Yukon Jack is coming soon!


Coming soon is our first Yukon Jack story written by Mike Gagnon and illustrated by Andre St-Amour! This story will be found in the New Beginnings Trade Paperback as well as in the Mini Comics section of the MEMBERS portion of the site.


Terra Nova and Islander sneak peek

flexible Terra Nova by Brad CoffeyFlexible The Islander by Gibson Quarter

Here is two sneak peeks at the upcoming comic book heroes: Terra Nova by Brad Coffey and The Islander by Gibson Quarter.



A whole new set of villains are coming for Season 2 and Komodo is the new kid on the block! From a story by Yann Brouillette illustrated and coloured by Zach Fischer, this story will introduce you to Kevin Konovo, an herpetologist working for the Transport Ministry in Quebec who has some run-ins with the Montreal mafia while working on the Turcot exchange demolition. The story will be available as a webcomics in our COMICS section as well as to buy in our STORE as a digital download. Don't miss this new chapter in the saga of your favourite Canadian superheroes!



flexible Hornet in a Day in the Life

Illustrated by PEI artist Brenda Hickey from a script by Yann Brouillette, this very quirky and funny story called A Day in the Life is now up in the members mini-comics section. Enjoy!

New Comic on Monday

flexible Acadia: You Can Run but I can Hide

On Monday, March 24th, a new comic book, featuring one of our female superheroes, Acadia and titled: You can run but I can hide, will be online. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Christopher Yao, with colours by Aljosa Tomic.

This story is particular as it was designed to be read from top to bottom and that ill reflected in the comic book reader interface as well. We hope you will enjoy the experience!

The comic book will be found in the new MISSIONS tab in the
COMICS section of the website and will be readable through our COMIX pass and as usual, it will be free for all the other levels of membership. The story will also be available in our store as a digital download.

Speaking of Members, this Saturday there will also be a mini-comics available in the members section titled A DAY IN THE LIFE. Written by Yann Brouillette and illustrated by Prince Edward Island artist Brenda Hickey, the story is quite a hoot!



flexible Free Comic Book Day La Boite à BD cover by Brad Coffey

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk!

We have been incredibly busy behind the scenes trying to overcome several challenges on many fronts. It has been a while since we put out one of those “keeping you up to date” posts but here it is:

PRODUCTION: Completing the financing for the show for one has proven to be much harder than anticipated. Location hunting - especially finding a suitable studio at a price we can afford - has also proved to be much more difficult and it is causing delays in production of the minisodes. We are trying to iron out the issues and we hope to resume a stable release of episodes soon. We will make it up to you by producing two more minisodes, one involving 8 Ball and a mysterious new character as well as TERRA NOVA episode. Meanwhile everyone is hard at work prepping for the moment they will called...
flexible Sandra Belrose (Wild Rose) trains with Andy Bradshaw (8 Ball)

EVENTS: We will be attending Free Comic Book Day at Fantasy Realm in Cornwall, Ontario and at La Boîte à BD de Laval this year. The event is on Saturday, May 3rd this year. We also contribute a cover for la Boîte à BD Free Comic Book Day special edition comic featuring Johnny Comix, of course, but also our very own Fleur-de-Lys, illustrated by Brad Coffey. We will also be attending the Ottawa Comicon and the Moncton Comicon this spring.

Flexible Fantasy Realm Free Comic Book Day

Nordik figurine is now on sale at 50% off! Get one while supplies last! It also helps us fund the show so everybody wins! MEMBERS get an even better deal in the SPECIAL OFFERS section.

LEGACIES trade paperback is now available for preorder - it will be available for the Free Comic Book Day.

ROKU: Roku owners rejoice! Your favourite web series will soon be available on the ROKU network! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
flexible ROKU


- The second part of the Nano serial is now available in the
MINI-COMICS section;

- A whole lot of new offers have been added to the
SPECIAL OFFERS section. Even if you are not interested in the offers themselves, it is worth a visit because you will find some casting news and interesting tidbits of info there. Take our word for it, you will not regret it!;

GOLD MEMBERS will get to see more pictures of the progress on the Crimson figurine with members exclusive photos in the SHOOTING LOG.



flexible WAITING

Just like poor Jackie above, we know lots of you are waiting impatiently for the release of the episode. We have fixed most of the bugs and we are reasonably certain that we can do a proper release of the show this coming Saturday! We have been working night and day with people in three countries and two continents to get things finally just right for you folks! We are probably more anxious than you to see this unleashed into the world!!!

For the members, we have added a new section called
BEHIND-THE-SCENES, accessible via the SHOOTING LOG if you are logged in and have the proper credentials. If you have not, well, it is never too late! You can get whatever structure you like: there is a price for every budgets! JUst visit our MEMBERS section, pick a plan, log in and voilà!


flexible nano promo

New mini-comic in Members section

flexible SASKANA

A new mini-comic called Fertile Ground featuring the fiery Saskana and illustrated by Andre St-Amour is now available in the Members section.


flexible Jackpot - Lyle Dunlop Photomontage

Hi ya there folks! How are you all doing? We sincerely hope you are well. Sit down and brace yourselves. This is going to be a LONG one!

Most of you are probably aware that we are about to launch our second Season. We have great things in store for this season and we cannot wait for you all to discover them!

First things first, to celebrate the launch of the second Season, we have decided to do a complete overhaul of the website. We wanted to simplify and focus things a little more, make things easier to find and see. And we think we have achieved that goal. If you have not already, please visit www.heroesofthenorth.com and let us know what you think!

Another thing we decided to do is put our best foot forward - that means showcasing one of our strongest asset: the fantastic visuals we have accumulated over the years, be it photographs or illustrations. That is the reason behind the magnificent slide show you will find on almost every pages of the menu. On the lower left of every pages, there is a minus sign which allows you to hide the menu so you can watch the pictures in all their splendour. To get the menu back, just press the plus button. What is not to like?

STORE was the most complex part of the revamp, besides the Members section. By the way, we found two Hornet figurines cleaning up the warehouse. They had fallen behind a shelf! We put them up in the store today and one already sold barely an hour after the update! So there is one left for some lucky visitor! There is also one Fleur-de-Lys left! Grab them while you still can! You will also notice that we have put Black Terror, Madame Doom and the Canadian Shield figurines back for preorder - we should receive them VERY soon so we feel confident to put them back up there. Oh! And Nordik is on sale at 50% off!

Another new thing available from every pages is the small red Members Login button on the right. That’s right, we finally got around to do that darned Members section.

Now that is something we have struggled with for a long time. We always wanted to keep the show free as much as possible. But it is just not realistically possible. We tried to raise funds through Indiegogo - several of you actually contributed and did a fantastic job of spreading the word. But it just was not enough in the end. That meant we had to find the funds somewhere else. And those funds have a cost.

The show manages to finance itself somewhat with the merchandising sales and especially the conventions. Conventions get so crazy sometimes that we wish there was one every weekend - the show would never have cash flow issues and we could improve the production values to near Hollywood levels. But reality is otherwise and while we do thrive in the spring and fall, winter and summer are harsher periods. If we hope to repay the funders monthly interests, we need to generate a consistent income. Hence the membership idea.

We made three plans, the description and advantages can be found in the
MEMBERS section of the site. They basically break down like this:

BRONZE - $4.95 a month: Lets you watch all the videos and read all the comics, full screen, no ads. You also get to join the community forum in the members section. You can unsubscribe anytime. There is a button to that effect at the bottom left of the MEMBERS section.

SILVER - $9.95 a month: same privileges as Bronze plus a few added bonuses and access to behind the scenes materials.

GOLD: $14.95 a month: This is the whole enchilada! It is like buying the super duper limited edition Director’s cut DVD! You will get all the nitty gritty and behind the scenes information. You also get a copy of the DVD at the end of Season at no charge (as long as you remained subscribed for the duration of the season, of course!).

For those who want to only watch episodes or read comics, we also created a $2.99 a month VIDEO PASS that will allow you to watch all the episodes of Season 2, with no ads either on the video or on the site itself - a privilege for all subscribers. For those who only come to read the comics but want to read them on site, not download them, there is also a $1.99 per month subscription that allows you to read all our comics online, again with no ads. Both plans also allow you to join the Members community but with limited access.

The videos themselves will be Pay-per-view outside of membership: .99 cents for the minisodes and $2.99 for the ten longer official Season 2 episodes, allowing viewing for a 24 hours period. It allows people to give it a whirl and decide if they want to subscribe or not.

We think that these amounts are reasonable and that there is sufficient choices for all budgets and interests. Please let us know if you think there should be more or less options.

There will still be free content along the road, tagged with ads on the public side of the site and always without ads in the Members section, regardless of the plan taken.

We know that some of you will not be happy with the changes. We tried hard but we did not meet our goals. We want to do the best show we can and move forward, not backwards. We have already given away tens of thousands of dollars of free content. And we will continue to give some of it away. But in order to secure a future for a show we love to do, we have no other choice but to take this road for now. That being said, if someone has a better idea, please manifest yourself. We are ALWAYS open to suggestions.

Let us know if you think we have failed or not with the redesign or with the membership concept. We love to get your input.

Like you all, we are looking forward to a fantastic year 2014! And we hope to see lots of you online this Friday night for the launch of our first minisode, JACKPOT: ROYAL FLUSH introducing Dominique Arganese as the titular character. Can't wait for you all to discover the newest femme fatale of the Heroes of the North Universe!

Enjoy the Second Season!

The Heroes of the North Team

Site Modifications so far...

Well, we ran in a few problems along the way but we are still breezing along with the modifications, albeit not as fast as we would like.

Currently implemented:

- Live Twitter feed from our account, at the bottom of the ABOUT page (available by clicking the Heroes of the North logo on the top left corner);
- Events section with a calendar of our appearances;
- The Characters pages has some new add ons but more are still to come. We did manage to get a better presentation for the characters spec sheets and it should be now easier to read via the light box display;
- the possibility of tweeting about an episode or comic without leaving the site is now fully implemented;
- Visual improvements to both the Medias and About sections, including a better offsite viewer, again through a light box system, are all in place.

What is currently being worked on:

- Digital downloads - we are still far from our goal here - the in-house tests work but the outside tests have all failed so far;
- Membership section: delayed by the issues we are encountering with the digital downloads. We are using a similar script for both.
- Newsletter - we have had no time to tackle this one yet - but it is coming;
- French version of the site - progressing at high speed - should be online by the end of next week;
- Search page will be live in a few days.

Here you have it.
Let us know your thoughts!

Site Modifications and Comics!

Freebies have been moved to the Store section. You may notice the Membership icon - this is not quite yet active - but coming VERY soon.
In the store section, the Madame Doom comic is also now available to buy - the comic ships end of next week! The digital downloads of the comics will be available shortly as well, definitely within the next few days. Please note that the digital downloads of a particular comic will not be active until the paper version is also available.
The Characters pages are the next implementation, along with the cast and crew lists. The cast and crew lists will be found directly inside each episodes while the Characters pages will have its own menu. The galleries will also keep being implemented slowly over the weeks.
Other add-ons and improvements we are working on: a newsletter functionality to which people may subscribe in order to be kept informed of what is happening in the Heroes of the North Universe, a Calendar function where all our appearances, episodes and comic releases and other events throughout the year will be listed, a search engine page dedicated to the site itself, to make it easier to find what you are looking for, a live twitter feed update, the possibility to tweet your favourite links without leaving the site, visual improvements to the Medias and About section, etc.
Also left to implement are the other two story sites, the Medusa Industries one and the New Felquists, which should roll out in the next couple of months. Right now, you can enjoy the first of these sites
As usual, don’t be shy to let us know what you think of the new site, what features you would like to see, what we could do better, etc.
Thanks for being there!
The Heroes of the North Team