Episode 20 is now out!

Acadia - Christina Sciortino image

Finally! It has been a long ride but Episode 20 is finally out! You can view it here:


It is getting awesome reviews from fans and reviewers alike!

Featuring The Canadian, Nordik, Medusa Commander, 8 Ball and Black Terror and introducing Hornet, Acadia and the Nurse in Chief! Don’t miss it!


It has been a long time coming but Episode 18 is now online! It features Edith Labelle as Fleur-de-Lys as well as a new breed of Nouveaux Felquistes… Enjoy!

Episode 17 is now online!

It has been a long time coming but EPISODE 17: Past and Present, is finally online! It took a while to put together as it was a very long episode and we wanted to distillate it to the most important elements. It is also an important presentation piece for things to come in regards to Medusa Commander, our main villain, his view of the world and his plans. It also sets up important stuff for Season 2. So we wanted to do it right. The episodes stars Michel Brouillette as The Canadian Shied, Constantine Kourtidis as the Medusa Commander, Ross Neil as Baxter, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Hortense Netter, Anoutlith Sintaraphone as Steel Tiger ans Anderson Bradshaw, who reprises the role of his 8 Ball character’s grandfather, Falcon.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this latest piece and we look forward to lead you towards the season finale of the first Season of Heroes of the North!


The Heroes of the North Team

Episode 17: Monday, July 30, 2012

flexible Canadian Shield Tunnel
Episode 17: Past and Present, starring the Canadian Shield (Michel Brouillette), Mengele/Medusa Commander (Constantine Kourtidis), Hortense Netter, CEO of Medusa Industries (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais) and Baxter (Ross Neil) amongst others, will finally be online this Monday, July 30, 2012! It has been a long time coming but it will be worthwhile we hope! Straddling the past during the end of World War II and the present, where Medusa Commander is planning is latest offensive, the episode explores the many facets of one of the main villains of the Heroes of the North universe.


Here we come with part two of the update!

EPISODES: Three out of the four episodes left to release are for the most part edited - the sound needs to be done on them. Three of the last four episodes have a lot of special effects in them and it has taken longer than anticipated to finish those amidst all the other complicaitons. We are working hard on getting it done and at least two of them should be released very shortly.

DVD: The release of the DVD has been delayed because of the episodes. This is both a good and a bad thing - bad because we cannot send the DVD right away, good because we have more time to had more features to it.

DVD Launch: Several fans have asked us to make a public DVD launch with a screening of episodes. We are planning one in July. More details to come. But we will also make it an exposition of costumes, props, art and other HOTN related stuff.

Season 2: Several comics a quite a few episodes have been written for Season 2 with more on the way. We are currently starting writing a few more. We start shooting Season 2 in August and September of this year.

Secret Project: Those of you who remember a few posts in this blog about the secret project will be pleased to hear it is progressing well. We should have something to show you very soon! It is very exciting and the whole team is pumped with even the partial imagery we have at the moment.

Website: We are still working on the best solution to accommodate all possible platforms via flexible width. Not perfect but it seems to be the best direction to take. We are learning as we go, so bear with us. That is also a big reason we are behind.

Internet Explorer: We officially no longer support this piece of crap browser. It is not standard and causes all kinds of conflicts and problems. Until Windows gets its act together, we strongly suggest you use one of the many, free browsers out there made by people who actually use the internet. Suggestions: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Your computer - and web designers world wide, will thank you with tears in their eyes.

All in all, this is pretty much where we are at. Since yesterday, strangely enough, we have picked up some steam on a number of comics. Some are getting significantly closer to completion. Expect new material very soon!!!

And thank you for your extreme patience!


The (exhausted) HOTN team

Episode Sixteen now online!

It was quite a struggle to get this one out but it is finally out there! Episode 16 is now online! The very funny episode, possibly the funniest so far, has also the potential to be quite controversial.

Episode Fifteen is finally online!

Seymour, the Seymourettes and a Zombot

Well, it took a while but part three of the Heroes of the North Season One saga is now complete with the release today of Episode Fifteen: Wardrobe Malfunction.

It was one of the hardest episodes to complete for some reason, as several complications prevented us from releasing it when we wanted. But the important thing is, it’s
HERE now.

This episodes sets various things in motion that will be resolved throughout
Part IV: Medusa Rising next month. It is important to watch the episode all the way to the end, including after the usual logos, as it sets up events for episode sixteen and beyond.

This is one of the biggest episodes so far, over seven minutes in length, and featuring most of the main cast: Madame Doom, Crimson, Masquerade, Seymour and the Seymourettes, the New Felquists and an aggressive Zombot rounds up the villains side while 8 Ball, The Canadian and Fleur-de-Lys complete the Heroes side this time around.

Do not be shy to share on Facebook, rate or comment the episode! We love to hear what you think! As a matter of fact, you may even comment below! Winking



Pia Metni as Masquerade - Episode 15
Some news about Episode 15 - we getting closer to completion with mostly the sound effects remaining and the overall mix. We had a few hiccups on this one, including an unforeseen delay. But everything is back on track and should be ready for broadcast on Wednesday. It is quite a busy episode with appearances by Madame Doom, Seymour and the Seymourettes, 8 Ball, Fleur-de-Lys, Masquerade and even the Nouveaux Felquistes!

Already ONE YEAR!

Already one year! Well, almost… It will be on Monday, August 1, 2011…

To celebrate, we have decided to put online the screenplays to the Origins episodes. You can access them from the spiffy new Episodes menus for the Origins block our directly on the episode page, by clicking on the script icon below the CAST AND CREW icon.

For those with an interest in production, it will be the perfect way to see where things went wrong, what went well, what was improved or destroyed.

It also allows you to see how we manage to shoot the episode, often with limited resources. How faithful, or not, we manage to remain to the source material.

In any case, we thought it would be a cool addition to the episodes and if it turns out to be popular, we may well implement it on all episodes.

Let us know if you want more by firing us up some emails.

Episode 13 is now online!

In case you missed it, Episode 13: Fashion Statement starring Anne-Marie Losique as Madame Doom, Pia Metni as Masquerade, Larry Vinette as the Canadian and John Fallon as Black Terror, is now online. The wheels are now in motion, leading to a big finale for this arc in EPISODE FIFTEEN: DEATH IS THE NEW BLACK.

Anne-Marie Losique is Madame Doom!

You read that right! Quebec celebrity and media mogul Anne-Marie Losique will portray the borderline insane Madame Doom, a disfigured former fashion model that now controls a major drug cartel supplying the fashion and entertainment industry in the Heroes of the North universe. The first episode she appears in, Episode 13, will be online on July 11th.

We are pretty happy to have Anne-Marie on board mainly because she was the person we always wanted for the character. So much so that had she passed on the opportunity, we would have created another villain.

So it was with great pleasure that we learned she was to accept our invitation to join the cast. And while that particular shoot was excessively chaotic - there was a major snow storm that day that caused us tons of griefs and delays, Anne-Marie was an absolute trooper throughout, on time despite the snow storm (unlike some of our own crew!) and a joy to work with!

The episode will be online on Monday, July 11. While it is somewhat light on action, the script by Jim Burke is quite surreal in atmosphere and situations, while the interplay between Anne-Marie (as Madame Doom) and Pia Metni (as Masquerade) is very entertaining.

Keep an eye out because Madame Doom will be back in Episode 15, along with with Crimson (Bianca Beauchamp), Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle), The Canadian (Larry Vinette), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw) and Masquerade (Pia Metni). Oh! And you will get to meet the excentric
Seymour (Babak Motamed) and his ravishing Seymourettes (Baj Singh and Christelle Fournier).

And while you are at it, why not profit from the
pre-order pricing and order your very own Madame Doom figurine, complete with a light-up catwalk! Click on the picture for more details or head over in the STORE to order it now.

Madame DOOM


Episode 12 and further website modifications

Episode 12 is finally online!!! Despite many attempts and our best efforts, this one was a tough one to release! What a struggle this one has been! For some reason, we had a string of problems with this episode, but the biggest one was a corruption of some footage files - we could not open the files from 2 cameras... It has taken weeks to find a way to recover the files somewhat intact - but then, the slow-motion shots where all screwed up. So it took a few weeks to fix those as well, and not for the best at that... Plus lots of other issues, some computer related, some logistics related... But it is finally here, better late than never as they say...

On another front, our website is growing at an alarming rate and it has started to create issues for us in terms of file management and memory... So we have to go back, tweak some things, restructure others and so on. So expect a few disruptions in some areas for the coming few weeks.

One of the first major changes is that the comics section is now in HTML 5, hence readable on ipads and other flash adverse devices.

Thank you all for your outstanding patience!

Technical Difficulties

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties out of our control preventing us from presenting you Episode 12. We are working to resolve the issue. Stay tuned for more updates.

Episode 12: Crimson coming May 2nd!

Those of you who read or subscribe to our Newsletter are already aware that the long awaited Episode 12: Crimson is finally coming out on May 2nd, just in time for Election Day here in Canada!

We had to postpone the release of the episodes for a variety of reasons, in no particular order: sickness, website revamp, and the Canadian weather which has prevented us from shooting a few remaining scenes to complete the bulk of Season One. The weather is still not playing nice but it is coming to an end (hopefully!), so we will be able to resume shooting soon, the website revamp is almost finished and we are healthy again! So we are back on track and roaring to go!

For those who have not yet done so, we highly recommend reading the
Crimson comic BEFORE watching the episode.

Episode 12 features Bianca Beauchamp as the deadly Crimson, an assassin for hire working for the duplicitous Masquerade (Pia Metni). However, Crimson and her wolf, Lupa, will find Nordik (Vanessa Blouin) on their path of destruction... Be ready for quite a fight on May 2nd! It will not only be limited to the ballots!