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New Comic on Monday

flexible Acadia: You Can Run but I can Hide

On Monday, March 24th, a new comic book, featuring one of our female superheroes, Acadia and titled: You can run but I can hide, will be online. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Christopher Yao, with colours by Aljosa Tomic.

This story is particular as it was designed to be read from top to bottom and that ill reflected in the comic book reader interface as well. We hope you will enjoy the experience!

The comic book will be found in the new MISSIONS tab in the
COMICS section of the website and will be readable through our COMIX pass and as usual, it will be free for all the other levels of membership. The story will also be available in our store as a digital download.

Speaking of Members, this Saturday there will also be a mini-comics available in the members section titled A DAY IN THE LIFE. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Prince Edward Island artist Brenda Hickey, the story is quite a hoot!


Wild Card by Christopher Yao

flexible WILD CARD

In the Jackpot: Royal Flush episode, you got to meet Jackie’s ex-boyfriend, William aka “Wild Card”, played by Brad Hamelin. If you have seen the episode, you know that things did not end too well for him and a portion of his face. In this design by Christopher Yao, we get to see the final look the man will have as he will rise to power in the underbelly of Montreal and become the owner of an underground casino…

What happened between the episode and this new look will be covered in a comic book titled Wild Card: Face Off, which will be found in the
New Beginnings Trade Paperback. And Wild Card’s brand new look and anger towards Jackie (now turned Jackpot) will be in full display in an upcoming episode…





New Beginnings Trade Paperback Cover Work in Progress

flexible New_Beginnings_Cover_Inks_Christopher_Yao

Here is the inked version of the cover of our third trade paperback, coming out this summer, called New Beginnings. The cover is illustrated by Christopher Yao, who designed most of the Season 2 costumes. This trade will feature stories about all the new characters we created for Season 2. We can’t wait to see it in full colours. Can you?


flexible Iron Ore, Protector of Labrador - Design by Christopher Yao

Here is the costume design for Iron Ore, protector of Labrador. Design by Christopher Yao.


Terra Nova Costume Design by Christopher Yao

Christopher Yao knocks another one out of the park with his stunning costume design of Terra Nova, protector of Newfoundland!



Prep is well underway for shooting the first Origins minisode next week - JACKPOT: Royal Flush, written by Michel Brouillette. Auditions on Monday. Props pick up on Tuesday, Fight training, costume fitting and photoshoot on Wednesday, second unit shooting on Thursday and All out brawling on Friday! Busy week ahead! It will be also the time to fulfill several of the shooting related IndieGogo perks.

Meet the Elusive Nano!


Here is another costume design, this time for Nano, Toronto’s hero. Canada’s biggest city gets a hero who can become really, really small - but you know what they say: good things come in small packages! Happy

A short teaser for Nano can be viewed on
YouTube. You can also get some more information on this character and other upcoming Season 2 characters by visiting this page.

Don’t forget to like (if you do!), share or comment! All constructive feedbacks are always welcome!


Meet Yukon Jack!


Here is the latest character design by Christopher Yao, this time it is Yukon Jack.

Yellow Knife Costume Design

Yellow Knife Costume Design by Christopher Yao

Designed by Christopher Yao, this handsome fella is the North West Territories superhero known as Yellow Knife!

If you want more information on the new Season 2 Heroes, visit this
Character page. While the page is a work in progress, it is updated frequently and will be for the next few months so bookmark it and discover the new population of the Heroes of the North Universe!

Christine Trinh is Borealis


Christine Trinh is Borealis, Nunavut’s protector, in Season 2 of Heroes of the North.

Introducing Jackpot


Here is a first look at the costume design for a new Season 2 character called Jackpot, as illustrated by Christopher Yao. Hero? Villain? Perhaps a little bit of both? Only time will tell… Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Nathan Fillion Adventure


For Halloween 2012, Canadian actor Nathan Fillion disguised himself as his own version of a World War II Canadian superhero and tweeted several pictures in said costume. A fun yet innocuous gesture that resulted in us getting thousands of emails, tweets, DM and FB messages and comments as a lot of people thought he was doing his version of our Canadian Shield character. We even ended up doing a blog post about it. We seriously doubted he was aware of the show and we were convinced it was totally related but it was fun.

Flash Forward to May 2013 and Heroes of the North is headed to the second Edition of the Ottawa Comicon. And surprise, Nathan Fillion is the guest of honour this year. So we decided to go try to talk to Mr. Fillion and tell him the Halloween anecdote and how it affected us and our site traffic positively and we wante to give him a Canadian Shield comic book at the same time and tell him a little about the show.

When we got to him, at the signing booth, his first reaction was to react at the 8 Ball costume, ask Anderson Bradshaw to step back and using his phone, he flashed a picture or two. We got to tell him the anecdote and a little about the show and gave him a bunch of our comics. He was very enthusiastic and appeared delighted. “I did not know about this!”, he said.

We went back to our booth and the day proceeded briskly. Around 12:30, during lunch hour, as things quieted down, Anderson and Marie Ty decided to do what we call a flyer run: going to different booth and into the crowds, taking pictures and chatting with people and distributing the show’s flyer.

Cliff, one of the organizer of the Comicon, came by and said: “You will never guess who specifically requested to come by your booth!”. We had no idea. He said: “Our guest of honour, Nathan Fillion, asked to come visit you guys. He will be here between 12:40 and 1:15. Don’t tell anybody because we don’t want to create a commotion.”

We of course agreed. And started to run around and chase our missing flock. There was so much people, we did not manage to find them on time. Mr. Fillion arrived with his entourage, but we did not have the actors with us.

“Where is everybody?”, asked Mr. Fillion as he approached. “We are looking for them! We got warned of your visit after they had just left!”. He looked disappointed. “I will try to pass by again later!”, he said before being hustled away. As he disappeared around the corner, 8 Ball and Mantis arrived…

8 Ball and our producer ran in the direction they had disappeared but they lost them in the crowd. And we thought we had missed a great opportunity. But 8 Ball went to the signing area and managed to speak to the management. He came back with the following news: Mr. Fillion would meet us at 3 PM in the VIP area, backstage for a few minutes before his next appearance. Class act!

So about an half hour before three, we braved the crowd and headed down to the other end of the convention centre with everyone in tow, leaving only one man at the booth.

We got there a little faster than we thought, waited a little and then Mr. Fillion walked in, camera in hand, clicking away: “Look at you guys!” He took several pictures with our Heroes, Hornet, 8 Ball and Mantis, both with him and individually and then we took a couple of pictures as a group with him holding the Shield, which had started this whole thing in the first place.

So now the story is wrapped with a neat little bow. We wish to warmly thank Mr. Fillion for his time and generosity as well as everyone that made the encounter possible!

And that concludes our Nathan Fillion adventure!


Free Comic Book Day 2

Free Comic Book Day Boîte à BD Comic Book

Besides the free comics from Marvel and Co., La Boîte à BD also offers their own in-house compilations of stories clocking in at roughly 50 pages featuring artist from Quebec and everywhere else. Heroes of the North contributed a never before seen Nordik story by Yann Brouillette and Christopher Yao. Best of all, it's FREE, but tomorrow only!

En plus des BD gratuites fournies par Marvel et Co., la Boîte à BD vous offre gratuitement une compilation maison d'une cinquantaine de pages avec divers artistes d'ici et d'ailleurs! Nous avons une histoire inédite avec Nordik (Yann Brouillette & Christopher Yao). De plus c'est totalement gratuit mais demain seulement!


Crimson: Dark Origins comic book near sold out


Our most critically acclaimed comic book, Crimson: Dark Origins is nearly sold-out - in fact, there is only 4 copies available. If you ever wanted to get your hands on it, the moment is NOW!


Manitoba Hero Costume Designs

We have asked two Canadian artists, Christopher Yao and Kieron O’Gorman to give us their interpretation of our Manitoba heroine (still unnamed at the moment - if you have any suggestions, please proposed them in the comments below).

Here are Christopher Yao’s versions, both in red and blue:

Here is Kieron’s versions, again both in blue and red… Let us know what you think below!


Heroes of the North: Jenny
Jenny by Christopher Yao. A character that will be discovered in the Heroes of the North: Season One trade paperback, coming in 2013!

Comics Sneak peek

Several books in production at the moment, including a Canadian story by Gibson Quarter and Gillermo Ortego (above), a Madame Doom story by Geof Isherwood…MD pg 05
A Crimson story by Chrisopher Yao…


And yet another Isherwood masterpiece featuring 8 Ball. All these and more in the last of Season One Omnibus, Heroes of the North Coda!

8 Ball by Geof Isherwood



Here is another sneak peek from a short story - Catching a Cold - that will appear in the third Omnibus:Coda. It is a sweet Nordik tale illustrated by Christopher Yao. Written, as usual, by Yann Brouillette.

Coda Sneak peek

blogEntryTopperWith the imminent release of our second Omnibus this September, it feels kind of weird to talk about the third Omnibus, Coda, already. But that one will be out later this fall, in December to be exact, so we are already hard at work on it. Featuring the stunning cover by Donald Caron as chosen by our Facebook fans - it will feature the 24 pages Season Finale by Olivier Raymond and Kellam Templeton, and written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, as well as 56 pages of NEVER BEFORE SEEN MATERIAL. That’s right - the bulk of the comic wll be brand new stories that will not be available online. So far we can tell you that the book will be featuring work by Gibson Quarter & Guillermo Ortego, who gave us the kinetic madness of the Black Terror/8 Ball team-up - you can see a sample of Gibson’s pencils above, new comer to the Heroes of the North fold Christopher Yao, who illustrates a sweet Nordik tale, Geof Isherwood who pencils a New Felquistes Halloween tale created by guest writer Jean-Dominique Leduc. There will also be a Madame Doom tale which will prepare you for events of Season 2 and introduce a new villain to the Heroes of the North universe as well as a Medusa Commander tale and much more! So keep an eye out for Heroes of the North: CODA this November!

Medusa by Geof Isherwood

Here is the finished coloured piece of Medusa by Geof Isherwoord.

Medusa Commander and Friends

Acadia Figurine Design in Colour!