flexible Free Comic Book Day La Boite à BD cover by Brad Coffey

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk!

We have been incredibly busy behind the scenes trying to overcome several challenges on many fronts. It has been a while since we put out one of those “keeping you up to date” posts but here it is:

PRODUCTION: Completing the financing for the show for one has proven to be much harder than anticipated. Location hunting - especially finding a suitable studio at a price we can afford - has also proved to be much more difficult and it is causing delays in production of the minisodes. We are trying to iron out the issues and we hope to resume a stable release of episodes soon. We will make it up to you by producing two more minisodes, one involving 8 Ball and a mysterious new character as well as TERRA NOVA episode. Meanwhile everyone is hard at work prepping for the moment they will called...
flexible Sandra Belrose (Wild Rose) trains with Andy Bradshaw (8 Ball)

EVENTS: We will be attending Free Comic Book Day at Fantasy Realm in Cornwall, Ontario and at La Boîte à BD de Laval this year. The event is on Saturday, May 3rd this year. We also contribute a cover for la Boîte à BD Free Comic Book Day special edition comic featuring Johnny Comix, of course, but also our very own Fleur-de-Lys, illustrated by Brad Coffey. We will also be attending the Ottawa Comicon and the Moncton Comicon this spring.

Flexible Fantasy Realm Free Comic Book Day

Nordik figurine is now on sale at 50% off! Get one while supplies last! It also helps us fund the show so everybody wins! MEMBERS get an even better deal in the SPECIAL OFFERS section.

LEGACIES trade paperback is now available for preorder - it will be available for the Free Comic Book Day.

ROKU: Roku owners rejoice! Your favourite web series will soon be available on the ROKU network! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
flexible ROKU


- The second part of the Nano serial is now available in the
MINI-COMICS section;

- A whole lot of new offers have been added to the
SPECIAL OFFERS section. Even if you are not interested in the offers themselves, it is worth a visit because you will find some casting news and interesting tidbits of info there. Take our word for it, you will not regret it!;

GOLD MEMBERS will get to see more pictures of the progress on the Crimson figurine with members exclusive photos in the SHOOTING LOG.


NANO by Donald Caron

flexible Nano by Donald Caron

Donald Caron illustrates the opening sequence of the Nano comic book serial, available exclusively in the members section. And what an illustration it is! It reminds us of the work of Frazetta! Epic and spectacular!


flexible NANO_AD


flexible nano promo

Meet the Elusive Nano!


Here is another costume design, this time for Nano, Toronto’s hero. Canada’s biggest city gets a hero who can become really, really small - but you know what they say: good things come in small packages! Happy

A short teaser for Nano can be viewed on
YouTube. You can also get some more information on this character and other upcoming Season 2 characters by visiting this page.

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We are preparing for Season 2 and there is a whole range of new characters that will appear in that series. One of them is a University of Ontario physician that will become the superhero known as Nano. Here’s a look at the spiffy logo deigned by André St-Amour who also illustrated the first Nano introduction comic, which will be available as part of the Season One trade paperback. We cannot wait until you discover all the wonders we have cooked up for you, the fans!