Crimson by Luis Arturo

flexible Crimson by Luis Arturo

Like we said a few days ago, we are bombarded with cool Heroes of the North art in these early days of 2014! Here is an impressive Crimson piece by Cuban artist Luis Arturo!

Bernie Mireault's sneak peak!

Bernie Mireault CRASH story sneak peek

We love Montrealer Bernie Mireault’s work (creator of The Jam) here at HOTN Central and we are proud to say that he is contributing a story in his inimitable style for the upcoming Legacies Trade Paperback.

Here is a sneak peak from the 8 pages story featuring 8 Ball and Black Terror in a quite awkward moment… These little slices of life that Bernie captures so perfectly are what make his stories so intensely appealing.

Crimson: Dark Origins comic book near sold out


Our most critically acclaimed comic book, Crimson: Dark Origins is nearly sold-out - in fact, there is only 4 copies available. If you ever wanted to get your hands on it, the moment is NOW!


Madame Doom No Son of Mine Sneak peek

Madame Doom: No Son of Mine sneak peek
Geof Isherwood surpassed himself with his inks in one of the most bizarre story yet from Heroes of the North. No Son of Mine relates the trials and tribulations of Madame Doom, who expresses the desire to have an heir for her empire. She asks Medusa Commander to provide her with a test tube baby but the results fall short of her high expectations… This twelve page story by Yann Brouillette will be found in the third and last Omnibus of Seasone One, CODA, which is currently in solicitation through Diamond Distribution at your friendly local comic book store or can be pre-ordered straight from us in our store.


Heroes of the North: Jenny
Jenny by Christopher Yao. A character that will be discovered in the Heroes of the North: Season One trade paperback, coming in 2013!