Awesome Black Terror Fan Art


This superb piece was sent to us yesterday by a fan. He unfortunately did not send his name so that we can properly credit him or her, but it is definitely an amazing illustration! Thanks, whoever you are!

Hornet Lamborghini

Hornet 4Hornet 5Hornet 6Hornet 1Hornet 2Hornet 3

Scotia Bock, a british fan of the show, sent us these really nifty pictures of a Hornet themed Lamborghini design. Ain’t that just AWESOME?

Firefox Personas

Are you using Firefox as your browser of choice? Do you want to personalize it with a Heroes of the North theme? Well some Heroes of the North fan apparently named Max did and created Hornet and Crimson themed personas for Firefox. Click on the images below to be brought to the download page for the personas.

Hornet Persona (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais)

Crimson Persona for Firefox (Bianca Beauchamp)