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Two really neat articles came out this week!

First is an entertaining interview with Gibson Quarter (Bang Bang Theory, Prototype, Timeout) about his various projects, with a mention of his work on Heroes of the North and a quick glimpse at his pencils from Prototype. You can read all about it at
Comic Book Daily.

There was also a really nifty article by Dave Michaels aka FPB over at Expert Comics. Dave came a few months ago to cover the shooting of elements of Episode 17, 19 and 20 as well as interview cast and crew members. He even did a little cameo in Episode 19 as the guy in a wheelchair that calls 911 and helped Masquerade. Dave gives us an heartfelt and in-depth exposé about his two days adventures on the set of Heroes of the North. It is a definitely intensely entertaining read that sheds some light on the backstage shenanigans of shooting a low budget web series. You can read all about it over at
Expert Comics.

Happy Canada Day! New website and Comic Syndicate mention


First, we would like to wish a very happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canucks! We even got a little mention in the Comic Book Syndicate blog.

You may have also noticed yet another look to the site. We have been struggling for a while in order to update the site to a responsive version so that all the mobile phones and tablets fans can enjoy the site almost as well as the desktop folks. But trying to keep functionalities we need with a responsive site means lots of conflicts with scripts and so on. We have minimize the code as much as possible in this one in the hopes to minimize the issues that have been plaguing us for months. So far, so mostly good, except for the store which is still in disarray. We are working on it and hope to have it back working properly soon. Thank you all for your patience.

Little Oscar Night Heroes of the North review!

The blog They stand on Guard, which talks about Canadian comics, just released a nice little review of our show to counterbalance the blandness of Oscar night…

HOTN on the Nat and Marie Show

We had the pleasure of doing a live interview with the cool gals of the Nat and Marie Show tonight. The link is also available in the video section in Medias.

MSN lists us as one of their favourite web series

We were listed in the Quebec arm of MSN top ten favourite web series (ranking in at a respectable #7).

Chronique BD - Journal de Montréal

Chronique BD Journal de Montréal
Jean-Dominic Leduc who plays one of the New Felquists in Episode 16 also runs a blog about comic books and its French Incarnation, la Bande Dessinée, or better yet, le 9ème Art.

This week in his
chronicle he talks about Heroes of the North, the comic book we just released and the show in general.

Heroes of the North: Newsmakers!

Heroes of the North on the CTV Set

Here you have it! The interview the Heroes of the North gave last week to Montreal anchor and all-around nice guy Todd Van der Heyden which was aired today as part of the CTV News Montreal NEWSMAKERS segment. The interview features Larry Vinette as The Canadian, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Hornet and Anderson Bradshaw as 8 Ball.


Latest Press Release: Ardden Entertainment

Ardden Entertainment to unleash Heroes of the North across North America!

Montreal, Quebec. October, 31 2011 - Movie Seals Digital, producer of the award-winning transmedia superhero web series Heroes of the North, is thrilled to announce that the company has partnered with Ardden Entertainment to bring their exciting line of web comics to the printed page! The first book, an 80 pages one-shot, will hit American and Canadian comic book stores in January 2012. “We’re very excited to be able to team up with Ardden Entertainment, Brendan Deneen and Richard Emms on this first major Heroes of the North release. With the growing popularity of the Heroes of the North series, we felt it would be a natural expansion for the project,” said Christian Viel, President of Movie Seals Digital. “Heroes of the North is a labour of love for all concerned and it was deeply rooted in comic book lore from the start. To see the stories, including exclusive brand new material, now available everywhere in print, as well as on the world wide web, is a notable accomplishment and we are very grateful to Ardden for taking the jump with us on this.”  The Heroes of the North 80 pages One-Shot retails for $5.99 and is currently available for pre-order via Diamond Comics distribution. Written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, with art by Marcus "MAS" Smith (Halloween) and Olivier Raymond, the book will contain reprints of some of the current web comics, including some that while available on the web, will not be printed otherwise, as well as brand new original material written by Yann Brouillette.

Heroes of the North, on which the comic is based, is a transmedia web series where the Season One story is told through twenty live-action episodes, fourteen comic books, a novella, a photo book, a video game, characters tech sheets, an extensive line of figurines and much more.
About Movie Seals Digital Inc.: Founded in 2008, Movie Seals Digital Inc. is the proud producer of Heroes of the North, an award-winning transmedia web series about Canadian superheroes. With four more web properties currently in development and pre-production on Season 2 of Heroes of the North currently underway, Movie Seals Digital is looking forward to a bright web future! For more information about Movie Seals Digital, please visit www.movieseals.com.

About Ardden Entertainment: Founded in 2008, Ardden Entertainment LLC is the proud publisher of FLASH GORDON, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST, and the ATLAS COMICS resurrection, among others. Ardden is run by former Miramax Films executive Brendan Deneen and comic book store owner Richard Emms, with industry legend Mike Grell acting as the company's Editor-in-Chief. Ardden's goal is to produce high quality licensed comic books as well as original concepts that work both as comic books and larger, multi-media properties. For more information about Arddenn Entertainment, please visit www.Ardden-Entertainment.com.


Expert Comics Interviews


While we were at the last Montreal Comicon, we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Michaels who runs Full Page Bleed, one of the many blogs at Expert Comics, a Montreal virtual comic book shop.

Dave conducted two interviews with us. One with
Hornet aka Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, complete with a cosplay souvenir book and one with Christian Viel and Yann Brouillette. Dave also did a little run down of his adventures.

You can also find both of these interviews in the press section of our
MEDIAS menu.


Heroes of the North makes the News!

CTV News with Todd Van der Heyden, Hornet, 8 Ball and the Canadian
Today we had the pleasure of being invited at the CTV Montreal studios to do an interview with local anchorman Todd Van der Heyden, who is also a fervent comic book aficionado. He was recently hosting the Stan Lee and Adam West panels at the Montreal Comicon this year. Todd was an amazing host, who made us feel very welcome and put everyone at ease right from the start.

We created a little bit of a commotion as several employees did not know what was going on or who we were and for what and let’s say that two dark heroes and a colourful villainess in the middle of a cold October afternoon makes for a weird sight, even at a television station. For about twenty minutes, we felt we were back at the Montreal Comicon, distributing flyers, explaining what the show is about while actors were taking pictures with the enthusiastic staff members! It was great fun!

Once everybody was dressed up, we were brought inside the studio which was quite an impressive sight. It looks small yet somehow still conveys an impression of vastness. We have been interviewed countless times for television but this was our very first time inside a TV studio and it was quite an interesting experience. Everyone is working diligently, constantly communicating, even as the cameras are rolling, ensuring that everything goes well and that you end up with a pretty much finished product! A sight for sore eyes for us who have to painstakingly edit everything and then still have to add effects, sound and colour correction! Winking

It was a fun experience for our little group and we would like to thank everyone at CTV, and especially Todd, for making it such a smooth ride!

The interview with our three characters should air on Monday, October 31st, during a segment of Montreal CTV News at Noon, as part of their Halloween special.

Don’t worry if you miss it or do not get CTV - we will get a DVD of the piece and it will be added to the
MEDIAS section of our site after the original airing.

And that’s about it in a nutshell! Let’s just say that it was quite a busy day here at Heroes of the North Central!

UPDATE: We are featured in the
Newsmakers segment.

CTV News with Todd Van der Heyden, Hornet, 8 Ball and the Canadian
Photos Credits: Justin Phillips.

Toronto Fan Expo: Limited Release Interview Part One

Limited Release is a Toronto based podcast covering web series and the indie industry. They covered Heroes of the North in a review a while back. They also did an interview with us at the Toronto Fan Expo, which has apparently been split in two - our producer talks WAY too much it seems! You can hear all about it here.


Vietnamese article

The new Hornet costume must have left quite the impression at the Toronto Fan Expo. Heck, we even got an article in iTViet from Vietnam!

Place Vine Blog review

The Place Vine Blog, which reviews Branded Entertainment, Web Series and YouTube Channels, recently took a peek at our show:

Koldcast scores another TKO with the web series “
Heroes of the North,” chronicling the awesome adventures of a butt-kicking band of colorfully costumed Canucks – including The Canadian (Larry Vinette), Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Nordik (supermodel Vanessa Blouin), Black Terror (John Fallon), and Canadian Shield (comic writer Michel Brouillette) – that basically comprise The Justice League of Canada. Together they face off against an equally elaborate assembly line of supervillains, mostly from the evil organization called Medusa. Extensive individual character background files, digital comic books and multi-media merchandise, including collectible figurines, augment this ambitiously designed and expertly engineered alternative universe, every bit as inventive, engaging, entertaining, complex and just plain fun as X-Men or Watchmen and even The Avengers (at least the comics version). There are episodes devoted to each hero’s unique origin story, and many feature French subtitles, adding spice to the “exotic” North of the Border flavor. The production values are simply spectacular, including the sexy costuming, credible action choreography, and budget-limited but contextually satisfying special effects. All in all, this is Geek’s Paradise Found.

HOTN Video of the Day on InterWebTV

Heroes of the North has been selected as the Video of the Day on the web series related blog InterWebTV. You can read all about it here.

Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of this web series.  With ‘Heroes of the North’, Movie Seals set out to create an entire brand.  They’ve got comics, action figures and all sorts of other merch to go along with the web series.  
As far as the actual show goes, Movie Seals have managed to craft a show that not only looks beautiful, but is packed with action, has great dialog and an interesting story. “