flexible Pacifica - Road Trip by Yann & Michel Brouillette.  Art by Andre St-Amour.  Cover by Michael Dooney.

Pacifica - Road Trip by Yann & Michel Brouillette. Art by Andre St-Amour. Cover by Michael Dooney.

This 22 pages story tells the tale of Hastings & Pain, two drugged out psychopaths set on a cross-Canadian rampage. Having tricked Pacifica, she is now on their tail to make them pay for their crimes.

This comic is currently available as a
digital download in our web store or in the Members section of the site.

The Season One Photo Book is now sold out!



We are happy (and sad at the same time) to let you know that our Season One photo book is now officially sold out! Thanks to those who ordered copies during out
IndieGogo campaign, we are now out of stock on this product. A few copies can still be obtained via Amazon. Once again, thank you all for your amazing support!

Black Terror T-Shirt now in stock!

Black Terror Tshirt concept image


New T-Shirt line

Our cool as hell graphic designer, Tim Goernert, could not sleep last night after Black Terror nightmares and he has come up with a whole line of T-Shirt concepts... Here is the first one. Let us know what you think. If enough of you like them, we will make them. Now, we will have to think about moving Black Terror's pen away from Tim's bedroom. The cohabitation appears to be difficult... Then again, if it inspires him to do great work... Hmmmm.... Tough choices.

New items in the store!


Olivier Raymond is selling his unsold Heroes of the North conventions sketches in our store! Get your favourite Heroes or Villains!

We will also be introducing a new section for original art. The first items will be pieces from the Fleur-de-Lys comics by Olivier Raymond and a Crimson original by Armando Huerta.

As you have no doubt noticed, the entire website is undergoing changes so this new pieces will be added over the next few days!

As for the major changes underway on the website, a blog post will go through them in details, beyond the apparent cosmetic changes. Thank you for your patience!

Nordik Wallpaper

The third of our brand new (and long awaited!) series of FREE WALLPAPERS is out in five fantabulous formats!!! It features Nordik, as it was decided by a poll of fans who participated in an impromptu poll we held on our Facebook page. You can still vote for your favourite character to be turned into a wallpaper! IN the meantime, enjoy the stunning Nordik photo taken by Sergio Rico!

NORDIK_640x480 2


FREE Fleur-de-Lys Wallpaper


The second of our brand new series of FREE WALLPAPERS is out! It features Fleur-de-Lys, as it was decided by a poll of fans who participated in an impromptu poll we held on our Facebook page. Fleur-de-Lys was a clear winner there and so here it is. Other wallpapers will follow, in order of polling numbers - so expect Nordik and the Canadian Shield next!


Canadian Shield Prophylactics (Condoms)

We are never short of ideas over here at Heroes of the North Central. And we are known from not shying away from weirdness, oddities and other directions some would not venture into. So we had a good laugh initially when a fellow filmmaker suggested we made condoms as promo items for the show. Just making condoms made little sense. But using it in the context of World War II era propaganda against venereal diseases and using the Canadian Shield logo and name for the brand... That was a step we did not hesitate to make. Just because it is so darn funny. Here are some of our very real, actual, honest to goodness WII propaganda inspirations.

They are coming, folks. Pun intended. Keep an eye out in the store for the Limited Edition Collector’s Edition Canadian Shield Prophylactics... We extensively tested our first test batch. They are ready for prime time. They will be ready for Fan Expo. Get them while they last!



Heroes of the North Advertising Network

It is with great pleasure that we finally announce the launch of our very own advertising network. This has been a long time coming and we are happy to have it finally see the light of day. Additionally, we have opened up the possibility to have ads in our printed comics, after getting a few requests about the possibilities, we have now opened it up to anyone with deep enough pockets. Hurry up if you want in on the next comic because the deadline is July 31st! That’s it for the capitalist aspect!

Stay tuned for more news soon as we are also launching very shortly a web banner exchange network designed exclusively for indie films and comic producers, as well as web series producers. Best part of it all? It will be all free for the aforementioned artists and producers, as long as their banners are in good taste and fit these segments. That is all for our socialist aspect today! Have a nice one!

New Bundles!

As a general request, we have reintroduced Bundles in the Figurines, Comics and Reproductions sections of the Heroes of the North Store.

For example, you can get all the currently available figurines through one bundle, get only the Heroes or only the Villains. In the Comics section, you can get both currently available comic using the same shipping cost (Canada Post charges the same amount, for one or two comics anyways).

This new bundling system allows you to save on shipping - we know how crazy shipping costs can get - sometimes by bundling items, it is a better way to save. Enjoy!