All right! This Kim Jong Un controversy is too good to pass up!

STING OPERTATION is a story that was not due to be out for a while but the timing is just too good to simply ignore it!

We did a story a while back about how Kim Jong Il passed away and how his son got the power. It features Mantis and Hornet, as well as Medusa Commander, and it is our first NSFW story, lovingly illustrated by Daniel Wong with colours by Aljosa Tomic.

Because of its sensitive nature, it is available only to our
MEMBERS in the MINI-COMICS section.

It might be shocking for some sensibilities, so consider yourselves warned but most of you should be fine. Enjoy! And let us know what you think below - BUT NO SPOILERS PLEASE!



Hey everyone!

Our friends at the
GFSix show have produced four radio advertisments which are available for download in the PRESS tab of the ABOUT page.

We would also like to welcome our friends from
Black Flag TV as sponsors of the series.

Also, this is more in relation to MEMBERS: Both the COMIX and VIDEO pass will be retired soon. Those who are still subscribed to them will keep their benefits and privileges but by the end of the month, only the three tiers of membership will be left. Thank you for your understanding.


Summer is Finally here! It has been a very long winter and it feels good to finally get some warmth, isn't it? It also means that we can resume shooting with temperatures more suitable for our heroes that are latex clad.  Preproduction is now underway for the Wild Rose, Terra Nova, Mantis (not latex clad but still... It is set in North Korea) and Borealis.  

We want to also congratulate John Albert (pictured below with Hornet and Mantis), who purchased not one but two (!) set visits on the Wild Rose and Mantis shoot.  John had previously participated on the Jackpot set visit and even earned himself a cameo in the episode, alongside Dominic Walsh!  They both did a pretty good job: look for them on the Jackpot Episode: Dominic get stabbed and John gets a bullet in the head right after... Look for more fans cameos and other cool surprises in the upcoming episodes...

flexible John Albert and Friends
John Albert with Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais) and Mantis (Marie Ty)


Some of you may have noticed changes on the website. We have added a massive footer to make navigation accessible everywhere.

We also added an Official Heroes of the North Retailers list - all Retailers that carry Official Heroes of the North Merchandise is listed there. If your local Retailer is interested, they can always CONTACT us.

Speaking of our Contact page, we have added several sections that deal with specific issues such as Retailers, Conventions, casting, artists and writers submissions, etc. We even added a Live Chat feature for those pressing questions that cannot wait a return email! Please don't abuse it! Happy

You will also notice a sponsors list, which is for companies that contributed financially to the show and helped produced the upcoming episodes. If you own a company and wish to be a sponsor or if you want to recommend it to a friend who owns one, they just need to visit our SPONSORS section.

flexible Ghostbusters
Ernie Hudson with Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais) and 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw) and some brave Ghostbusters at the Niagara Falls Comicon. Photo by Carol Grant.


We had a busy spring attending tons of conventions.  It was exhausting but also very rewarding but we are glad it is finally over so we can enjoy some weekends...  The last convention we did was Niagara Falls.  It was a first for us and it was lots of fun.  Definitely one we will keep an eye on.

flexible Jackpot_Donald_Caron

This image above is the latest illustration by Donald Caron and it has been quite a hit at conventions so far!  This stunning illustration is finally available in our store, by public demand!  Donald is well on his way to illustrate all the Heroes of the North characters, with a Wild Rose, Mantis, Borealis and Lighthouse illustrations all currently in the works...

flexible WINGING IT

Our Mini Comics are a popular section of our Members section.  It allows us to feature short stories in the Heroes of the North universe drawn by up and coming Canadian talents.  The latest one is a Black Terror tale called Winging It! by Yann Brouillette & Jono Doiron with Colours by Aljosa Tomic, and it is one of those tales where Black Terror awakes from his drug induced trips to find himself in odd situations.

We are a bit behind on the mini comics release due to the conventions but we are back on track and we will make up for lost time!  Thank you for your understanding!  You guys are the best!

flexible LEGACIES

Legacies and COMPENDIUM start shipping next week! Both trade paperbacks are near sold out already! Get your copies while there is still some! Or get them from our official retailers, listed below! Most have ordered copies.



flexible Free Comic Book Day La Boite à BD cover by Brad Coffey

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk!

We have been incredibly busy behind the scenes trying to overcome several challenges on many fronts. It has been a while since we put out one of those “keeping you up to date” posts but here it is:

PRODUCTION: Completing the financing for the show for one has proven to be much harder than anticipated. Location hunting - especially finding a suitable studio at a price we can afford - has also proved to be much more difficult and it is causing delays in production of the minisodes. We are trying to iron out the issues and we hope to resume a stable release of episodes soon. We will make it up to you by producing two more minisodes, one involving 8 Ball and a mysterious new character as well as TERRA NOVA episode. Meanwhile everyone is hard at work prepping for the moment they will called...
flexible Sandra Belrose (Wild Rose) trains with Andy Bradshaw (8 Ball)

EVENTS: We will be attending Free Comic Book Day at Fantasy Realm in Cornwall, Ontario and at La Boîte à BD de Laval this year. The event is on Saturday, May 3rd this year. We also contribute a cover for la Boîte à BD Free Comic Book Day special edition comic featuring Johnny Comix, of course, but also our very own Fleur-de-Lys, illustrated by Brad Coffey. We will also be attending the Ottawa Comicon and the Moncton Comicon this spring.

Flexible Fantasy Realm Free Comic Book Day

Nordik figurine is now on sale at 50% off! Get one while supplies last! It also helps us fund the show so everybody wins! MEMBERS get an even better deal in the SPECIAL OFFERS section.

LEGACIES trade paperback is now available for preorder - it will be available for the Free Comic Book Day.

ROKU: Roku owners rejoice! Your favourite web series will soon be available on the ROKU network! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
flexible ROKU


- The second part of the Nano serial is now available in the
MINI-COMICS section;

- A whole lot of new offers have been added to the
SPECIAL OFFERS section. Even if you are not interested in the offers themselves, it is worth a visit because you will find some casting news and interesting tidbits of info there. Take our word for it, you will not regret it!;

GOLD MEMBERS will get to see more pictures of the progress on the Crimson figurine with members exclusive photos in the SHOOTING LOG.


Why you must now pay money for Season 2?

Ooooh boy!

We knew we would get some complaints and possibly lose some fans when we decided to make Season 2 VOD (Video on Demand), despite the fact that we kept a low cost of entry. Nothing prepared us for the flood of angry emails we have received. It seems that people did not read the prior announcements. So in the interest of transparency and good communications, here is the whole reasoning that informed our decision:

- FUNDING: The show is privately funded. That means it comes out of our own pockets. No grants. No tax credits. No mysterious silent investor. Nothing. While there is some funding available in Canada for web series, those are few and far between and most have a lot of constraints. Despite what some may think, nobody gives free money without strings attached. In some cases, we just do not meet the requirements and in others cases, we would lose partially or totally control of the editorial line of the project. So it has to keep coming out of our own money… Which eventually led to ---

- DELAYS: For the first Season, to get the show known and see if it had traction, we decided to give it away free. Which means sometimes we have to do other things instead of working on the show. Which lead to several months delays between shows, after a run of eleven regularly scheduled episodes (which was already an heroic pace to maintain). Then we got complaints: why does it take so long between shows? Well, we need to live and pay our bills too… Since the show was free, well, it had to take a back seat to the essentials of life. And it was not fun for us. Or for the fans. It is already hard enough to get the show out when we do just that, imagine getting it out on a schedule amidst other things and a full time job. It was just impossible. Which eventually led to ---

- FRUSTRATIONS: Not being able to pay key contributors reasonable wages means that they have to find other means of survival. Which gives them less time to work on the show, when we do not lose them altogether. Not being able to get the show out on time was frustrating to us too because it becomes a source of stress and dealing with the sometimes less than understanding amongst the fans was almost a job in itself. Also a limited budget meant that we were limited in many ways on the scope of the stories, the locations we could get and we had to severely limit what we could do in terms of vehicles, special effects and so on. And since the bulk of our budget is going to an admittedly low salary for our cast and crew, there is little left for production value and it forces us to do small miracles to pull of a decent show in the end. That, too, takes its toll.

After we finished Season One, when we sat down to plan Season 2, we decided that we wanted to push the envelope. We wanted bigger and better settings. Vehicles: plane, trains and automobiles. Heroes for each provinces and territory. New costumes, in line with our original intended vision. A more epic storyline, befitting the characters we created. And when we looked at how much we had to do all that… We decided to run an IndieGogo campaign, with a $100K goal. We would have enough to pay everybody reasonably and do what we needed to do - we still had to get favours from everyone but it was feasible. The support was tremendous in terms of sharing the campaign and all. But financially, it failed - we barely got 10% of our goal. If everybody that had shared the campaign so wonderfully had given us a dollar, we would have made our goal and then some. But they did not. Only a handful contributed. Had we met that goal, we would have kept the status quo and kept the show free. But sadly it was not to be. So we had to find funds elsewhere - and as we said above, you never get any money without strings attached. In this case, interests and monthly payments associated with them. But something has to give. So after a long and arduous introspection, I, as producer, have decided to make the most expensive content available either through our
memberships or as VOD. After all, I have to pay all those bills. Not just the show’s, but also all the artists and contributors to the comic books.

But… But… But… came the rebuttals…

- Don’t you make enough money at conventions selling your merchandise? We do make very well at conventions, thank you very much! We love attending them and we love interacting with our fans and getting direct feedback, good or bad. In fact, if there was conventions nearby every month, we would not be having this conversation at all. But there isn’t . And while we do well too with the ones far away, the costs of tables, travel, accommodations, food for everyone and so on often makes it a zero sum game as it quickly costs several thousand dollars to travel beyond Ontario and Quebec for our little team… And we don’t like to go anywhere without bringing the fans the full experience. Conventions beyond Ontario and Quebec are great for exposure and promotion but that is about it. A big convention in Toronto costs us more than an entire episode of the show! Sometimes, the choice is not hard to make.

- Don’t you make enough money selling merchandise on your site? We are not doing too badly with the merchandise on the site. But it is nowhere near enough to cover the costs of full episodes. Shipping costs are punishing in Canada - it costs more to send a comic book than to buy it. It is ridiculous and it discourages lots of people from buying.

- What about Amazon and Diamond? While these distributors get your work everywhere, they also take a punishing cut, between 55 to 60% of the retail. Great for the consumer, not so great for the creators who also have to shoulder the (punishing too!) shipping to these guys… So unless you have massive volume, your margin is very thin. Plus it takes a while to get paid for your sales. Again, while things are good, they are nowhere near sufficient to sustain the production costs of the show.

To put things in perspective, an average episode costs around 3 to 5 K to produce. The bulk of it is salaries. Some cost closer to 2K, some near 7K, but as an average, it costs around 3.5 K.

How does it break down? Let’s use Jackpot: Royal Flush as an example:

- CAST: 1200$.

- FOOD: 400$


- Make-up artist: $400

- Props, etc.: $300

- Location Dojo: $200

- Music and sound mix: $500.

The other locations were free. Myself, Yann (camera), Allan Chou (Fight Choreographer) and Vincent (Lights) donated their time over three days. Some of the cast members were IndieGogo contributors whom we would have to pay normally. In this case, they contributed partially to about a little less than a third of the budget. We own our own equipment, except for the sound so that was free too - if we were to pay for it, you could add another $1500 or more to the bill. And this was a cheap episode were people are paid but a fraction of what they would normally earn on a normal show. And that does not include neither the preparation nor the post-production, which we also contribute for free. Not complaining, just saying.

So this episode costed $3500, without counting favours and freebies and generous time contributions… We need to sell 583 comics at 6$ through our website, or 518 DVDs at 15$ on Amazon (after their 55% cut), or even better 1,458 of the exact same comic books through Diamond (because they take a 60% cut) just to cover the price of that one episode… Are the maths clear enough now? Nobody is getting rich quick anytime soon here… So forgive us if we have a hard time keeping a straight face when someone makes a passionate plea to tell us how heartless we are for daring to want to charge less than a dollar for the seven minutes of entertainment we provided there, which we put together over several weeks…

During the first Season, we provided what we believe was tremendous value. Very few series have the scope and scale of what we accomplished with next to nothing. All we are asking now is a little support to make things even better and easier on us. We tried to make it easy on you by offering a wide range of options for all budgets. Most fans have reacted with enthusiasm and have shown a tremendous support, most of them signing in for Gold memberships. This message is not really for them: we know we have your support and it warms our hearts.

This is to answer those who feel like everything should be free all the time. Who feel we are taking advantage. If the numbers above don’t already make it abundantly clear, we are not. And far from it. Personally, as a producer, I have a hard time dealing with the fact that someone gets angry when I ask for .99 cents for something I worked on days and nights for several weeks… You have absolutely the right to not watch it, but you have no right to complain about it. It is our work and we have the right to price it as we wish. We think we did so fairly. Frankly, if people who claim to truly love the show yet cannot be bothered to pay less than a cup of coffee to see it grow, then I can’t help but wonder why you call yourselves fans.

I, as a producer, used to make independent films. I am one of the lucky few in Canadian history who can claim to have lived of making independent movies. Ironically, the internet put an end to that. When you can copy something without any loss of quality and broadcast it to the world for pennies,. it is only a matter of time before the revenues you can generate from said content dries up. What makes the internet such a beautiful tool for sharing content makes it also ironically very hard to earn a living doing content.

The freedom that the internet gives us is magnificent as creators. It frees us from gatekeepers. It allows people who were without a voice to finally have one. Like everything, it has its downsides. Freedom always comes with some ugliness. A show like HOTN - or several other amazing web series out there - could never exist within the strict ecosystem of TV. The cost of that freedom is a general lack of means. But everyone is starting to realize that we cannot keep going like this: newspapers, books, TV… A lot of our culture is threatened because the costs of production is no longer covered. We like doing our show and we want to keep doing it. We have proven that we are resilient, if nothing else. We ask for a small token of appreciation to do so. The true fans understand and these guys are the ones we want to cater to. If even 0.99 cents is too much, then you did not deserve free in the first place… If you don’t support the shows you claim to like, and that goes for any other show or films or any other piece of culture or entertainment besides ours, don’t complain when they disappear! Don’t complain when they are taken down from the schedule. Don’t complain when they start to charge. Nothing exists in a vacuum. We all need to live and pay our bills. If everybody who claimed to care had stepped up when we asked for help, we would not be here today. We want to cater to those who really care, those who put their money where their mouths are. Those who give a damn. Like we do.

We want to wish a warm welcome to the fans who care, often as much, if not more, than we do! See you in the funny papers… And at conventions! Winking


Christian Viel
Heroes of the North


flexible Jackpot - Lyle Dunlop Photomontage

Hi ya there folks! How are you all doing? We sincerely hope you are well. Sit down and brace yourselves. This is going to be a LONG one!

Most of you are probably aware that we are about to launch our second Season. We have great things in store for this season and we cannot wait for you all to discover them!

First things first, to celebrate the launch of the second Season, we have decided to do a complete overhaul of the website. We wanted to simplify and focus things a little more, make things easier to find and see. And we think we have achieved that goal. If you have not already, please visit www.heroesofthenorth.com and let us know what you think!

Another thing we decided to do is put our best foot forward - that means showcasing one of our strongest asset: the fantastic visuals we have accumulated over the years, be it photographs or illustrations. That is the reason behind the magnificent slide show you will find on almost every pages of the menu. On the lower left of every pages, there is a minus sign which allows you to hide the menu so you can watch the pictures in all their splendour. To get the menu back, just press the plus button. What is not to like?

STORE was the most complex part of the revamp, besides the Members section. By the way, we found two Hornet figurines cleaning up the warehouse. They had fallen behind a shelf! We put them up in the store today and one already sold barely an hour after the update! So there is one left for some lucky visitor! There is also one Fleur-de-Lys left! Grab them while you still can! You will also notice that we have put Black Terror, Madame Doom and the Canadian Shield figurines back for preorder - we should receive them VERY soon so we feel confident to put them back up there. Oh! And Nordik is on sale at 50% off!

Another new thing available from every pages is the small red Members Login button on the right. That’s right, we finally got around to do that darned Members section.

Now that is something we have struggled with for a long time. We always wanted to keep the show free as much as possible. But it is just not realistically possible. We tried to raise funds through Indiegogo - several of you actually contributed and did a fantastic job of spreading the word. But it just was not enough in the end. That meant we had to find the funds somewhere else. And those funds have a cost.

The show manages to finance itself somewhat with the merchandising sales and especially the conventions. Conventions get so crazy sometimes that we wish there was one every weekend - the show would never have cash flow issues and we could improve the production values to near Hollywood levels. But reality is otherwise and while we do thrive in the spring and fall, winter and summer are harsher periods. If we hope to repay the funders monthly interests, we need to generate a consistent income. Hence the membership idea.

We made three plans, the description and advantages can be found in the
MEMBERS section of the site. They basically break down like this:

BRONZE - $4.95 a month: Lets you watch all the videos and read all the comics, full screen, no ads. You also get to join the community forum in the members section. You can unsubscribe anytime. There is a button to that effect at the bottom left of the MEMBERS section.

SILVER - $9.95 a month: same privileges as Bronze plus a few added bonuses and access to behind the scenes materials.

GOLD: $14.95 a month: This is the whole enchilada! It is like buying the super duper limited edition Director’s cut DVD! You will get all the nitty gritty and behind the scenes information. You also get a copy of the DVD at the end of Season at no charge (as long as you remained subscribed for the duration of the season, of course!).

For those who want to only watch episodes or read comics, we also created a $2.99 a month VIDEO PASS that will allow you to watch all the episodes of Season 2, with no ads either on the video or on the site itself - a privilege for all subscribers. For those who only come to read the comics but want to read them on site, not download them, there is also a $1.99 per month subscription that allows you to read all our comics online, again with no ads. Both plans also allow you to join the Members community but with limited access.

The videos themselves will be Pay-per-view outside of membership: .99 cents for the minisodes and $2.99 for the ten longer official Season 2 episodes, allowing viewing for a 24 hours period. It allows people to give it a whirl and decide if they want to subscribe or not.

We think that these amounts are reasonable and that there is sufficient choices for all budgets and interests. Please let us know if you think there should be more or less options.

There will still be free content along the road, tagged with ads on the public side of the site and always without ads in the Members section, regardless of the plan taken.

We know that some of you will not be happy with the changes. We tried hard but we did not meet our goals. We want to do the best show we can and move forward, not backwards. We have already given away tens of thousands of dollars of free content. And we will continue to give some of it away. But in order to secure a future for a show we love to do, we have no other choice but to take this road for now. That being said, if someone has a better idea, please manifest yourself. We are ALWAYS open to suggestions.

Let us know if you think we have failed or not with the redesign or with the membership concept. We love to get your input.

Like you all, we are looking forward to a fantastic year 2014! And we hope to see lots of you online this Friday night for the launch of our first minisode, JACKPOT: ROYAL FLUSH introducing Dominique Arganese as the titular character. Can't wait for you all to discover the newest femme fatale of the Heroes of the North Universe!

Enjoy the Second Season!

The Heroes of the North Team



THE RESCUE, a 24 pages story by Yann & Michel Brouillette, with art by Olivier Raymond, is now available to read for free online. This story follows the events of EPISODE 20 and brings everything to a shocking conclusion that will shock the Heroes of the North to their very core! If you have not read it already, the time is now before the second Season starts!

Heroes of the North joins Machina


We just inked a deal with Top YouTube Community Machinima for our Heroes of the North YouTube channel.




As you most likely noticed, we are currently upgrading the site big time. Getting of old code still straggling around, improving and modernizing, simplifying and streamlining are the main goal of this update to prepare for the coming of Season 2 and all the new materials that we have been building in the past few months. That being said, it is never an easy undertaking and it often takes more time than you think so we are still at it. So we apologize for the 404 pages and other inconveniences. We are going as fast as we can to get every area of the site functional as fast as possible.

Here is what to expect from the new site:

- Easier navigation and less pages. All episodes are now viewable through a single click straight from the Episodes page.

- HTML 5 video. We got lots of complaints about the other player - now we are using YouTube, which is a web standard at this point so hopefully things run smoother from now on.

- More streamlined and focused content.

- Season 2 episodes and related comic books will be accessible through a paywall which we are currently in the process of setting up. We are sorry to no longer offer the show and comics for free but these things are expensive to put out and we want to be able to offer a better product, and a more timely delivery, so the show needs to be able to pay for itself. We offer three reasonably priced plans, which be reviewed in the
Members section.

- We are dropping the French entirely from the site. We are sorry to have to do this but French traffic is only a very small portion of our global traffic and it requires almost as much efforts and to put it up as the rest - it just does not make logical sense, considering our limited resources.

The site should be more or less a challenge to navigate this week but after that, everything should be back to normal and we can slowly start to unleash the goodness of Season 2! Thank you for being part of the ride!


Hornet Lamborghini

Hornet 4Hornet 5Hornet 6Hornet 1Hornet 2Hornet 3

Scotia Bock, a british fan of the show, sent us these really nifty pictures of a Hornet themed Lamborghini design. Ain’t that just AWESOME?

Nathan Fillion as Canadian Shield?

Nathan Fillion Halloween 2012 CostumeNathan Fillion Original Tweet
We are getting a ton of traffic on our Canadian Shield comic and episodes from the United States for the last few days - and lots of Google search on Canadian Shield and it seems to be linked to the fact that Canadian actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) posted a picture of his Halloween costume a few days ago. That picture was also posted on our Facebook wall by a couple of our people in the know on this page already and everyone seems to think he was impersonating our character. We have no idea if it is the case, it seems doubtful because the look is quite different, and it is an easy parody anyways - heck, that is what we did too - but it is pretty funny nevertheless. The wonders of the interweb never cease… Winking In any case, Mr. Fillion’s costume is all kinds of awesome!

Happy Canada Day! New website and Comic Syndicate mention


First, we would like to wish a very happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canucks! We even got a little mention in the Comic Book Syndicate blog.

You may have also noticed yet another look to the site. We have been struggling for a while in order to update the site to a responsive version so that all the mobile phones and tablets fans can enjoy the site almost as well as the desktop folks. But trying to keep functionalities we need with a responsive site means lots of conflicts with scripts and so on. We have minimize the code as much as possible in this one in the hopes to minimize the issues that have been plaguing us for months. So far, so mostly good, except for the store which is still in disarray. We are working on it and hope to have it back working properly soon. Thank you all for your patience.


Hi everyone! Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one!

We know it has been a while since new episodes and new comics have come up on the site. Be reassured - we are not dead yet. In the spirit of being honest and transparent with our fans and supporters, here is what is happening:

We had a month long conventions sequence that took us literally from one end of the country to the other. The logistics and preparation for that took its toll on our small crew. But it is not the only cause of delays.

For some reason, despite a healthy diversification of our artists and pencilers, most of our books are severely behind for reasons out of our control. Several of our pencilers had to deal with either health related or family and/or business related issues. with the end result that a lot of books are delayed. Which brings us to the following comic book related updates:

- Mr. Richard Pace, who was to pencil and ink the most excellent Ty Templeton scripted comic of The Canadian had to bailed out of those duties for health reasons. Consequently, we now welcome Daniel Wong to the team, who will pick up on Mr. Pace’s duties and will heroically attempt to nevertheless help us deliver the book on time for the end of the month for the upcoming Heroes of the North: Missions comic book coming out this summer via Ardenn Entertainment. Which is where we remind you to order the book from your favourite comic book retailer!!! Hopefully we manage to make that deadline and get that wonderful story in the book! If it does not make it in the book, you will at least get to enjoy it in our comic books section later this summer.

- You probably saw some work in progress on a
Black Terror story by Zach Fisher, who did those terminally cute Chibis versions of our characters a little while back. Well, Zach has been hard at work on a very strange Black Terror story that will also be featured exclusively in our upcoming summer book. We do not want to tell you anything about this story except that it is so wild and fun, it is definitely not one you will not want to miss… Especially since it will only be available in the printed version of the Heroes of the North: Missions Omnibus! This story is also notable because we are introducing to you a new member of our little team, a new colourist from Serbia, Aljoša Tomić. Welcome to the team Aljoša! Aljoša joins to team to helps us lighten the load on poor Keiren Smith, who besides having life complications of her very own, was now faced with an incredible amount of pages to colour and letter since so many books were delayed… They are now typically, arriving mostly at the same time… Which created a major clog in the work flow and sadly amplified the delays.

- Another story that will only be found in the upcoming book is a tale called
Politically Incorrect, by Yann Brouillette and masterfully illustrated by Geof Isherwood. This one is right on time. But it was meant as a back up tale. From the looks of it, it will end up in the book as well! And it definitely earned it - the art is simply stunning! Isherwood fans will be happy to hear that he also contributed his considerable talents to two short tales that will also be exclusive to the Heroes of the North: Missions release. One features the New Felquists and Fleur-de-Lys while the other is a fun 3 pages romp starring 8 Ball and Alpha Q called Blood Bath. Which is also our cue to introduce Zen, another talent coming to the rescue to help us get the books out on time! Zen will be lettering the shorter stories - and perhaps a few longer ones, in order to ease the burden on Keiren… who is heroically colouring and lettering an Acadia story, drawn by Geof Isherwood as well and written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, which will also be part of the book and very soon available online in our comic book section as well.

- Another story about to hit our comic book section very soon is the long awaited team-up by Archie artist Dan Parent. The
Zombots being schooled story is a lot of fun and we just cannot wait for you to read it!!! It will be part of the book being released this summer as well.

- Those who enjoyed the art of our last
Nordik/8 Ball team-up will be happy to learn that another exclusive story, a Pacifica tale this time, has been penciled and inked by David Cutler, with colours by Aljoša Tomić and lettering by Zen. And to complete the book, there will be the 8 Ball and Black Terror tale penciled by Gibson Quarter!

- And while it is not part of the next book, another important piece is being finished as we speak, albeit terribly late as well. We are talking about the 24 pages Season Finale book, which wraps up Season One and is written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, penciled by Olivier Raymond and inked by Kellam Templeton. This one is an action packed piece featuring most of the characters of Heroes of the North and is NOT to be missed!

Well, that is already a pretty major post and we have just covered the comics! So if you have read this far, you can pretty much surmised that we had our hands pretty busy just with conventions and comics! But stay tuned tomorrow as we will go over what is happening with the remaining episodes, the Season One DVD release, Season 2 preparations and more!


Heroes of the North is responsive!

It has been a long time coming but we finally got around to do it. After considering several solutions, we have opted for a responsive layout template for the site, which was the least time consuming in terms of updates on our end and offers the best solutions for the users in terms of the insane variety of web platforms. The work is still in progress at the moment, but most of the functionality of the previous site is back and we will continue to improve it over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience!

The site is now iPad and tablets Compatible!


It has been in the works for a while but now all episodes are tablets compatible. We are still finishing up work on on the other mobile devices compatible site. But in the meantime, the tablet owners can enjoy almost all the functionalities of the main site. After the holidays, the iPhone and other portable devices site should be fully functional.

Firefox Personas

Are you using Firefox as your browser of choice? Do you want to personalize it with a Heroes of the North theme? Well some Heroes of the North fan apparently named Max did and created Hornet and Crimson themed personas for Firefox. Click on the images below to be brought to the download page for the personas.

Hornet Persona (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais)

Crimson Persona for Firefox (Bianca Beauchamp)

New Gallery: Diana Adams Supermodel

We just found a bunch of old magazines with one thing in common: they all feature Diana Adams, better known as Masquerade around these parts. You can view the ten covers in our gallery. Enjoy!

BRIDE Cover w/Diana AdamsMODELCover w/Diana AdamsTRUE_AMERICAN Cover w/Diana Adams

Mobile versions of the Heroes of the North site

Well, it has been a long time coming and it turned out to be WAY harder than we ever anticipated, but here we are within a few days of launching both the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions of the site. Versions for Android and other phones will follow in the next few weeks.

Now, the way it works is fairly simple and should be relatively fool proof: the site recognizes what sort of device you are using and automatically sends you to the site appropriate for the mobile device you are using. At the moment, for testing reasons, it only recognizes iPhone/iPods. But it will soon recognize iPads, Android devices, Blackberry and so on. If you are on a normal desktop computer, you go straight to the standard site you know and love.

The iPad version will be the one closest to the desktop experience. Other versions of the site may have more limited capacities due to design or technical issues, but most likely our own technical ineptitude as we have NEVER done this before.


Of course, to do all this, we had to recode the entire site partially in a different language. That means some pages had to change names. We lost a lot of our Facebook likes and some ratings and comments. Please feel free to “re-like” or “re-comment” if you are in the mood! Another casualty might be faulty links. If you get one, PLEASE EMAIL US! We tried hard to eliminate them and redirect as many pages as we could but we have literally thousands of pages on this site and it is getting hard to track. So you help is immensely appreciated.

For the most part, you should not see a major change on the site, besides minor cosmetic changes, except if you are on a mobile device, that is… But we did put back a
Forum in response to popular demand. It is much easier to login - use your Facebook ID if you want or a password, the old fashioned way. It is also cleaner and better integrated as well. So please register and post! Otherwise it will disappear again! Winking



It took a while but here they are: Heroes of the North Wallpapers in five formats - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960 and 1600 x 1200. They can be found in the Freebies section of our store.

As a bonus, there is also a brand new music section where you will be able to download some of the music used in the show. Currently there is only the Main theme but more will be coming soon. Enjoy!



Site Improvements and other news

We keep trying on improving the site whenever we can get around to it. We finally figured out a way better search engine for the site, which is accessible via the magnifying glass icon on the side bar on your right.

We have also added a Podcasts and Radios Interviews section in the Medias menu since we have done quite a bit of those. It is by no means a complete list - it will slowly grow over the next few weeks as we put everything online. There is also several new press links in the same section.

The final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS has also been added to the Gallery in the Artists Interpretations tab.

Also coming very soon, both in the Freebies section of the store, the long awaited
Wall Papers AND a downloadable MP3 version of the theme song. You will also have the option of playing it via our mini player.

The Production tab in the
about section has finally been completed: read all about how, when and with what the show was shot!

We also have answered a new question in the FAQ - which has to do with our appearances schedule. All informations regarding our appearances is also accessible in the sidebar by clicking the
calendar button, again in the right side bar.

We have also added a nifty little DIMMER button that allows you to darken the screen when watching the episodes.

And to make signing up for our newsletter easier as well, we have it now inside a popup when you click that big red button on the right.

We have also added a sidebar menu that follows you everywhere on the left, so you do not have to scroll back to go to other parts of the site.

And lastly, we have added a mini menu on each comic book pages so that you can jump with ease on any of the currently available comics without having to go back to the main menu.

Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the new additions!


It sure took us a while but we have finally gotten around putting up all of our tech sheets on the Characters page. The page is now complete, with all tech sheets readable. The newcomer and last in line being Acadia.

Acadia_spec sheet1


Medusa Industries Website

As some of you may know, part of the story is also told via different websites. For awhile now we have had the CDO website, which is accessible by clicking the white CDO icon in the sidebar. And now, the Medusa website is officially online as well. Like its predecessor, it can be accessed from the sidebar by cliciking on the black Medusa icon. Lots of clues and elements for upcoming story lines can be found in the intricacies of these sites. Keep an eye out for the soon to be online Nouveaux Felquistes sites as well.

New Facebook and Google Buttons

As some of you may have noticed, there are new social buttons on the individual episodes pages and on the comic book pages. On the Facebook side, next to the recommand button, you will find a shiny brand new SEND button. It lets users send a private message containing the URL to their Facebook friends, as an email to any email address, or to the group wall of one of their Facebook groups. So there you have it.

As for the Google +1 button, here’s what the behemoth of search engines has to say about it:

Adding the +1 button to your pages lets users recommend your content, knowing that their friends and contacts will see their recommendation when it’s most relevant—in the context of Google search results.When a signed-in Google user is searching, your Google search result snippet may be annotated with the names of the user's connections who've +1'd your page. If none of a user's connections has +1'd your page, your snippet may display the aggregate number of +1's your page has received.

So feel free to use these shiny new tools to recommend and share your favourite Heroes of the North episodes or comics. And as usual, feel free to comment.

Website changes

You might have noticed a few changes around the site lately. While some changes are too obvious to miss, some are more subtle. So here’s the rundown:

- A newly revamped sidebar which will feature our monthly specials. making them easier to find at all time;

- Still on the sidebar, a Calendar icon to access the revamped Events page which is no longer accessible from the main menu.

- Again on the sidebar, a Link Exchange icon for an upcoming webseries Link exchange service that will be added soon.

- New episodes menus, allowing you to go back to the block of episodes you are watching from anywhere.

- Buy buttons with every available comics.

- A new gallery system.

- Buy button when relevant in the galleries.

- Feedburner RSS feed in the NEWS section and comments for every news items via Haloscan

- A nifty new store architecture (still in process of implementation, bear with us)

- A new
Press link in the Media section;

- An extensive Site Map;

Also coming up:

- A brand new landing page.

- Cast and Crew pages for each episodes

Episode 12 and further website modifications

Episode 12 is finally online!!! Despite many attempts and our best efforts, this one was a tough one to release! What a struggle this one has been! For some reason, we had a string of problems with this episode, but the biggest one was a corruption of some footage files - we could not open the files from 2 cameras... It has taken weeks to find a way to recover the files somewhat intact - but then, the slow-motion shots where all screwed up. So it took a few weeks to fix those as well, and not for the best at that... Plus lots of other issues, some computer related, some logistics related... But it is finally here, better late than never as they say...

On another front, our website is growing at an alarming rate and it has started to create issues for us in terms of file management and memory... So we have to go back, tweak some things, restructure others and so on. So expect a few disruptions in some areas for the coming few weeks.

One of the first major changes is that the comics section is now in HTML 5, hence readable on ipads and other flash adverse devices.

Thank you all for your outstanding patience!

Site Modifications so far...

Well, we ran in a few problems along the way but we are still breezing along with the modifications, albeit not as fast as we would like.

Currently implemented:

- Live Twitter feed from our account, at the bottom of the ABOUT page (available by clicking the Heroes of the North logo on the top left corner);
- Events section with a calendar of our appearances;
- The Characters pages has some new add ons but more are still to come. We did manage to get a better presentation for the characters spec sheets and it should be now easier to read via the light box display;
- the possibility of tweeting about an episode or comic without leaving the site is now fully implemented;
- Visual improvements to both the Medias and About sections, including a better offsite viewer, again through a light box system, are all in place.

What is currently being worked on:

- Digital downloads - we are still far from our goal here - the in-house tests work but the outside tests have all failed so far;
- Membership section: delayed by the issues we are encountering with the digital downloads. We are using a similar script for both.
- Newsletter - we have had no time to tackle this one yet - but it is coming;
- French version of the site - progressing at high speed - should be online by the end of next week;
- Search page will be live in a few days.

Here you have it.
Let us know your thoughts!

Koldcast now iDevices compatible

Our web distributor, Koldcast, announced today:
Pleased to announce that KoldCast TV programming is now iDevice compatible. Whether you currently own an iPad or are waiting for a new one tomorrow, you can start watching your favorite KoldCast shows while you're on the move. And, yes, you can watch on your iPhone, too! Simply head to KoldCast.TV on your device and navigate as you do our Network site. Enjoy and, as always, share!

That means our shows are too. And since we are working on an iPad version of the site, it means it will be even better soon! Enjoy!

Site Modifications and Comics!

Freebies have been moved to the Store section. You may notice the Membership icon - this is not quite yet active - but coming VERY soon.
In the store section, the Madame Doom comic is also now available to buy - the comic ships end of next week! The digital downloads of the comics will be available shortly as well, definitely within the next few days. Please note that the digital downloads of a particular comic will not be active until the paper version is also available.
The Characters pages are the next implementation, along with the cast and crew lists. The cast and crew lists will be found directly inside each episodes while the Characters pages will have its own menu. The galleries will also keep being implemented slowly over the weeks.
Other add-ons and improvements we are working on: a newsletter functionality to which people may subscribe in order to be kept informed of what is happening in the Heroes of the North Universe, a Calendar function where all our appearances, episodes and comic releases and other events throughout the year will be listed, a search engine page dedicated to the site itself, to make it easier to find what you are looking for, a live twitter feed update, the possibility to tweet your favourite links without leaving the site, visual improvements to the Medias and About section, etc.
Also left to implement are the other two story sites, the Medusa Industries one and the New Felquists, which should roll out in the next couple of months. Right now, you can enjoy the first of these sites
As usual, don’t be shy to let us know what you think of the new site, what features you would like to see, what we could do better, etc.
Thanks for being there!
The Heroes of the North Team

New Store and French Version

We are implementing the newest version of the store tonight. Not everything is available but it should be fairly soon. Also, you may have noticed some Canadian and Quebec flags popping up - this is experimental for the moment as we are working on the French version of the site. The French functionality should be available within the next two weeks.
La version française du site devrait être disponible d’ici deux semaines. Nous sommes présentement en phase test. Si vous voyez des pages avec des drapeaux Canadiens et Québécois, cela veut dire que ces pages sont en phase test et donc qu’une version française complète ou partielle est donc disponible. Cliquez sur le drapeau Québécois pour y accéder.

Website Updates

Freebies are now activated. Galleries are slowly being implemented. Facebook functionalities have been added to all Comics and Video Medias. The Crimson comic should go live sometime this week. We highly recommend to read it BEFORE the episode. Be warned however that the subject matter is pretty harsh and that sensitive readers may have a hard time with it.

Galleries Implementation

We have a very rich set of galleries, with thousands of photos to upload and arrange, so the implementation is lengthy and complex. Please bear with us for the next fews days as we implement the new galleries progressively.

First Story site now online!

A little like this site, it is currently still under construction but it is still worth exploring if you want to add to the Heroes of the North mythos. Click on the CDO logo in the sidebar.

New Website

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our brand new, fully redesigned website! It is perhaps less flashy but it is definitely easier to navigate and everything is easier to find - at least we would like to think so. Visit the newly revamped store and get your favourite Heroes of the North gear or dig into one of our digital comics (also available in paper in the store and pretty soon available as a download!), watch the latest episodes which you can now rate and comment, visit us in the brand new forum or get your questions answered through the FAQ section. We are at the early stage of implementation. There is a lot more to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, explore, visit and most of all, enjoy!

The Heroes of the North Team