Omnibus 2 Cover by Geof Isherwood

Here is the coloured version of the Heroes of the North Omnibus 2 cover by Geof Isherwood. The second Omnibus which should come out some time this summer will feature stories written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, with a special guest writer, Ty Templeton, who writes a Canadian story (illustrated by Mr. Richard Pace) and Art by David J. Cutler, Gibson Quarter (with some inks by Guillermo Ortego), Geof Isherwood, Dan Parent and a few more! We have to keep some surprises after all. The entire book will be lettered by Keiren Smith. Like the last installement, there will also be several pinups by Donald Caron, Michael Dooney, Joel Adams, Sv Bell and Dan Parent plus bonus stories you will not find anywhere else. You can get a cleaner view of the illustration by visiting our Artists Interpretations Gallery.



Omnibus 2 Cover - Work in progress

Heroes of the North - Omnibus 2 Cover - Work in Progress

Heroes of the North Omnibus is Officially Sold Out!

We just got word from Ardenn that our 80 pages Omnibus is officially SOLD OUT as far as retailers are concerned. More will be ordered. We over printed a bunch for our own store and for conventions. You can order your copy in our STORE.

Omnibus selling out!

We are told that several stores in Quebec and, according to Gibson Quarter, at least one in Toronto, have sold out of our Heroes of the North Omnibus! How cool is that? We would like to thank everyone for the support! It is sincerely appreciated!

In case you can no longer get one from your local retailer (always support your local retailers! Things are tough all around!), you can always get a copy from us in the
STORE. We still have a few left.



Omnibus cover by MAS

Here’s the final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS.