a tapestry of the events and machinations of the Medusa Commander over the years, from the 1960’s up until today.

Those of you who want to get their hands on it can do so




Alan Draven, the Montreal author we picked to write the first Heroes of the North novel informed us that he recently completed the first draft of the action packed story late last week. And today, he even has a synopsis to share with all of us.


The recently elected Prime Minister of Quebec is abducted from his home. All that’s left behind is an envelope marked “October Dawn.” The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys, Black Terror, and 8 Ball are sent to investigate. Shortly after, the Premier’s daughter is kidnapped at their summer cottage in the Hamptons in New York. A strange masked woman wearing a costume with the emblem of Russia is involved. Who is she working for? To what end?

Before long, the city of Montreal is placed under a new form of the Emergencies Act. As the team of heroes digs deeper, they unveil a web of mysteries and deception that may threaten the future of the entire country. It’s up to Canada’s bravest heroes to save the day while there’s still time….



October Dawn: Coming Spring 2013

October Dawn novel by Alan Draven
With a special thanks to Ty Templeton for the inspiration.

Heroes of the North Books on Pre-Sale!

The first batch of Heroes of the North books are headed for the printer and will start shipping February 15, 2012!

First is the Nordik Diaries titled
Manon of the Frozen North. It tells the story of Manon Deschênes, in the weeks before she will make the fateful encounter that will eventually lead to her becoming the super heroine known as Nordik…

Also of interest is the Heroes of the North Season One photo book! One hundred pages of exciting pictures from the show, only the very best,a s well as exclusive, never before seen Behind the scenes photographs from the actual shoot! Printed in extremely limited edition of one hundred, individually numbered, this hardcover is for collectors only!

Head out to the
store and pre-order yours now! Quantities are limited!