Season 2 Casting - Nordik will not be back!

Nordik_Season2 image

If you read our latest comic book, CODA, you know HOW and WHY. The real question now is WHO will take over her duties in the Great White North?

Nordik by Michael Dooney

We love the way Michael Dooney draws babes here at HOTN Central - that is no secret. So it is no surprise to anyone that we asked him to draw Nordik (VanessaBlouin). What surprised us is the amazing drawing he sent us! Complete with Northern Lights, polar bears and a most intricate hairdo, the mysterious mistress of the north truly shines here! Heck, even his polar bears are sexy!



Nordik Team-up now online!

It has been a long time coming but we are very happy to present our latest comic book, a team-up between Nordik (Vanessa Blouin) and 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), written by Yann Brouillette and masterfully penciled and inked by David J. Culter and coloured and lettered by Keiren Smith - with covers by Joel Adams, Donald Caron and Michael Dooney! While it keeps the dark tone our comics are known for, it is a radical departure in style compared to our other offerings so far and we are very excited to find out what our fans think of it. Do not hesitate to rate and comment - your feedback is very valuable to us!



Nordik by Isherwood

Geof Ishwerwood is currently hard at work on the Second Heroes of the North Omnibus cover. Today he sent us a sample of a work in progress on the character of Nordik.

Nordik Work in Progress by Geof Isherwood for the Second Heroes of the North Omnibus


Figurines update and Monthly Promotion

Just in time for Christmas, don’t miss our current Monthly Promotion! Only ten bundles are left. We are not making any more for the foreseeable future so if you wanted the pack, now is the time to get it!

We are awaiting incessantly the arrival of the second batch of figurines, bar any customs problems like last time - we all have our fingers crossed over here! We are especially curious to see the
Nordik figurine as it is the one we got the most ambitious with the LED effects. We should have some pictures to show you sometime next week. But in the meantime, you can have a look at the temp ones:

NordikNordik 2Nordik 3Nordik Base glowing in the dark

It currently appears that we will get the figurines in three distinct batches, because of container allocations. The first two to arrive should be
Nordik and 8 Ball. Those who have made pre-orders will get them as we receive them, no extra charge for shipping.

The figurines that we receive will go into the
main figurines sell page as they become in stock and disappear from the pre-order page.

Obviously, those who pre-ordered have shipping priority. Since we produce these in limited quantities, we ship them on a first come, first served basis.


Episode 12: Crimson coming May 2nd!

Those of you who read or subscribe to our Newsletter are already aware that the long awaited Episode 12: Crimson is finally coming out on May 2nd, just in time for Election Day here in Canada!

We had to postpone the release of the episodes for a variety of reasons, in no particular order: sickness, website revamp, and the Canadian weather which has prevented us from shooting a few remaining scenes to complete the bulk of Season One. The weather is still not playing nice but it is coming to an end (hopefully!), so we will be able to resume shooting soon, the website revamp is almost finished and we are healthy again! So we are back on track and roaring to go!

For those who have not yet done so, we highly recommend reading the
Crimson comic BEFORE watching the episode.

Episode 12 features Bianca Beauchamp as the deadly Crimson, an assassin for hire working for the duplicitous Masquerade (Pia Metni). However, Crimson and her wolf, Lupa, will find Nordik (Vanessa Blouin) on their path of destruction... Be ready for quite a fight on May 2nd! It will not only be limited to the ballots!