Terra Nova and Islander sneak peek

flexible Terra Nova by Brad CoffeyFlexible The Islander by Gibson Quarter

Here is two sneak peeks at the upcoming comic book heroes: Terra Nova by Brad Coffey and The Islander by Gibson Quarter.


flexible Compendium Graphic Novel

Our first graphic novel, the humongous 260 pages Compendium, which compiles all of the three Omnibus and the now out of print Crimson Dark Origins tale is now ready to ship! This one will be available through amazon.com as well as your neighborhood retailers through Diamond Distribution and of course, our website. We are only printing the quantities ordered on these three outlets so if you want one, the moment is now!



A whole new set of villains are coming for Season 2 and Komodo is the new kid on the block! From a story by Yann Brouillette illustrated and coloured by Zach Fischer, this story will introduce you to Kevin Konovo, an herpetologist working for the Transport Ministry in Quebec who has some run-ins with the Montreal mafia while working on the Turcot exchange demolition. The story will be available as a webcomics in our COMICS section as well as to buy in our STORE as a digital download. Don't miss this new chapter in the saga of your favourite Canadian superheroes!


Samedi de la BD Gratuite

flexible Samedi de la BD Gratuite 2014

This year we are contributing a cover featuring Fleur-de-Lys and drawn by Brad Coffey as well as a little seen 2 pages Fleur-de-Lys story by Yann Brouillette and Andre St-Amour. Additionally, writer/actor Yann Brouillette and actress Christina Sciortino (Acadia) will be there for the day and available to autograph your copies!



flexible Hornet in a Day in the Life

Illustrated by PEI artist Brenda Hickey from a script by Yann Brouillette, this very quirky and funny story called A Day in the Life is now up in the members mini-comics section. Enjoy!

New Comic on Monday

flexible Acadia: You Can Run but I can Hide

On Monday, March 24th, a new comic book, featuring one of our female superheroes, Acadia and titled: You can run but I can hide, will be online. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Christopher Yao, with colours by Aljosa Tomic.

This story is particular as it was designed to be read from top to bottom and that ill reflected in the comic book reader interface as well. We hope you will enjoy the experience!

The comic book will be found in the new MISSIONS tab in the
COMICS section of the website and will be readable through our COMIX pass and as usual, it will be free for all the other levels of membership. The story will also be available in our store as a digital download.

Speaking of Members, this Saturday there will also be a mini-comics available in the members section titled A DAY IN THE LIFE. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Prince Edward Island artist Brenda Hickey, the story is quite a hoot!




THE RESCUE, a 24 pages story by Yann & Michel Brouillette, with art by Olivier Raymond, is now available to read for free online. This story follows the events of EPISODE 20 and brings everything to a shocking conclusion that will shock the Heroes of the North to their very core! If you have not read it already, the time is now before the second Season starts!


flexible Pacifica - Road Trip by Yann & Michel Brouillette.  Art by Andre St-Amour.  Cover by Michael Dooney.

Pacifica - Road Trip by Yann & Michel Brouillette. Art by Andre St-Amour. Cover by Michael Dooney.

This 22 pages story tells the tale of Hastings & Pain, two drugged out psychopaths set on a cross-Canadian rampage. Having tricked Pacifica, she is now on their tail to make them pay for their crimes.

This comic is currently available as a
digital download in our web store or in the Members section of the site.



It is not because we have not yet released Legacies that we are not working on the second volume of 2014, NEW BEGINNINGS! We have already started making stories for the second trade of 2014, which will feature mainly stories presenting our brand new superheroes and villains of Season 2, such as Saskana above, illustrated by Andre St-Amour. We cannot wait for you guys to discover what we have in store for you all in 2014!


Nordik in Generations.  Art by Geof Isherwood.

Nordik might be dead but that will not stop us from exploring parts of past. Expect several Nordik stories in our upcoming trade paperback, LEGACIES. The sample art above by Geof Isherwood comes from a tale called Generations, which follows Nordik’s lineage, all the way from her grandmother to today, with a truckload of mind boggling revelations along the way! This trade paperback will serve as a bridge between Season 1 and 2, with several stories setting the stage for things to come! A must get for all Heroes of the North fans!


Bernie Mireault's sneak peak!

Bernie Mireault CRASH story sneak peek

We love Montrealer Bernie Mireault’s work (creator of The Jam) here at HOTN Central and we are proud to say that he is contributing a story in his inimitable style for the upcoming Legacies Trade Paperback.

Here is a sneak peak from the 8 pages story featuring 8 Ball and Black Terror in a quite awkward moment… These little slices of life that Bernie captures so perfectly are what make his stories so intensely appealing.

Polar Opposites - Rough Layouts

PolarOpposites_p2-3_rough image

This is already spectacular and it is only rough layouts!!! This sample is from a story called Polar Opposites, featuring Nordik and illustrated by the talented Daniel Wong. It is a six pages story that will present us with new Heroes for Season 2 and will be available only in the TRADE PAPERBACK coming out this fall. We really can’t wait until you guys and gals see all that we have in store for you!

Trade Paperback in the fall

MK-Ultra_Page1_Colored_Preview image

Here is a sample from a story called MK-ULTRA featuring Medusa Commander aka Doctor Mengele. Artwork by Hasan Khan and colours by Aljoša Tomić. It will be a part of the MANY bonus stories which will make up the first Heroes of the North TRADE PAPERBACK to be released sometime during the fall. This monster will clock in at 440 pages of comic book goodness! Definitively not a book to be missed!


Heroes of the North Pacifica Road Trip featuring Hastings & Pain

We do not usually promote every single story we make but we like this one and it has been a long time coming. Plus, besides being another fun one from the terrible brothers duo of Yann & Michel Brouillette, it also features the dynamic artwork of Gatineau based artist Andre St-Amour! This 20 pages masterpiece will be part of the 440 pages Heroes of the North trade paperback coming out this fall. It will be the only way to read this story - and you do not want to miss it!!! Hastings & Pain, two Vancouver based superpowered junkies, cause mayhem all across Canada and Pacifica struggles to keep them in check. Even The Canadian himself has to pitch in to help put things on the right track! Yet another Heroes of the North classic tale in the making!




It has been a while but there is a brand new comic now available, both in the EPISODES section (as part of the 8 BALL: ORIGINS menu selection) and in the COMICS section, under the story’s name, 8 BALL - BREAK AND RUN. Illustrated by Deveo studios from a story by Yann Brouillette, the story follows Tony Falcon, while on official vacation from his section 8 training, spending his days playing pool in a small bar in Sudbury, Ontario. Troubling events will lead him to get involved in the local politics and he will get his first taste of vigilantism…


The Rise of Komodo


Artist Zach Fischer is currently hard at work on a 12 pages story that tells the tale of a brand new Heroes of the North Villain, King Komodo, for which you can see one of his layout pages above. Written by Yann Brouillette, the story will be available exclusively in the upcoming HEROES OF THE NORTH TRADE PAPERBACK and through the Season 2 Membership section with Silver or Gold Memberships, as it will complement an episode featuring the villain live.




We are preparing for Season 2 and there is a whole range of new characters that will appear in that series. One of them is a University of Ontario physician that will become the superhero known as Nano. Here’s a look at the spiffy logo deigned by André St-Amour who also illustrated the first Nano introduction comic, which will be available as part of the Season One trade paperback. We cannot wait until you discover all the wonders we have cooked up for you, the fans!


Festival de la BD de Québec and Website updates


From the outside, it may look like not much is happening but in fact, quite a lot is. We are in the finishing stage of wrapping up everything related to Season One, including Episode 20, the Season Finale comic, the DVD, the 440 pages mammoth trade paperback of all the stories pertaining to Season One, prepping Season 2, and updating the site in a major fashion. So please be patient in the next week or so as we have a lot of broken links. Our goal is to make the site easier to navigate, more efficient yet still packing punch! Let us know how we are doing!

Also, on April 13 and 14, Yann and Michel Brouillette, co-authors of most of our comics and several of the show’s episodes, will be in Quebec City for the Festival de la BD de Québec. They will introduce a 60 pages, extremely limited edition Fleur-de-Lys comic which they will be on
hand to sign on Sunday, April 14th from 12h00-13h00 (Dimanche 14 Avril de 12h00-13h00). Also present at the event will be Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet), who will be in charge of a cosplay event.



Comic Book Advertisement

We are truly sorry that the updates have been few and far between. We are still a minuscule team and we are working quite hard behind the scene to soon present you with a brand new Heroes of the North. We have fallen late on several things, some due to problems with publishers, cash flows, just being too busy scraping off a living, but we have not abandoned the show or our fans. Episode 20 will be released extremely shortly, along with the 24 pager Season Finale. Publishing issues have prevented us from delivering Coda on time, but it is headed to the Publisher this week. Nordik and 8 Ball Figurines should be here in time for the Ottawa Comicon with a bit of luck. We are also hard at work finishing up the first Heroes of the North Novel: October Dawn, our first trade paperback, which is going to be a behemoth, at 440 pages! And of course planning the intricacies of Season 2. So stick around true believers, we have a lot more in store for you folks VERY soon!


CODA Sneak Peek: Don’t let it fly

Fleur-de-Lys in Don't let it Fly, by Yann Brouillette
Trouble is brewing in Montreal as Fleur-de-Lys fights Miss Canada right in the terminal!

Here is yet another sneak peek at the upcoming artwork for the last Heroes of the North Omnibus, CODA, coming out in December. In this story by Yann Brouillette, gorgeously penciled and inked by Patrick Hénaff, Fleur-de-Lys meets her match while trying to prevent a potential terrorist attack… At least, it is the official plot line. Since the story is told backwards, you will not find out until the end what it is all about… Prepare to be shocked...

The Canadian - Time Out

Heroes of the North - The Canadian - Time Out page 1
This spectacular page comes from the pencils of Gibson Quarter and the inks of Guillermo Ortego. It features The Canadian trying to defuse what appears to be a bomb, from a story by Yann Brouillette called fittingly enough Time Out! This is one of the many stories that will be found in our last 80 pages omnibus, Coda, which will come out some time in December. It can also be pre-ordered right now form our store. The last omnibus will contain fifty-six pages of previously unseen materials, as well as the 24 pages Season Finale comic.

Madame Doom No Son of Mine Sneak peek

Madame Doom: No Son of Mine sneak peek
Geof Isherwood surpassed himself with his inks in one of the most bizarre story yet from Heroes of the North. No Son of Mine relates the trials and tribulations of Madame Doom, who expresses the desire to have an heir for her empire. She asks Medusa Commander to provide her with a test tube baby but the results fall short of her high expectations… This twelve page story by Yann Brouillette will be found in the third and last Omnibus of Seasone One, CODA, which is currently in solicitation through Diamond Distribution at your friendly local comic book store or can be pre-ordered straight from us in our store.


Heroes of the North: Jenny
Jenny by Christopher Yao. A character that will be discovered in the Heroes of the North: Season One trade paperback, coming in 2013!

Comics Sneak peek

Several books in production at the moment, including a Canadian story by Gibson Quarter and Gillermo Ortego (above), a Madame Doom story by Geof Isherwood…MD pg 05
A Crimson story by Chrisopher Yao…


And yet another Isherwood masterpiece featuring 8 Ball. All these and more in the last of Season One Omnibus, Heroes of the North Coda!

8 Ball by Geof Isherwood



Here is another sneak peek from a short story - Catching a Cold - that will appear in the third Omnibus:Coda. It is a sweet Nordik tale illustrated by Christopher Yao. Written, as usual, by Yann Brouillette.

The Canadian comic by guest writer Ty Templeton

The Canadian comic book by Ty Templeton - page 1 colours

It is here! Lots of first on this one: The first full on Canadian story by our first guest writer, the legendary Ty Templeton! And a first on the art as well since Daniel Wong contributes his first Heroes of the North story as well! Colours by Aljosa Tomic and lettering by Zen. Do not miss this exciting Canadian story!

Only one story to go to wrap up our comic slate for Season One!

Coda Sneak peek

blogEntryTopperWith the imminent release of our second Omnibus this September, it feels kind of weird to talk about the third Omnibus, Coda, already. But that one will be out later this fall, in December to be exact, so we are already hard at work on it. Featuring the stunning cover by Donald Caron as chosen by our Facebook fans - it will feature the 24 pages Season Finale by Olivier Raymond and Kellam Templeton, and written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, as well as 56 pages of NEVER BEFORE SEEN MATERIAL. That’s right - the bulk of the comic wll be brand new stories that will not be available online. So far we can tell you that the book will be featuring work by Gibson Quarter & Guillermo Ortego, who gave us the kinetic madness of the Black Terror/8 Ball team-up - you can see a sample of Gibson’s pencils above, new comer to the Heroes of the North fold Christopher Yao, who illustrates a sweet Nordik tale, Geof Isherwood who pencils a New Felquistes Halloween tale created by guest writer Jean-Dominique Leduc. There will also be a Madame Doom tale which will prepare you for events of Season 2 and introduce a new villain to the Heroes of the North universe as well as a Medusa Commander tale and much more! So keep an eye out for Heroes of the North: CODA this November!

Help us pick a cover!


We are trying to decide on which cover to use for the third and last Omnibus of Season One. Help us decide and vote either on Facebook or in the comments below.

Season Finale Sneak Peak - in colours!

8 Ball and Black Terror are at it again in the last comic book of Season One currently called Season Finale, appropriately (but boringly) enough! We cannot tell you much to not ruin your pleasure but this amazing 24 pages story is brought to you by the pens of Yann & Michel Brouillette, the pencils of Olivier Raymond, the inks of Kellam Templeton and the colours of Aljoša Tomić!

The events depicted in this book will dramatically alter the Heroes of the North Universe and set the stage for Season 2...

Season Finale Sneak Peek: The fate of the Canadian

You know we love our sneak peeks here at HOTN Central! And this one is pretty cool because it heralds the end of our comic book run for Season One. Currently titled Season Finale, it is just that: a story that wraps up most of the events of Season One in a 24 pages colour extravaganza penned by Yann & Michel Brouillette, penciled by Olivier Raymond (Fleur-de-Lys: Blooming), inked by Kellam Templeton and coloured by Aljoša Tomić. We can’t tell you much more than that because the story deals with so many aspects of the storyline of the first Season and we do not want to spoil your fun. But we can tell you this much: it is action packed, possibly the most action packed Heroes of the North comic yet! It will set the stage for Season 2. And it will feature most of our main villains and characters. And it is just so cool, we can’t wait for you guys to read it! Winking While it should be available by August online, it will be also part of the third and last 80 pages Season One Heroes of the North omnibus, which should be out in November 2012 in your favourite comic book stores.


Here it is! The time has come to pre-order the second volume of the Heroes of the North Omnibus compilation, which will come out this September! Featuring scripts by Yann and Michel Brouillette, as well as a guest scripts by Ty Templeton and Jean-Dominic Leduc, this eclectic entry called HEROES OF THE NORTH: MISSIONS features the artistic talents of Geof Isherwood, Dan Parent, David Cutler, Gibson Quarter, Zach Fisher, Guillermo Ortego, Daniel Wong, Keiren Smith, Aljoša Tomić, and Zen.

Featuring the stories available in the comic book section of the site, it also features several new stories not available anywhere else, including a story with the New Felquists, Pacifica, Alpha Q and 8 Ball, as well as a trippy Black Terror tale.

Here is the description synopsis:

Nordik and 8 Ball team up to elucidate cold blooded murders.  8 Ball and Black Terror bring down a counterfeiters ring.  The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik thwart a zombots attack in Riverdale, Toronto. A CDO agent discovers what it means to be The Canadian. A young orphan becomes Acadia.  All that and more in this 80 pages follow-up to the Heroes of the North: Dark Origins!

Order it now from your favourite comic book shop if you do not want to miss it!!!



Heroes of the North, Archie style...

Our latest comic, a fun romp featuring Nordik, Fleur-de-Lys and The Canadian fighting zombots in a Toronto neighbourhood high school is brought to you by Yann Brouillette (story), Dan Parent (pencils, inks and colours) and Zen (lettering). The hilarious tale, full of puns and double entendres, also sets up the relationships of the two main ladies of the Heroes of the North Universe. You can read this 12 pages comics shock full of Heroes of the North goodness by heading over to the TEAM UP page!

The Canadian comic - Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the roughs layouts for the upcoming story by Ty Templeton about the Canadian titled “The man I think I am”, and illustrated by Daniel Wong.

The Canadian, panels 2 and 3, Rough Layouts

Politically Incorrect Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek at a 12 pages 8 Ball story called “Politically Incorrect” which deals with issues very familliar for residents of the Plateau Mont-Royal - but can also apply to anyone who ever had to deal with over zealous politicians. It is a fun little romp written by Yann Brouillette and masterfully illustrated by Geof Isherwood. Enjoy this sneak peek of the first page, featuring 8 Ball fighting bikers in a seedy St-Laurent joint…

Page One of 8 Ball comic by Geof Isherwood

Season Finale Sneak peek

There has been a lot of sneak peeks in the last few weeks as we ramp up towards finishing the last comics of Season One - and the episodes. Today we show you the rough pencils from Olivier Raymond for the 24 pages stunner that is currently known as Season Finale. Inked by Kellam Templeton, coloured and lettered by Keiren Smith and written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, this comic will wrap up most of the events of Season One in one action packed comic. The book will feature 8 Ball, Black Terror, Nordik and The Canadian fighting together against the evil Medusa and their leader, Medusa Commander. So without further ado, here it is:

Season Finale Sneak Peek

Black Terror: Dark Alley Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek by Zach Fisher for a Black Terror story called Dark Alley, written by Yann Brouillette.

Omnibus 2 Solicited - Coming out in July 2012

The second Heroes of the North Omnibus, called Heroes of the North: Missions, has been solicited in the Diamond Previews of June and will come out some time this July. With a striking cover by Geof Isherwood, it will feature the penciling and inking talents of David J. Cutler, Gibson Quarter, Guillermo Ortego, Geof Isherwood, Dan Parent and Richard Pace, the lettering and colouring talents of Keiren Smith (with some colours by Dan Parent), and the writing skills of Yann and Michel Brouillette, Ty Templeton, Christian Viel and Jean-Dominic Leduc.

Here is the lineup of the book:

Nordik and 8 Ball Team-up, 12 pages, by David J. Cutler, Keiren Smith and Yann Brouillette.

8 Ball and Black Terror Team-up, 12 pages, by Gibson Quarter, Guillermo Ortego, Keiren Smith and Yann Brouillette.

- Acadia: Pretty clear, 12 pages, by Geof Isherwood, Keiren Smith, Yann and Michel Brouillette.

- The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik Team-up in Zombots being schooled, 12 pages, by Dan Parent, Keiren Smith and Yann Brouillette.
heroes of the north inks_Page_01
- The Canadian and a CDO agent team-up,12 pages, by Richard Pace, Keiren Smith and Ty Templeton.

- ??? (12 pages): Cannot announce this one yet as we have three books currently being finished and the first one that is done wins.

plus three short stories written
EXCLUSIVELY for this book!

- 8 Ball and Alpha Q in Blood Bath! by Geof Isherwood, Keiren Smith and Yann Brouillette.
- Pacifica in ASAP!, by David J. Cutler, Keiren Smith and Yann Brouillette.
Pacifica Comic by David J. Cutler
- and the New Felquistes in October Crisis, an Halloween tale of mayhem, candies and lost opportunities, by Geof Isherwood, Keiren Smith, Christian Viel and Jean-Dominique Leduc!

Crimson and Madame Doom Comics officially out of print

Crimson_Comic_SOLD_OUT Madame_Doom_Comic_SOLDOUT

Our recent appearances at the Free Comic Book Day at
L’Imaginaire in Quebec CIty and at the Ottawa Comicon made a number on our comic book reserves!

We regret to inform you that the Limited Edition
Crimson: Dark Origins and Madame Doom: Dark Origins (including Black Terror) comics are officially sold out and out of print.

The only ways available at the moment to read the
Crimson story is through the website in the Comics section or by ordering the digital version.

Madame Doom and Black Terror stories are found in the Heroes of the North Omnibus, a few copies of which are still available through the store, they are also both readable in the comics section of the site or they can be ordered in the store as digital downloads.

We want to thank everyone who bought those comics and support the show!


Acadia Sneak Peek Part 2

The Acadia comic is underway, with art by Geof Isherwood, based on a story by Yann and Michel Brouillette. Here’s another sneak peek of this intriguing story coming very soon on Heroes of the North!

Acadia Pretty Clear Sneak peek page 4

Acadia Sneak peek by Geof Isherwood

Here is one of our sneak peek for the Acadia comic, written by Yann and Michel Brouillette and illustrated by Geof Isherwood.

Acadia Page One Sneak Peek by Geof Isherwood

Omnibus 2 Cover by Geof Isherwood

Here is the coloured version of the Heroes of the North Omnibus 2 cover by Geof Isherwood. The second Omnibus which should come out some time this summer will feature stories written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, with a special guest writer, Ty Templeton, who writes a Canadian story (illustrated by Mr. Richard Pace) and Art by David J. Cutler, Gibson Quarter (with some inks by Guillermo Ortego), Geof Isherwood, Dan Parent and a few more! We have to keep some surprises after all. The entire book will be lettered by Keiren Smith. Like the last installement, there will also be several pinups by Donald Caron, Michael Dooney, Joel Adams, Sv Bell and Dan Parent plus bonus stories you will not find anywhere else. You can get a cleaner view of the illustration by visiting our Artists Interpretations Gallery.



Nordik Team-up now online!

It has been a long time coming but we are very happy to present our latest comic book, a team-up between Nordik (Vanessa Blouin) and 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), written by Yann Brouillette and masterfully penciled and inked by David J. Culter and coloured and lettered by Keiren Smith - with covers by Joel Adams, Donald Caron and Michael Dooney! While it keeps the dark tone our comics are known for, it is a radical departure in style compared to our other offerings so far and we are very excited to find out what our fans think of it. Do not hesitate to rate and comment - your feedback is very valuable to us!



8 Ball/Black Terror Team-up Sneak Peek

Here is another sneak peek at the upcoming 8 Ball/Black Terror Team-up, written by Yann Brouillette. This page is penciled by the very talented Gibson Quarter (Undertow) and inked by the equally talented Guillermo Ortego (X-Factor, Wolverine/Wendigo). If you like mayhem, this issue will have it in spades! Black Terror and 8 Ball literally tear apart everything and anything in their path...

8 Ball and Black Terror Team-up - Art by Gibson Quarter


Nordik/8 Ball Team-up Colours Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Nordik/8 Ball Team-up book written by Yann Brouillette, penciled and inked by David J. Cutler and coloured and lettered by Keiren Smith. Comment below!

Nordik & 8 Ball Team-up Comic

Heroes of the North Omnibus is Officially Sold Out!

We just got word from Ardenn that our 80 pages Omnibus is officially SOLD OUT as far as retailers are concerned. More will be ordered. We over printed a bunch for our own store and for conventions. You can order your copy in our STORE.

Omnibus selling out!

We are told that several stores in Quebec and, according to Gibson Quarter, at least one in Toronto, have sold out of our Heroes of the North Omnibus! How cool is that? We would like to thank everyone for the support! It is sincerely appreciated!

In case you can no longer get one from your local retailer (always support your local retailers! Things are tough all around!), you can always get a copy from us in the
STORE. We still have a few left.



Comic Delivery Delay

There was a screwup with the delivery of the Heroes of the North Omnibus. Sad The book is going to be at least one if not two weeks late because of it. But have no fear true believers we had copies printed beyond the Diamond orders, so we will bring item with us at the various signing events in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa and we will give the retailers the quantities they ordered directly. Everybody who ordered it online from our website, the books ships Monday, the 30th. To everybody else, we are deeply sorry - the situation is our of our control.

8 Ball Comic progress

We have done out fair share of dark and gritty story lines so far in Heroes of the North so we thought it was time for something a little lighter. Big Bang Theory, a story starring Black Terror and 8 Ball was born. Here is a sneak peek at the work in progress on the upcoming 8 Ball-Black Terror team-up written by Yann Brouillette and penciled and inked by Gibson Quarter, who’s dynamic style is well-suited for the tone of this piece.

Heroes of the North 8 Ball Comic Page 3 Sample

Alpha Q Comic is out!


Our latest comic, Q&A with @Q is out! Penciled and inked by Marcus MAS Smith, coloured and lettered by KT Smith and written by Yann Brouillette, with a digital cover by Geof Isherwood and an upcoming print cover by Donald Caron, the story relates Alpha Q’s bitter first taste of the film industry, their propension to appeal to the lowest common denominator and their general lack of creativity. Or whatever else you want to see in it! Enjoy!


Nordik Comic Sneak Peek Number Two

Nordik teams up with 8 Ball to solve a very cold blooded murder in a thrilling mystery written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by David J. Cutler. Digital Cover by Michael Dooney and Print cover by Donald Caron. So, without further ado, here’s another Heroes of the North Comic Sneak Peek:

Nordik small04

8 Ball Comic Sneak Peak

8 Ball Comic Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at a sample page for the upcoming 8 Ball comic book penciled and inked by Gibson Quarter, based on a script by Yann Brouillette.

Finally!!! The Fleur-de-Lys comic book!


It took its sweet time but it is finally here! The Fleur-de-Lys comic book written by Yann Brouillette with art duties by Olivier Raymond is now available in the Comics section! And what a neat story it is! Let us know what you think about it on the comics page or in the comments below!


The Heroes of the North: Dark Origins Signing Tour

Misc Independent Characters-Heroes of the North- Dark Origins (OS) - (Ardden Ent.)-1-One Shot-1st_Print-big

To celebrate the North American release of our comic book compilation published by Ardden Entertainment, we are going on tour! So far, we have three locations confirmed in Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa. Keep an eye out on our Events page for more locations and dates as we get them confirmed.

Come get your copy of the book and get it signed by the writer(s), artist(s) and get your picture taken with some of the actors of the series! We will also bring some of our merchandising, so you can stock up on Heroes of the North goodies and save on those crazy shipping costs!

So far the dates and locations are:

Boutique L’Imaginaire, Quebec City, Saturday, Janurary 28, 2012, 9:00 - 5:00 PM.
2740 blvd. Laurier, Place Laurier Shopping Mall
3rd Floor, Ste-Foy (Québec)
Who will be there: Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Artist OIivier Raymond and writer Yann Brouillette.

Expert Comics, Ville LaSalle, Saturday, February 4th, 2012.
8185, Newman Blvd, Ville LaSalle, (Québec)
Who will be there: 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), other actors TBD at the moment, Artist Olivier Raymond and writer Yann Brouillette.

The Comic Book Shoppe, Ottawa, Sunday, February 5th, 2012, 11:00-5:00 PM.
228 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Who will be there: TBD.


Fleur-de-Lys Comic Coming VERY Soon!

The Fleur-de-Lys comic illustrated by Olivier Raymond is finally nearing completion. We are expecting delivery this weekend. The script written by Yann Brouillette delves deeper in the troubled past of Nathalie de Verchères aka Fleur-de-Lys and her brothers, how they came to represent both sides of the same coin. Olivier did an amazing job on the book and we are thrilled to finally be able to present it to you all.


Layouts Madness

We are pretty excited to have Gibson Quarter on board to illustrate the upcoming 8 Ball comic book written by Yann Brouillette. Gibson recently sent over his layouts for the book and we could not be more pleased. This issue will be ACTION PACKED! See below for a few samples of what is to come!

hON layouts pg 5Hon layouts pg 8&9

Hornet Comic Book now available in Digital Format

Hornet by Dean Yeagle

critically acclaimed Hornet comic book is now finally available for digital download in the store for the very reasonable sum of one dollar.

The book was written by Yann Brouillette, penciled and inked by
MAS and coloured and lettered by Keiren T. Smith. The Digital version cover is by Dean Yeagle. The print version cover is by Donald Caron.


Nordik comic sneak peek

Sample Page of the upcoming Nordik Comic

Here is a sample of the upcoming Nordik comic book, currently being penciled and inked by David J. Culter, based on a Yann Brouillette script. Digital Cover by Joel Adams. Print version cover by Michael Dooney.

The storyline revolves around Nordik and 8 Ball trying to find a resolution in the tragic and mysterious death of a young woman with ties to Nordik’s past. Of course, there is always more than meets the eye...


Exclusive sneak peek at upcoming Heroes of the North Omnibus

page 2 final

In January 2012, our first comic book compilation will be published by Ardden Entertainment and available everywhere in North America. For the occasion, we wrote a few stories that will be available exclusively in that comic. Here’s a sample of a hilarious Black Terror story.

You can pre-order the comic book now from your favourite comic book store. If you do not live in North America, you can
pre-order it from us at the same price it will be available in kiosks and stores here.

If you are wondering why it is important to pre-order the book, we answered all your questions on this


Diamond Comics spotlights Heroes of the North this November

Diamond Comics Previews spotlights Heroes of the North in November 2011Photo courtesy of Ardden Entertainment.

Colour us impressed! Diamond Comics Distribution, the entity that releases comics books all across North America, has featured our upcoming 80 pages Omnibus in their coveted SPOTLIGHT section in their November magazine.

The comic book cover was drawn by Marcus MAS Smith and features more of Marcus art, along with Olivier Raymond’s, and several other contributions that will be announced shortly. The book is written by Yann and Michel Brouillette and distributed by
Ardden Entertainment.

The book is currently in pre-order in comic book stores everywhere for a January 2012 release. Get yours now!


Alpha Q comic: Work in progress

Alpha Q Work in Progress - Heroes of the North

Ardden Entertainment to unleash Heroes of the North World Wide in January 2012!


This has been brewing for a while behind closed doors but we can now officially announce that Ardden Entertainment will be releasing an 80 pages omnibus of Heroes of the North as part of their November submissions, which means the book will ship in January. The omnibus will feature reprints of some of the web comics but also brand new material not available anywhere else! The 80 pages epic will be featured in the November Previews from Diamond Comics Distribution. Please kindly ask your comic book shop to order a few for their store. The more the merrier! Winking


Alpha Q layouts and Hornet Cover Sneak Peek!

The Alpha Q comic is progressing at a good clip. Here’s one of our trademarked sneak peak:

Alpha Q Layouts Sneak Peak

Donald Caron recently sent us an absolutely gorgeous Work in Progress for his Hornet cover illustration. Our Newsletter subscribers will be able to see it after midnight tonight by using the password they received with the latest newsletter by clicking here. The image will be online until midnight, on October 31st. The newsletter containing the password will start shipping to everyone at 11:45 tonight.

Fleur-de-Lys: coming soon!

Fleur-de-Lys: Blooming, our upcoming comic in the series, courtesy of writer Yann Brouillette and artist Olivier Raymond, has been a long time coming. But it is finally getting there. We are hopeful that you will see two books this month and Fleur-de-Lys is definitely one of them. It is a very intriguing story that relates the childhood of Fleur-de-Lys and her brothers and the complex relationship that unites them, then and today.

As usual, there is a sneak peak, of inked pages. We cannot wait for you folks to read this story, one of the best we have written so far!



Here’s the first page of the coloured version of the comic.


Fleur-de-Lys Blooming sneak peek!

It is a long time coming, this book. But it will be worth the wait. Many delays have plagued this book so far but we just saw some coloured pages tonight, about 60% done, and let’s just say that they are amazing! And the story by Yann Brouillette which tells of the childhood of Fleur-de-Lys and her brothers is quite an interesting tale that will add a lot of pathos to the Heroes of the North mythos. I know, it rhymes.

Since the colours are not 100% complete, we will not show them yet, despite the fact that they are already stunning. But we will give you a little sneak peek nevertheless at the first page, inked and lettered, complete with a small grammatical error that will be fixed for the final version.


Omnibus cover by MAS

Here’s the final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS.


So much stuff happening...

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First, a really
cool review from the Web Series Wonders blog to start off the weekend…

Two, big news, HUGE news in fact for our little comics that could… Can’t say too much but an American publisher is gonna put our a 96 pages Omnibus of the books throughout the comic book retailers network across North America. Huge exposure for your favourite Heroes! More detail next week as the press release comes out!

Three, stuff is brewing on the toy front as well. So much is happening it is hard to keep track….

Fourth, we got to meet lots of talented young Canadian creators at the last Fan Expo and several of them will join our art team in the coming months. Special thanks to Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith for shepherding some of these encounters...

And we are starting ground work on Season 2… That’s good for a drink, no? Come on! It is Friday night! Have one for us!

And more importantly: STAY TUNED!


Additional comics

panel 1 color test without black bars

We are pleased as punch to announce that will be adding a few comics to our line-up of books for Season 1. The comics menu page will be updated in the next few days to reflect these additions.

Besides the books already listed in the comics section, you will be able to look forward to books about the following characters:

- 8 Ball

- Acadia

- Nordik

- The Canadian

Some new artists will soon join us as well - more on that as things develop, but you can see a little sample above. However, here is a major scoop about the Canadian book. The Canadian comic, a 12 pages story, will be written by none other than jolly
Ty Templeton. Winner of a Joe Shuster award as “outstanding writer” for his work on The Batman Adventures in 2005, it is with great anticipation that we welcome Mr. Templeton to the Heroes of the North fold. We cannot wait to read what he comes up with!

A lot more things are going on behind the scenes but we cannot reveal them to you yet...


Fleur-de-Lys Comic Layouts!

We received the layouts for the Fleur-de-Lys: Blooming comic which is drawn, colored and lettered by Olivier Raymond (who also did our vintage style Canadian Shield cover illustration for the Canadian Shield comic). We were literally blown away by the work so far and we are pretty excited by this comic which shows a little more in-depth the trial and tribulations of Fleur-de-Lys and her brothers, now and in the past. It is a great story by Yann Brouillette that is bound to leave no one indifferent, and the stunning work by Olivier Raymond is only bringing this comic to the next level, making it one of the best ones in the HOTN series so far, on par with the Crimson comic, if we may say so ourselves. We cannot wait to show you this one but in the meantime, as usual, here’s a look at the rough layouts to wet your appetite.



Hornet Comic Sneak Peek

The Hornet comic is coming and it is a nice one yet again! Written by Yann Brouillette, illustrated by MAS and coloured by a mysterious guest colourist, the story tells us of the origins of Hortense Netter, CEO of Medusa Industries but better known around these parts as the mysterious assassin known as Hornet. What deep and dark secrets does she conceal? A couple of weeks of wait are still necessary to find out. But to wet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek. But take our word for it, this one is worth the wait!



Heroes of the North, Archie Style!

You cannot be a fan of superhero comics and not be at least remotely aware of Archie Comics. Heck, our old pal Archie Andrews even had a run-in with the Punisher, no less! So to have a rendition of some of the HOTN characters Archie-style was definitely a no-brainer.

Dan Parent, writer and illustrator of several Archie Comics books, and more specifically creator of Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in Riverdale, has agreed to do a cover for an upcoming comic book currently entitled Zombots getting schooled by Yann Brouillette. We met the groundbreaking writer and artist at the MegaCON in Orlando this March and we must say that it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the man, not to mention his Canadian (and more specifically Quebec) Connection.

The fun-filled cover is ready and features The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik. It is our pleasure to show it to you in all its glory:


The comic will not be online for a little while however as we have to release a Fleur-de-Lys and a Hornet story before that but you can also view the piece in higher resolution from our newly revamped Galleries or procure it from our store as a reproduction.


Pacifica: Origins comic now online!

The Pacifica comic is now online! Find out how Victoria Kelinza became the Vancouver based heroine known as Pacifica! Written by Yann Brouillette, penciled, inked and coloured by Marcus MAS Smith and lettered by Keiren Smith with a cover by Ty Templeton.

On a side note, all our comics are now HTML5, hence readable on all those Flash adverse devices. They are also in a easier to read online format.

Pacifica Inks

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of inked pages from the upcoming Pacifica: Origins comic book written by Yann Brouillette and penciled and inked by Marcus MAS Smith. This is one of the lightest stories in tone so far in the Heroes of the North universe and is a breath of fresh air in our admittedly dark cycle of comics. We cannot wait to show you the whole story which will come out some time during the month of May. Keep an eye out for our Newsletter (or sign up if you have not already!) for more info on the release date of both the comic and Episode 17, which will introduce Pacifica and the lovely Alexandra Ordolis, who plays the Vancouver superheroine in the live action episodes.


Digital Downloads

The Canadian Shield comic is now available as a digital download in our store. Two formats are offered, pdf and cbz. The other comics that are available as prints will see their digital versions available shortly.

Pacifica comic

The Pacifica: Origins comic is coming soon, in preparation for episode 17 which will relate some of her adventures in Quebec later this spring. We have a few layout pages for those interested. Obviously this is not final art, just the basic layouts that the artist does to shape the flow of the story. Art by MAS and script by Yann Brouillette. Pacifica is played by Alexandra Ordolis in the live action show.


Site Modifications and Comics!

Freebies have been moved to the Store section. You may notice the Membership icon - this is not quite yet active - but coming VERY soon.
In the store section, the Madame Doom comic is also now available to buy - the comic ships end of next week! The digital downloads of the comics will be available shortly as well, definitely within the next few days. Please note that the digital downloads of a particular comic will not be active until the paper version is also available.
The Characters pages are the next implementation, along with the cast and crew lists. The cast and crew lists will be found directly inside each episodes while the Characters pages will have its own menu. The galleries will also keep being implemented slowly over the weeks.
Other add-ons and improvements we are working on: a newsletter functionality to which people may subscribe in order to be kept informed of what is happening in the Heroes of the North Universe, a Calendar function where all our appearances, episodes and comic releases and other events throughout the year will be listed, a search engine page dedicated to the site itself, to make it easier to find what you are looking for, a live twitter feed update, the possibility to tweet your favourite links without leaving the site, visual improvements to the Medias and About section, etc.
Also left to implement are the other two story sites, the Medusa Industries one and the New Felquists, which should roll out in the next couple of months. Right now, you can enjoy the first of these sites
As usual, don’t be shy to let us know what you think of the new site, what features you would like to see, what we could do better, etc.
Thanks for being there!
The Heroes of the North Team

Crimson Comic now online!

The Crimson comic book written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, penciled by Marcus Smith aka MAS, with a cover by Armando Huerta for the online version and a cover by Donald Caron for the print version (Available later), is now online. The character of Crimson is interpreted by model Bianca Beauchamp in the series. WARNING: This is an extremely harsh story and it will offend some readers. Discretion is strongly advised. We recommend however that people who can stomach it read it BEFORE watching Episode 12. It will give a lot more depth to the content of that episode.