As you most likely noticed, we are currently upgrading the site big time. Getting of old code still straggling around, improving and modernizing, simplifying and streamlining are the main goal of this update to prepare for the coming of Season 2 and all the new materials that we have been building in the past few months. That being said, it is never an easy undertaking and it often takes more time than you think so we are still at it. So we apologize for the 404 pages and other inconveniences. We are going as fast as we can to get every area of the site functional as fast as possible.

Here is what to expect from the new site:

- Easier navigation and less pages. All episodes are now viewable through a single click straight from the Episodes page.

- HTML 5 video. We got lots of complaints about the other player - now we are using YouTube, which is a web standard at this point so hopefully things run smoother from now on.

- More streamlined and focused content.

- Season 2 episodes and related comic books will be accessible through a paywall which we are currently in the process of setting up. We are sorry to no longer offer the show and comics for free but these things are expensive to put out and we want to be able to offer a better product, and a more timely delivery, so the show needs to be able to pay for itself. We offer three reasonably priced plans, which be reviewed in the
Members section.

- We are dropping the French entirely from the site. We are sorry to have to do this but French traffic is only a very small portion of our global traffic and it requires almost as much efforts and to put it up as the rest - it just does not make logical sense, considering our limited resources.

The site should be more or less a challenge to navigate this week but after that, everything should be back to normal and we can slowly start to unleash the goodness of Season 2! Thank you for being part of the ride!


Happy Canada Day! New website and Comic Syndicate mention


First, we would like to wish a very happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canucks! We even got a little mention in the Comic Book Syndicate blog.

You may have also noticed yet another look to the site. We have been struggling for a while in order to update the site to a responsive version so that all the mobile phones and tablets fans can enjoy the site almost as well as the desktop folks. But trying to keep functionalities we need with a responsive site means lots of conflicts with scripts and so on. We have minimize the code as much as possible in this one in the hopes to minimize the issues that have been plaguing us for months. So far, so mostly good, except for the store which is still in disarray. We are working on it and hope to have it back working properly soon. Thank you all for your patience.

Heroes of the North is responsive!

It has been a long time coming but we finally got around to do it. After considering several solutions, we have opted for a responsive layout template for the site, which was the least time consuming in terms of updates on our end and offers the best solutions for the users in terms of the insane variety of web platforms. The work is still in progress at the moment, but most of the functionality of the previous site is back and we will continue to improve it over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience!

The site is now iPad and tablets Compatible!


It has been in the works for a while but now all episodes are tablets compatible. We are still finishing up work on on the other mobile devices compatible site. But in the meantime, the tablet owners can enjoy almost all the functionalities of the main site. After the holidays, the iPhone and other portable devices site should be fully functional.

Mobile versions of the Heroes of the North site

Well, it has been a long time coming and it turned out to be WAY harder than we ever anticipated, but here we are within a few days of launching both the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions of the site. Versions for Android and other phones will follow in the next few weeks.

Now, the way it works is fairly simple and should be relatively fool proof: the site recognizes what sort of device you are using and automatically sends you to the site appropriate for the mobile device you are using. At the moment, for testing reasons, it only recognizes iPhone/iPods. But it will soon recognize iPads, Android devices, Blackberry and so on. If you are on a normal desktop computer, you go straight to the standard site you know and love.

The iPad version will be the one closest to the desktop experience. Other versions of the site may have more limited capacities due to design or technical issues, but most likely our own technical ineptitude as we have NEVER done this before.


Of course, to do all this, we had to recode the entire site partially in a different language. That means some pages had to change names. We lost a lot of our Facebook likes and some ratings and comments. Please feel free to “re-like” or “re-comment” if you are in the mood! Another casualty might be faulty links. If you get one, PLEASE EMAIL US! We tried hard to eliminate them and redirect as many pages as we could but we have literally thousands of pages on this site and it is getting hard to track. So you help is immensely appreciated.

For the most part, you should not see a major change on the site, besides minor cosmetic changes, except if you are on a mobile device, that is… But we did put back a
Forum in response to popular demand. It is much easier to login - use your Facebook ID if you want or a password, the old fashioned way. It is also cleaner and better integrated as well. So please register and post! Otherwise it will disappear again! Winking



It took a while but here they are: Heroes of the North Wallpapers in five formats - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960 and 1600 x 1200. They can be found in the Freebies section of our store.

As a bonus, there is also a brand new music section where you will be able to download some of the music used in the show. Currently there is only the Main theme but more will be coming soon. Enjoy!



Site Improvements and other news

We keep trying on improving the site whenever we can get around to it. We finally figured out a way better search engine for the site, which is accessible via the magnifying glass icon on the side bar on your right.

We have also added a Podcasts and Radios Interviews section in the Medias menu since we have done quite a bit of those. It is by no means a complete list - it will slowly grow over the next few weeks as we put everything online. There is also several new press links in the same section.

The final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS has also been added to the Gallery in the Artists Interpretations tab.

Also coming very soon, both in the Freebies section of the store, the long awaited
Wall Papers AND a downloadable MP3 version of the theme song. You will also have the option of playing it via our mini player.

The Production tab in the
about section has finally been completed: read all about how, when and with what the show was shot!

We also have answered a new question in the FAQ - which has to do with our appearances schedule. All informations regarding our appearances is also accessible in the sidebar by clicking the
calendar button, again in the right side bar.

We have also added a nifty little DIMMER button that allows you to darken the screen when watching the episodes.

And to make signing up for our newsletter easier as well, we have it now inside a popup when you click that big red button on the right.

We have also added a sidebar menu that follows you everywhere on the left, so you do not have to scroll back to go to other parts of the site.

And lastly, we have added a mini menu on each comic book pages so that you can jump with ease on any of the currently available comics without having to go back to the main menu.

Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the new additions!

Medusa Industries Website

As some of you may know, part of the story is also told via different websites. For awhile now we have had the CDO website, which is accessible by clicking the white CDO icon in the sidebar. And now, the Medusa website is officially online as well. Like its predecessor, it can be accessed from the sidebar by cliciking on the black Medusa icon. Lots of clues and elements for upcoming story lines can be found in the intricacies of these sites. Keep an eye out for the soon to be online Nouveaux Felquistes sites as well.

New Facebook and Google Buttons

As some of you may have noticed, there are new social buttons on the individual episodes pages and on the comic book pages. On the Facebook side, next to the recommand button, you will find a shiny brand new SEND button. It lets users send a private message containing the URL to their Facebook friends, as an email to any email address, or to the group wall of one of their Facebook groups. So there you have it.

As for the Google +1 button, here’s what the behemoth of search engines has to say about it:

Adding the +1 button to your pages lets users recommend your content, knowing that their friends and contacts will see their recommendation when it’s most relevant—in the context of Google search results.When a signed-in Google user is searching, your Google search result snippet may be annotated with the names of the user's connections who've +1'd your page. If none of a user's connections has +1'd your page, your snippet may display the aggregate number of +1's your page has received.

So feel free to use these shiny new tools to recommend and share your favourite Heroes of the North episodes or comics. And as usual, feel free to comment.

Website changes

You might have noticed a few changes around the site lately. While some changes are too obvious to miss, some are more subtle. So here’s the rundown:

- A newly revamped sidebar which will feature our monthly specials. making them easier to find at all time;

- Still on the sidebar, a Calendar icon to access the revamped Events page which is no longer accessible from the main menu.

- Again on the sidebar, a Link Exchange icon for an upcoming webseries Link exchange service that will be added soon.

- New episodes menus, allowing you to go back to the block of episodes you are watching from anywhere.

- Buy buttons with every available comics.

- A new gallery system.

- Buy button when relevant in the galleries.

- Feedburner RSS feed in the NEWS section and comments for every news items via Haloscan

- A nifty new store architecture (still in process of implementation, bear with us)

- A new
Press link in the Media section;

- An extensive Site Map;

Also coming up:

- A brand new landing page.

- Cast and Crew pages for each episodes

Episode 12 and further website modifications

Episode 12 is finally online!!! Despite many attempts and our best efforts, this one was a tough one to release! What a struggle this one has been! For some reason, we had a string of problems with this episode, but the biggest one was a corruption of some footage files - we could not open the files from 2 cameras... It has taken weeks to find a way to recover the files somewhat intact - but then, the slow-motion shots where all screwed up. So it took a few weeks to fix those as well, and not for the best at that... Plus lots of other issues, some computer related, some logistics related... But it is finally here, better late than never as they say...

On another front, our website is growing at an alarming rate and it has started to create issues for us in terms of file management and memory... So we have to go back, tweak some things, restructure others and so on. So expect a few disruptions in some areas for the coming few weeks.

One of the first major changes is that the comics section is now in HTML 5, hence readable on ipads and other flash adverse devices.

Thank you all for your outstanding patience!

Site Modifications so far...

Well, we ran in a few problems along the way but we are still breezing along with the modifications, albeit not as fast as we would like.

Currently implemented:

- Live Twitter feed from our account, at the bottom of the ABOUT page (available by clicking the Heroes of the North logo on the top left corner);
- Events section with a calendar of our appearances;
- The Characters pages has some new add ons but more are still to come. We did manage to get a better presentation for the characters spec sheets and it should be now easier to read via the light box display;
- the possibility of tweeting about an episode or comic without leaving the site is now fully implemented;
- Visual improvements to both the Medias and About sections, including a better offsite viewer, again through a light box system, are all in place.

What is currently being worked on:

- Digital downloads - we are still far from our goal here - the in-house tests work but the outside tests have all failed so far;
- Membership section: delayed by the issues we are encountering with the digital downloads. We are using a similar script for both.
- Newsletter - we have had no time to tackle this one yet - but it is coming;
- French version of the site - progressing at high speed - should be online by the end of next week;
- Search page will be live in a few days.

Here you have it.
Let us know your thoughts!

Koldcast now iDevices compatible

Our web distributor, Koldcast, announced today:
Pleased to announce that KoldCast TV programming is now iDevice compatible. Whether you currently own an iPad or are waiting for a new one tomorrow, you can start watching your favorite KoldCast shows while you're on the move. And, yes, you can watch on your iPhone, too! Simply head to KoldCast.TV on your device and navigate as you do our Network site. Enjoy and, as always, share!

That means our shows are too. And since we are working on an iPad version of the site, it means it will be even better soon! Enjoy!

Site Modifications and Comics!

Freebies have been moved to the Store section. You may notice the Membership icon - this is not quite yet active - but coming VERY soon.
In the store section, the Madame Doom comic is also now available to buy - the comic ships end of next week! The digital downloads of the comics will be available shortly as well, definitely within the next few days. Please note that the digital downloads of a particular comic will not be active until the paper version is also available.
The Characters pages are the next implementation, along with the cast and crew lists. The cast and crew lists will be found directly inside each episodes while the Characters pages will have its own menu. The galleries will also keep being implemented slowly over the weeks.
Other add-ons and improvements we are working on: a newsletter functionality to which people may subscribe in order to be kept informed of what is happening in the Heroes of the North Universe, a Calendar function where all our appearances, episodes and comic releases and other events throughout the year will be listed, a search engine page dedicated to the site itself, to make it easier to find what you are looking for, a live twitter feed update, the possibility to tweet your favourite links without leaving the site, visual improvements to the Medias and About section, etc.
Also left to implement are the other two story sites, the Medusa Industries one and the New Felquists, which should roll out in the next couple of months. Right now, you can enjoy the first of these sites
As usual, don’t be shy to let us know what you think of the new site, what features you would like to see, what we could do better, etc.
Thanks for being there!
The Heroes of the North Team

New Store and French Version

We are implementing the newest version of the store tonight. Not everything is available but it should be fairly soon. Also, you may have noticed some Canadian and Quebec flags popping up - this is experimental for the moment as we are working on the French version of the site. The French functionality should be available within the next two weeks.
La version française du site devrait être disponible d’ici deux semaines. Nous sommes présentement en phase test. Si vous voyez des pages avec des drapeaux Canadiens et Québécois, cela veut dire que ces pages sont en phase test et donc qu’une version française complète ou partielle est donc disponible. Cliquez sur le drapeau Québécois pour y accéder.

Website Updates

Freebies are now activated. Galleries are slowly being implemented. Facebook functionalities have been added to all Comics and Video Medias. The Crimson comic should go live sometime this week. We highly recommend to read it BEFORE the episode. Be warned however that the subject matter is pretty harsh and that sensitive readers may have a hard time with it.

Galleries Implementation

We have a very rich set of galleries, with thousands of photos to upload and arrange, so the implementation is lengthy and complex. Please bear with us for the next fews days as we implement the new galleries progressively.

New Website

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our brand new, fully redesigned website! It is perhaps less flashy but it is definitely easier to navigate and everything is easier to find - at least we would like to think so. Visit the newly revamped store and get your favourite Heroes of the North gear or dig into one of our digital comics (also available in paper in the store and pretty soon available as a download!), watch the latest episodes which you can now rate and comment, visit us in the brand new forum or get your questions answered through the FAQ section. We are at the early stage of implementation. There is a lot more to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, explore, visit and most of all, enjoy!

The Heroes of the North Team