The Season One Photo Book is now sold out!



We are happy (and sad at the same time) to let you know that our Season One photo book is now officially sold out! Thanks to those who ordered copies during out
IndieGogo campaign, we are now out of stock on this product. A few copies can still be obtained via Amazon. Once again, thank you all for your amazing support!

New T-Shirt line

Our cool as hell graphic designer, Tim Goernert, could not sleep last night after Black Terror nightmares and he has come up with a whole line of T-Shirt concepts... Here is the first one. Let us know what you think. If enough of you like them, we will make them. Now, we will have to think about moving Black Terror's pen away from Tim's bedroom. The cohabitation appears to be difficult... Then again, if it inspires him to do great work... Hmmmm.... Tough choices.

Heroes of the North Books on Pre-Sale!

The first batch of Heroes of the North books are headed for the printer and will start shipping February 15, 2012!

First is the Nordik Diaries titled
Manon of the Frozen North. It tells the story of Manon Deschênes, in the weeks before she will make the fateful encounter that will eventually lead to her becoming the super heroine known as Nordik…

Also of interest is the Heroes of the North Season One photo book! One hundred pages of exciting pictures from the show, only the very best,a s well as exclusive, never before seen Behind the scenes photographs from the actual shoot! Printed in extremely limited edition of one hundred, individually numbered, this hardcover is for collectors only!

Head out to the
store and pre-order yours now! Quantities are limited!



Our MegaCon appearance in World of Superheroes

While we were at the Orlando MegaCon, we met lots of people. Amongst them were the very nice folks over at World of Superheroes. They did a nice little piece on our booth over there. They talk about the concept, the merchandise (which seems to have left quite an impression) and the booth in general. Some excerpts:

It was one of the most impressive booths at Megacon. The concept, the look, the enthusiasm and not least the stunning girls from the series made it different from anything else on view.”

This is a courageous and innovative enterprise and I suspect represents the future of our industry. It deserves all our support.”

But you can read the whole article all by yourself at
World of Superheroes.

HOTN Video of the Day on InterWebTV

Heroes of the North has been selected as the Video of the Day on the web series related blog InterWebTV. You can read all about it here.

Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of this web series.  With ‘Heroes of the North’, Movie Seals set out to create an entire brand.  They’ve got comics, action figures and all sorts of other merch to go along with the web series.  
As far as the actual show goes, Movie Seals have managed to craft a show that not only looks beautiful, but is packed with action, has great dialog and an interesting story. “



Site Modifications and Comics!

Freebies have been moved to the Store section. You may notice the Membership icon - this is not quite yet active - but coming VERY soon.
In the store section, the Madame Doom comic is also now available to buy - the comic ships end of next week! The digital downloads of the comics will be available shortly as well, definitely within the next few days. Please note that the digital downloads of a particular comic will not be active until the paper version is also available.
The Characters pages are the next implementation, along with the cast and crew lists. The cast and crew lists will be found directly inside each episodes while the Characters pages will have its own menu. The galleries will also keep being implemented slowly over the weeks.
Other add-ons and improvements we are working on: a newsletter functionality to which people may subscribe in order to be kept informed of what is happening in the Heroes of the North Universe, a Calendar function where all our appearances, episodes and comic releases and other events throughout the year will be listed, a search engine page dedicated to the site itself, to make it easier to find what you are looking for, a live twitter feed update, the possibility to tweet your favourite links without leaving the site, visual improvements to the Medias and About section, etc.
Also left to implement are the other two story sites, the Medusa Industries one and the New Felquists, which should roll out in the next couple of months. Right now, you can enjoy the first of these sites
As usual, don’t be shy to let us know what you think of the new site, what features you would like to see, what we could do better, etc.
Thanks for being there!
The Heroes of the North Team

New Store and French Version

We are implementing the newest version of the store tonight. Not everything is available but it should be fairly soon. Also, you may have noticed some Canadian and Quebec flags popping up - this is experimental for the moment as we are working on the French version of the site. The French functionality should be available within the next two weeks.
La version française du site devrait être disponible d’ici deux semaines. Nous sommes présentement en phase test. Si vous voyez des pages avec des drapeaux Canadiens et Québécois, cela veut dire que ces pages sont en phase test et donc qu’une version française complète ou partielle est donc disponible. Cliquez sur le drapeau Québécois pour y accéder.