Yellow Knife Costume Design

Yellow Knife Costume Design by Christopher Yao

Designed by Christopher Yao, this handsome fella is the North West Territories superhero known as Yellow Knife!

If you want more information on the new Season 2 Heroes, visit this
Character page. While the page is a work in progress, it is updated frequently and will be for the next few months so bookmark it and discover the new population of the Heroes of the North Universe!

Introducing Jackpot


Here is a first look at the costume design for a new Season 2 character called Jackpot, as illustrated by Christopher Yao. Hero? Villain? Perhaps a little bit of both? Only time will tell… Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Black Mantis Costume sneak peak

Preparations are still underways for Season 2. Besides blowing miniatures, going to Vietnam and so on, we are also creating brand new costumes for our new villains and heroes. Here is a sneak peek at the leather pants for Black Mantis, designed by Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) and fabricated by the multi-talented Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet). See? We are not kidding when we say we are a small team! You can catch a glimpse of the Black Mantis costume design here:


Season 2 Costume Designs: The Canadian

As the end of Season One approaches, we are slowly preparing concepts and designs for Season Two. Some of you already discovered the new Hornet costume at several conventions and it will be featured in comic book form by Geof Isherwood very soon for his cover for the 24 pages Season Finale comic book, a gorgeous piece.

Here is the latest costume design by Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) for The Canadian (Larry Vinette).