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Patreon Campaign

We are often asked why it takes so long between episodes and comic books.  There is no ifs, ands and buts about it:  it takes money to make the shows.  Call us silly but we like to try and pay our performers and crew a living wage, if we can.  

Nothing extravagant, just something to buy food and pay the rent.  

Our producer, Christian Viel, has financed the entire first season out of his own pocket.  That was a lot of money.  And while selling merchandise certainly helps making up those costs, it is a slow and long process.

We looked at crowdfunding and we had a minimal success with it.  Despite a campaign that landed us on the front page of IndieGogo, it apparently was not enough to tip us over in the spheres we needed.

We got a lot of flack for making the episodes Pay-per-View in an effort to finance the second Season.

We have an on-site donation box - and while we have some generous contributors, it appears to remain mostly ignored.

So we are trying this new form of on-going crowdfunding for patrons of the arts, Patreon.  Let's see how it goes! :)


Our Cast Page!


Finally!  Here is our long requested, long awaited cast page. It is by no means complete or even definitive as it still is a work in progress. It will eventually have everybody's IMDB page linked. Casting is still underway for Season 2 so things are subject to change. Click on the CAST tab in the menu. Enjoy!


New Sponsor!

Taktik Airsoft

We are happy to report that we have struck a sponsorship agreement with Taktik Airsoft here in Montreal for the second Season of the show. It will allow us to improve our production value weapons wise for our heroes, both the shows and conventions.


Casting Underway!

Casting Underway

Note to Montreal actors:

Casting is currently underway for Wild Rose: Trials and Tribulations and Terra Nova: Sum of its parts. Soon there will also be casting for Mantis, Voda, Yellow Knife, 8 Ball and Borealis minisodes.

Tell your agents to submit you or submit yourselves via the casting work book. Don't tell us you are mad at us for not letting you know at the next ACTRA party, because you have been officially and publicly warned.

Sorry if you are outside Montreal, we cannot cast outside of town unless you have local accommodations - our budget is stretched enough as it is. If you can have your own accommodation here, submit yourself with a note to that effect - otherwise you will be ignored. Thanks!


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