Acadia by Lyle Dunlop

flexible Acadia by Lyle Dunlop

Yet another stunning piece featuring Acadia (Christina Sciortino) by Lyle Dunlop. We are thinking of doing a photo novella with that guy. What do you guys think? Sound off below!

Wild Rose by Lyle Dunlop

flexible WILD_ROSE_editv2_Final_crop1_optimized

Another Wild Rose photomontage by Lyle Dunlop.

Pacifica by Lyle Dunlop

flexible Pacifica by Lyle Dunlop

Pacifica in another stunning photomontage by Lyle Dunlop.

More Jackpot madness!

flexible JACKPOT - Dominique Arganese - Photomontage by Lyle Dunlop, original photo by Vincent Cadoret

Lyle Dunlop is on fire! He just churned out yet another spectacular photomontage featuring the deadly Jackpot (Dominique Arganese). Now if that does not make you want to see what she is capable of, what will?

JACKPOT by Lyle Dunlop

flexible  Jackpot overlooking the city by Lyle Dunlop

What can we say? We are bombarded with art these days! Here is another stunning photomontage by Lyle Dunlop featuring Jackpot (Dominique Arganese), based on an original photo by Vincent Cadoret.

Awesome Wild Rose fan art

flexible Wild Rose by Lyle Dunlop - Photo by Vincent Cadoret

This superb piece was created by Lyle Dunlop.

Actress/Model: Sandra Belrose

Character: Wild Rose

Photographer: Vincent Cadoret

Costume Design: Christopher Yao

Costume Created: Polymorphe