Heroes of the North is responsive!

It has been a long time coming but we finally got around to do it. After considering several solutions, we have opted for a responsive layout template for the site, which was the least time consuming in terms of updates on our end and offers the best solutions for the users in terms of the insane variety of web platforms. The work is still in progress at the moment, but most of the functionality of the previous site is back and we will continue to improve it over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Mobile versions of the Heroes of the North site

Well, it has been a long time coming and it turned out to be WAY harder than we ever anticipated, but here we are within a few days of launching both the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions of the site. Versions for Android and other phones will follow in the next few weeks.

Now, the way it works is fairly simple and should be relatively fool proof: the site recognizes what sort of device you are using and automatically sends you to the site appropriate for the mobile device you are using. At the moment, for testing reasons, it only recognizes iPhone/iPods. But it will soon recognize iPads, Android devices, Blackberry and so on. If you are on a normal desktop computer, you go straight to the standard site you know and love.

The iPad version will be the one closest to the desktop experience. Other versions of the site may have more limited capacities due to design or technical issues, but most likely our own technical ineptitude as we have NEVER done this before.


Of course, to do all this, we had to recode the entire site partially in a different language. That means some pages had to change names. We lost a lot of our Facebook likes and some ratings and comments. Please feel free to “re-like” or “re-comment” if you are in the mood! Another casualty might be faulty links. If you get one, PLEASE EMAIL US! We tried hard to eliminate them and redirect as many pages as we could but we have literally thousands of pages on this site and it is getting hard to track. So you help is immensely appreciated.

For the most part, you should not see a major change on the site, besides minor cosmetic changes, except if you are on a mobile device, that is… But we did put back a
Forum in response to popular demand. It is much easier to login - use your Facebook ID if you want or a password, the old fashioned way. It is also cleaner and better integrated as well. So please register and post! Otherwise it will disappear again! Winking