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Acadia by Lyle Dunlop

flexible Acadia by Lyle Dunlop

Yet another stunning piece featuring Acadia (Christina Sciortino) by Lyle Dunlop. We are thinking of doing a photo novella with that guy. What do you guys think? Sound off below!

Wild Rose by Lyle Dunlop

flexible WILD_ROSE_editv2_Final_crop1_optimized

Another Wild Rose photomontage by Lyle Dunlop.

Pacifica by Lyle Dunlop

flexible Pacifica by Lyle Dunlop

Pacifica in another stunning photomontage by Lyle Dunlop.


flexible JackPot_Sketches

As part of his intense creative process, which we are documenting in a book and DVD combo coming out this spring, Donald likes to sketch. A lot! Here is a sample of sketches he did for an upcoming Jackpot illustration. As you can see, the man leaves no stones unturned!!!

Crimson by Luis Arturo

flexible Crimson by Luis Arturo

Like we said a few days ago, we are bombarded with cool Heroes of the North art in these early days of 2014! Here is an impressive Crimson piece by Cuban artist Luis Arturo!

More Jackpot madness!

flexible JACKPOT - Dominique Arganese - Photomontage by Lyle Dunlop, original photo by Vincent Cadoret

Lyle Dunlop is on fire! He just churned out yet another spectacular photomontage featuring the deadly Jackpot (Dominique Arganese). Now if that does not make you want to see what she is capable of, what will?

JACKPOT by Lyle Dunlop

flexible  Jackpot overlooking the city by Lyle Dunlop

What can we say? We are bombarded with art these days! Here is another stunning photomontage by Lyle Dunlop featuring Jackpot (Dominique Arganese), based on an original photo by Vincent Cadoret.

Wild Rose (and the Hortnets) by Geof Isherwood

flexible Wild Rose Poster by Geof Isherwood

Here is a Geof Isherwood illustration featuring Wild Rose dispatching the Hornet twins...

Awesome Wild Rose fan art

flexible Wild Rose by Lyle Dunlop - Photo by Vincent Cadoret

This superb piece was created by Lyle Dunlop.

Actress/Model: Sandra Belrose

Character: Wild Rose

Photographer: Vincent Cadoret

Costume Design: Christopher Yao

Costume Created: Polymorphe




Our best wishes for 2014!


First, for being a loyal fan. We do this for you, first and foremost.

Second, for supporting us through thick and thin and making Heroes of the North something we enjoy doing!

There is not really enough we could do to thank you all, but this upcoming year we plan to give back!

We did not release as much as we wanted this year. We had to reorganize, reconsider, plan differently. But we are now ready for production and we think that the ride will be worth the wait!

So once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Here's to a better year!


The Heroes of the North Team

Season 2 begins January 30, 2014


For those who are still wondering - it apparently was not clear at the end of the teaser because of the Grindhouse style titles - the second Season will begin on January 30, 2014 with the Jackpot: Royal Flush episode.

Here is the synopsis:

Jackie Pothier just lost everything. Her pride and joy, her martial arts school, has been foreclosed, thanks to her self-centered gambling boyfriend, William Carter.

Trying to regain what he lost, William plays against Irish mob leader Ray O’Flynn. Things do not go as planned and Ray shows up at Jackie’s to collect his due. Things degenerate quickly and Jackie finds a new strength and a dark side of herself as she tries to survive this night of violence, pain and murder...

This episode will be followed by:


MANTIS: A WING AND A PRAYER (March 30, 2014)

SASKANA: SEED OF WRATH (April 30, 2014)



Terra Nova Costume Design by Christopher Yao

Christopher Yao knocks another one out of the park with his stunning costume design of Terra Nova, protector of Newfoundland!



Prep is well underway for shooting the first Origins minisode next week - JACKPOT: Royal Flush, written by Michel Brouillette. Auditions on Monday. Props pick up on Tuesday, Fight training, costume fitting and photoshoot on Wednesday, second unit shooting on Thursday and All out brawling on Friday! Busy week ahead! It will be also the time to fulfill several of the shooting related IndieGogo perks.

Christine Trinh is Borealis


Christine Trinh is Borealis, Nunavut’s protector, in Season 2 of Heroes of the North.

Episode 20 is now out!

Acadia - Christina Sciortino image

Finally! It has been a long ride but Episode 20 is finally out! You can view it here:


It is getting awesome reviews from fans and reviewers alike!

Featuring The Canadian, Nordik, Medusa Commander, 8 Ball and Black Terror and introducing Hornet, Acadia and the Nurse in Chief! Don’t miss it!

Introducing Jackpot


Here is a first look at the costume design for a new Season 2 character called Jackpot, as illustrated by Christopher Yao. Hero? Villain? Perhaps a little bit of both? Only time will tell… Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Season 2 Casting - Hornet is back!

Hornet_Season2 image

Season 2 Casting - Nordik will not be back!

Nordik_Season2 image

If you read our latest comic book, CODA, you know HOW and WHY. The real question now is WHO will take over her duties in the Great White North?

Season 2 Casting - Fleur-de-Lys is back!

Edith Labelle - Fleur-de-Lys image

Following in the footsteps of Bianca Beauchamp, we are happy to confirm the return of Edith Labelle as the Province of Quebec’s very own superheroine, Fleur-de-Lys… Welcome back Edith, we missed you!

Season 2 Casting - Crimson is back!

Crimson_Season_2 image

We are happy to announce that Bianca Beauchamp who played the deadly assassin known as Crimson will be back for the second Season of the adventures of the Heroes of the North!

More casting announcements and confirmations in the days to come!



We took the opportunity of the Ottawa Comicon to introduce one of our new villains of Season 2, the deadly Mantis, played by the lovely Marie Ty. Mantis is a Medusa agent that works closely with Hornet. She has ties to the Heroes of the North vigilante known as 8 Ball. In fact, the most astute of the Hotnorthians will have noticed that Marie Ty makes a brief appearance in Episode 3: 8 Ball Origins as Tony Falcon’s wife, Brownwyn, where she meets a gruesome fate at the hands of some random thugs, triggering the events that will lead Tony Falcon to become 8 Ball. You will have to watch closely Season 2 to find out the sinister secret behind it all. On a side note, Mantis stylish costume was designed by Andy Bradshaw and created by Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet herself!).

The Nathan Fillion Adventure


For Halloween 2012, Canadian actor Nathan Fillion disguised himself as his own version of a World War II Canadian superhero and tweeted several pictures in said costume. A fun yet innocuous gesture that resulted in us getting thousands of emails, tweets, DM and FB messages and comments as a lot of people thought he was doing his version of our Canadian Shield character. We even ended up doing a blog post about it. We seriously doubted he was aware of the show and we were convinced it was totally related but it was fun.

Flash Forward to May 2013 and Heroes of the North is headed to the second Edition of the Ottawa Comicon. And surprise, Nathan Fillion is the guest of honour this year. So we decided to go try to talk to Mr. Fillion and tell him the Halloween anecdote and how it affected us and our site traffic positively and we wante to give him a Canadian Shield comic book at the same time and tell him a little about the show.

When we got to him, at the signing booth, his first reaction was to react at the 8 Ball costume, ask Anderson Bradshaw to step back and using his phone, he flashed a picture or two. We got to tell him the anecdote and a little about the show and gave him a bunch of our comics. He was very enthusiastic and appeared delighted. “I did not know about this!”, he said.

We went back to our booth and the day proceeded briskly. Around 12:30, during lunch hour, as things quieted down, Anderson and Marie Ty decided to do what we call a flyer run: going to different booth and into the crowds, taking pictures and chatting with people and distributing the show’s flyer.

Cliff, one of the organizer of the Comicon, came by and said: “You will never guess who specifically requested to come by your booth!”. We had no idea. He said: “Our guest of honour, Nathan Fillion, asked to come visit you guys. He will be here between 12:40 and 1:15. Don’t tell anybody because we don’t want to create a commotion.”

We of course agreed. And started to run around and chase our missing flock. There was so much people, we did not manage to find them on time. Mr. Fillion arrived with his entourage, but we did not have the actors with us.

“Where is everybody?”, asked Mr. Fillion as he approached. “We are looking for them! We got warned of your visit after they had just left!”. He looked disappointed. “I will try to pass by again later!”, he said before being hustled away. As he disappeared around the corner, 8 Ball and Mantis arrived…

8 Ball and our producer ran in the direction they had disappeared but they lost them in the crowd. And we thought we had missed a great opportunity. But 8 Ball went to the signing area and managed to speak to the management. He came back with the following news: Mr. Fillion would meet us at 3 PM in the VIP area, backstage for a few minutes before his next appearance. Class act!

So about an half hour before three, we braved the crowd and headed down to the other end of the convention centre with everyone in tow, leaving only one man at the booth.

We got there a little faster than we thought, waited a little and then Mr. Fillion walked in, camera in hand, clicking away: “Look at you guys!” He took several pictures with our Heroes, Hornet, 8 Ball and Mantis, both with him and individually and then we took a couple of pictures as a group with him holding the Shield, which had started this whole thing in the first place.

So now the story is wrapped with a neat little bow. We wish to warmly thank Mr. Fillion for his time and generosity as well as everyone that made the encounter possible!

And that concludes our Nathan Fillion adventure!


VODA by Geof Isherwood


This is the first glimpse of Voda, our New Manitoban superhero, drawn by Geof Isherwood! Voda is one of the new characters that will be introduced in Season 2. An origin story detailing how she came to get involved with the WDO, what are her powers and so on, will be found in the trade paperback that will be out later this year and will set the stage for her implication in the Heroes of the North Universe.

As usual, the illustration is available in our store.


Crimson: Dark Origins comic book near sold out


Our most critically acclaimed comic book, Crimson: Dark Origins is nearly sold-out - in fact, there is only 4 copies available. If you ever wanted to get your hands on it, the moment is NOW!


Michael Dooney strikes again!

Fleur-de-Lys by Michael Dooney

Here is the latest Heroes of the North illustration by Michael Dooney! His interpretation of Fleur-de-Lys is simply out of this world! We are always amazed at the man’s work and look forward to his other contributions!


Manitoba Hero Costume Designs

We have asked two Canadian artists, Christopher Yao and Kieron O’Gorman to give us their interpretation of our Manitoba heroine (still unnamed at the moment - if you have any suggestions, please proposed them in the comments below).

Here are Christopher Yao’s versions, both in red and blue:

Here is Kieron’s versions, again both in blue and red… Let us know what you think below!


Heroes of the North: Jenny
Jenny by Christopher Yao. A character that will be discovered in the Heroes of the North: Season One trade paperback, coming in 2013!

Black Mantis Costume sneak peak

Preparations are still underways for Season 2. Besides blowing miniatures, going to Vietnam and so on, we are also creating brand new costumes for our new villains and heroes. Here is a sneak peek at the leather pants for Black Mantis, designed by Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) and fabricated by the multi-talented Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Hornet). See? We are not kidding when we say we are a small team! You can catch a glimpse of the Black Mantis costume design here:


Who is Black Mantis?


Here is the costume design by Anderson Bradshaw for Black Mantis, a new character from the Heroes of the North universe, that will make its appearance in Season 2. She is a villain with intimates ties to Medusa and even more disturbingly, 8 Ball and the lethal Iron Panther, who will also make his ominous debut in Season 2.



It has been a long time coming but Episode 18 is now online! It features Edith Labelle as Fleur-de-Lys as well as a new breed of Nouveaux Felquistes… Enjoy!

Bonne St-Jean à tous nos fans Québécois!

Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle)

Nordik by Michael Dooney

We love the way Michael Dooney draws babes here at HOTN Central - that is no secret. So it is no surprise to anyone that we asked him to draw Nordik (VanessaBlouin). What surprised us is the amazing drawing he sent us! Complete with Northern Lights, polar bears and a most intricate hairdo, the mysterious mistress of the north truly shines here! Heck, even his polar bears are sexy!



Nordik by Isherwood

Geof Ishwerwood is currently hard at work on the Second Heroes of the North Omnibus cover. Today he sent us a sample of a work in progress on the character of Nordik.

Nordik Work in Progress by Geof Isherwood for the Second Heroes of the North Omnibus


Interview with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais aka Hornet

Bruno’s Geek Reviews did an interesting and very candid interview with Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, who plays the deadly Hornet in our superheroes web series. Definitely worth a read!

Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais) in her new Costume

Medusa by Geof Isherwood

Here is the finished coloured piece of Medusa by Geof Isherwoord.

Medusa Commander and Friends

Acadia by Ty Templeton

Just in time for the Acadians National Holiday comes Ty Templeton’s vision of our character of Acadia.

We love Ty Templeton over here at HOTN Central. First of all, he is Canadian. Second, he was worked for almost every major comic book company under the sun, Third, he has worked on Batman AND Spider-Man, fourth, he’s a writer and an accomplished artist and teacher, and like most Canadians, he’s funny as all hell, fifth, he has a cartoon blog called
Bun Toons, sixth, he’s bursting with passion for comics as an art form and a story telling medium, seventh, he is one of the creative minds behind Hoverboy, eight, he draws himself as a rabbit, ninth, he took us HOTN folks seriously and with respect from day one, despite our ridiculous means, and tenth, his wife is also a comic book professional who letters and colours comics… Better yet, she even does us the favour of working on some of our books once in a while. So what is not to love? Feast your eyes on his latest Heroes of the North offering.

BONUS: Ty Templeton talks about his creative process for creating the illustration on his


Pacifica by Michael Dooney




This is the long awaited cover by Montreal Illustrator Donald Caron for the upcoming Crimson Comic book. It perfectly captures the lethal and raw nature of the character origins. Not to mention it has a very Frazetta feel. Another epic illustration for the books! You can also check it out in our artist Gallery.

Acadia Figurine Design in Colour!


Anne-Marie Losique is Madame Doom!

You read that right! Quebec celebrity and media mogul Anne-Marie Losique will portray the borderline insane Madame Doom, a disfigured former fashion model that now controls a major drug cartel supplying the fashion and entertainment industry in the Heroes of the North universe. The first episode she appears in, Episode 13, will be online on July 11th.

We are pretty happy to have Anne-Marie on board mainly because she was the person we always wanted for the character. So much so that had she passed on the opportunity, we would have created another villain.

So it was with great pleasure that we learned she was to accept our invitation to join the cast. And while that particular shoot was excessively chaotic - there was a major snow storm that day that caused us tons of griefs and delays, Anne-Marie was an absolute trooper throughout, on time despite the snow storm (unlike some of our own crew!) and a joy to work with!

The episode will be online on Monday, July 11. While it is somewhat light on action, the script by Jim Burke is quite surreal in atmosphere and situations, while the interplay between Anne-Marie (as Madame Doom) and Pia Metni (as Masquerade) is very entertaining.

Keep an eye out because Madame Doom will be back in Episode 15, along with with Crimson (Bianca Beauchamp), Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle), The Canadian (Larry Vinette), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw) and Masquerade (Pia Metni). Oh! And you will get to meet the excentric
Seymour (Babak Motamed) and his ravishing Seymourettes (Baj Singh and Christelle Fournier).

And while you are at it, why not profit from the
pre-order pricing and order your very own Madame Doom figurine, complete with a light-up catwalk! Click on the picture for more details or head over in the STORE to order it now.

Madame DOOM