Heroes of the North DVD


The Heroes of the North: Season One Exclusive Limited Edition 2 Discs DVD is available for pre-order. Quantities are extremely limited, on a first come, first served basis. Get it while you can because when we are out, we are out. Sorry, no BluRay version, only standard.

Heres is a list of the content:




- ANATOMY OF A FIGHT featurette describing the shooting of the intricate fight sequence seen in Episode 19: Falling Masks

- BIG BAD WOLF featurette describing the challenges of shooting with a real wolf for Episode 12: Crimson

- Heroes of the North: The comic books process featurette

- HEROES OF THE NORTH: SUPER FRIENDS - the Heroes of the North characters, cartoon style in a fun animated trailer.

- All the teasers and trailers ever created for the show including sneak peaks at Season 2



- Several Galleries, including Behind the Scenes photos, Diana Adams: Her Lives gallery, Episodes photo gallery, Artists interpretation gallery, Characters gallery, and convention appearances gallery and many more!


Best Transmedia Project Winner of the 2012 Indie Intertube Awards

We are very honoured to have won the 2012 Indie Intertube Award for Best Transmedia project. We were in nominations in four categories this year:

- Best Theme music
- Best Additional Material
- Best Action
- Best Transmedia Project

We wish to congratulate all our fellow nominees and all the winners in all the categories. And a special thanks to the ladies of Indie Intertube for orchestrating the whole thing in the first place. A very warm thank you from the whole team!

The Intertubes panel of judges consisted of 13 people from several countries, including the co-hosts. For every show considered, all episodes released in 2011 were screened by the judges.
Click here to see the complete list of winners.



The Second Indie Intertube Awards Nominations are here...

…And your favourite web series is being nominated in four categories:

- Best Theme Song;
- Best Action;
- Best Transmedia Project;
- Best Additional Material;

You can see all the other talented nominees by visiting the
official page.

Heroes Cartoon Version

Heroes of the North Cartoon
Coloured version of the characters. Still very much a work in progress this mystery project...

Episode 18 Teaser

Here is a taste of what you can expect in Episodes 18… The episode features amongst others, Mengele/Medusa Commander, the New Felquists, Hornet aka Hortense Netter, Baxter, Steel Tiger and the Canadian Shield… STAY TUNED!

Additional Shooting - Day 2 - Part One

We promised a shooting blog, so here it is, sort of.

We had an action and dialogues filled shooting day on our Day 2. Lots of actors and crew members were affected by a particularly nasty head flu that is going around at the moment, which made things worse in terms of patience and endurance. But thankfully both the cast and the crew appeared into it and the challenge were reduced somewhat by their collective enthusiasm.

We had a bit of a rough start as we were given the wrong suite number for our shoot - so we spent the best part of an hour chasing actors and crew members all over the hotel where we were shooting. It made us lose precious time on an already pretty packed day, that included an extensive fight sequence, a dozen different decors and setups and almost 20 pages of dialogues… Not to mention appearances by Masquerade, Medusa Commander, Acadia, the Nouveaux Felquistes, Hornet, Steel Tiger, Baxter and two Medusa Agents…

Dave Michaels of Expert Comics
David Michaels from the Expert Comics blog came by for a set visit.

We had the pleasure, for the second day in a row, of having the visit of Dave Michaels, one of the bloggers over at Expert Comics, whom we had invited for a set visit. While almost inhumanly quiet for the most part, David was on the ball when it came to interview and question cast and crew members alike about the show. We look forward to his entertaining chronicles in the next few weeks. David ended up doing a lot more on the show but that is still top secret at the moment.

First scene on the shooting block involved Pia Metni as Masquerade and a complex fight sequence inside a tiny bathroom and bedroom, coordinated by Anderson Bradshaw. It is always a challenge to shoot in tight spots, especially when there are mirrors everywhere like the bathroom we had. It slows things down to a crawl. In tiny spaces, everyone is constantly bumping into the other, uncomfortable and it gets hot in no time. Combine that with being already an hour late in your schedule, you can literally feel your blood pressure rise as things get more and more slowed down by the environment. But we have a good crew that is also used to work with each other, so they went to work right away, trying to take back the time lost and still deliver an impressive fight sequence.

Pia Metni as Masquerade studying her lines. Pia Metni learning her lines on set.

Once the stuntmen and the Fight Choreographer have mapped out the fight based on the location’s potential and what we have available, we bring the actress in to show her the sequence of events and address everyone’s potential concerns, especially those related to safety. We are lucky for this scene because Pia tremendously enjoys the fight sequences and she always approaches them with a kind of boundless enthusiasm that is very contagious.

Stunt Man Marcelo Bezina reviewing the complex coordinated sequence.

The fight involving Masquerade and two Medusa Agents was to be extremely violent and necessitated several stages of make-up in between takes, dead time we used to shoot several other scenes in the various locations that the suite afforded.

One of these scenes involved the assignment of Acadia to the Montreal CDO division. Another prepared the introduction of a pivotal character for Season 2, Colonel Donovan.

Pia Metni (Masquerade) rehearsing lines with Howard Rosenstein (Colonel Donovan).

A lot of information had to be conveyed in a relatively short time in these scenes so delivery of the lines was crucial. We can
Stay tuned for the next instalment, where we will discuss more in depth the fight with Masquerade, the involvement of Hornet and the Medusa Commander and how it all ties in with the Death of Kim Jong Il!

Additional Shooting - Canadian Shield

Today we shot the first of three days of additional shooting for the final storyline of Season One. It focused mostly on the Canadian Shield and his valiant escape from a Nazi underground bunker under siege by the Allies and their discovery of Hitler’s Underground City…

Hitler's Underground City

For more information about the Nazi underworld, watch this

More bits of the mystery project



‘Nuff said!

Heroes of the North Cartoon Version Characters

The End is Near: Medusa Rising

This is the teaser trailer for our last story arc, Medusa Rising, which will conclude Season One.