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Research Grants
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C.D.O. Research Grants

The C.D.O. Research Sciences Program provides grants to maintain technological superiority in scientific areas relevant to Canadian needs.

Approved research projects are expected to significantly advances the state of current knowledge and/or technology.

Grants can also maintain a strong research infrastructure that includes universities and industry laboratories.

Eligible applicants includes private and public nonprofit organizations and private and public universities and colleges.


To support and stimulate basic research, applied research and technology development at educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and commercial firms, which may have military or dual-use application.

This support may take the form of grants, cooperative agreements, or other transactions.

Types of Assistance

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

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The C.D.O. Research Program Advanced Technology/Therapeutic Development Award is intended to support the assessment of scientific and/or military field deployment feasibility for promising new products, pharmacologic agents (drugs or biologics), behavioural interventions, devices, clinical guidance, and/or emerging approaches and technologies.

These awards are expected to yield potential products, approaches, or technologies for the treatment, prevention, detection, and/or diagnosis of related national conflict issues. The products developed may be pharmacologic agents (drugs, biological), cognitive/behavioural interventions, devices, or clinical guidance.

Military relevance is a key feature of this award. All applications must specifically and clearly address the military relevance of the proposed research.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Only project grants resulting from scientific proposals will be evaluated.

Basic research, applied research and technology development in areas of science and technology which may have military or dual-use application are of interest.
Projects are expected to advance the state of the art or result in fundamental change in technology.

Programs intended to produce fundamentally different approaches to relevant technologies or establish fundamentally new relationships among the parties engaged in technology development are appealing.

Potential recipients should note that these funds are awarded on project-by-project basis and are not block grants.

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Eligibility Requirements

For grants, eligibility is limited to public and private educational institutions and nonprofit organizations operated for purposes in the public interest.

For cooperative agreements, eligibility is limited to educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and commercial firms.

Eligibility for other transactions is the same as for cooperative agreements. Individuals are eligible for these awards only with advanced proof of concept.

Each project carrier must provide a transition plan (including funding and resources) showing how the product will progress to clinical trials and/or delivery to the military market after the successful completion of this Research Program award.

The overall goal of this award mechanism is to accelerate the introduction of improved therapies, treatments, devices, or technologies for E.D.O. into its necessary setting.

Examples of the types of research that may be supported include, but are not limited to:

- Armoured vehicles
- Artillery
- Ballistic missiles
- Bombs
- Defense depleted uranium shells
- Exo-skeleton suits
- Ground Vehicles
- Jet packs
- Miniature aircrafts
- Radar Systems
- Smart-Bombs Striker / Fighter
- Weapons system
- Testing new therapeutic modalities (agents, delivery systems, chemical modification of lead compounds) using established or validated novel preclinical systems