Before Heroes of the North, there was Ghetto-Tech!

Twelve years ago, we produced our first web series, a post-apocalyptic tale featuring three mutants - the project went nowhere but we found some of the episodes and put them on the site for you enjoyment!

MSN lists us as one of their favourite web series

We were listed in the Quebec arm of MSN top ten favourite web series (ranking in at a respectable #7).

The End of an Era: Les Has-bines

It is a sad day today at HOTN central.

Today is the last episode of what is probably the longest running web series ever (to our knowledge): Les Has-bines. It is a French Canadian (or Québécois, depending on where you stand on the nationalist agenda), web series about two actors who where on top of the world as youth idols in their prime but now have a hard time landing any job and trying everything to recover some of their former glory. It ends today with its 94th episode...

Let that sink in. 94 episodes. That in itself is a feat.

What is more amazing however, is that despite an absolute lack of budget and several technical issues, most notably with sound and sometimes picture, they somehow managed to keep an incredible level of quality in the stories and performances throughout, something that even most professional TV shows can’t manage in 13 episodes, let alone 94... With a virtual Who’s who of Québecois celebrities, from both TV and the WEB guest-starring on the show, (including the now world famous Jon Lajoie), they brought another layer of credibility to what was an already brilliant premise. With sometimes surreal storylines and situations, one of our favourites being the Ukrainian daycare sharing the basement office of the desperately hopeless agent of the even more hopeless duo, they walked a very fine line between several forms of humour with flawless ease.

Using dark humour and a comedy approach based on the systematic humiliation and embarrassment of its main protagonists, the show has created a wealth of fans over the years. And we are some of them. So much so that we have asked the two Has-Bines, (pictured below: closest to camera, the one with hair and in a White Humeur Design T-shirt is Has-Bine Leduc and the bald one in a trademark New Felquists checkerboard jacket is Has-Bine Mongrain), to appear in Episode 19: Opération Roche & Roule, one of the most hilarious episode of the Heroes of the North series and definitely the most fun we EVER had shooting. For completists, the last New Felquist in the back is Eric Pfalzgraf from another hilarious Québécois TV show, Phylactère Cola.

So it is with great sadness that we have to see Les Has-Bines go. But it is with fond memories and the sincere hope that from the ashes of their show rises a new phoenix of opportunities for the hilarious duo, that we bid a fond farewell to les Has-Bines. It was a great run and they have probably made web series short history by longevity alone. May it rest in peace and inspire new groundbreaking work. So long and thanks for everything. You were definitely an inspiration for all of us here.


PS: Yes, the show is in French. But if you do understand French, watch it! It is worth every penny! Trust us!


Pacifica Inks

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of inked pages from the upcoming Pacifica: Origins comic book written by Yann Brouillette and penciled and inked by Marcus MAS Smith. This is one of the lightest stories in tone so far in the Heroes of the North universe and is a breath of fresh air in our admittedly dark cycle of comics. We cannot wait to show you the whole story which will come out some time during the month of May. Keep an eye out for our Newsletter (or sign up if you have not already!) for more info on the release date of both the comic and Episode 17, which will introduce Pacifica and the lovely Alexandra Ordolis, who plays the Vancouver superheroine in the live action episodes.


Our MegaCon appearance in World of Superheroes

While we were at the Orlando MegaCon, we met lots of people. Amongst them were the very nice folks over at World of Superheroes. They did a nice little piece on our booth over there. They talk about the concept, the merchandise (which seems to have left quite an impression) and the booth in general. Some excerpts:

It was one of the most impressive booths at Megacon. The concept, the look, the enthusiasm and not least the stunning girls from the series made it different from anything else on view.”

This is a courageous and innovative enterprise and I suspect represents the future of our industry. It deserves all our support.”

But you can read the whole article all by yourself at
World of Superheroes.

HOTN Video of the Day on InterWebTV

Heroes of the North has been selected as the Video of the Day on the web series related blog InterWebTV. You can read all about it here.

Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of this web series.  With ‘Heroes of the North’, Movie Seals set out to create an entire brand.  They’ve got comics, action figures and all sorts of other merch to go along with the web series.  
As far as the actual show goes, Movie Seals have managed to craft a show that not only looks beautiful, but is packed with action, has great dialog and an interesting story. “



Koldcast now iDevices compatible

Our web distributor, Koldcast, announced today:
Pleased to announce that KoldCast TV programming is now iDevice compatible. Whether you currently own an iPad or are waiting for a new one tomorrow, you can start watching your favorite KoldCast shows while you're on the move. And, yes, you can watch on your iPhone, too! Simply head to KoldCast.TV on your device and navigate as you do our Network site. Enjoy and, as always, share!

That means our shows are too. And since we are working on an iPad version of the site, it means it will be even better soon! Enjoy!