Government of Canada - Ministry of Defence - Canadian Defence Organization

The C.D.O. was initiated in 1924 following the aftermath of the First World War but it will really come to prominence during the Second World War. Its most notable mission during this period was to create a secret tactical unit to find and destroy German intelligence and scientific experimentation camps.

The C.D.O. worked closely with the National Defence Research Team, leading to the controversial Soldier Enhancement Program, which was soon dropped after early failure of the experimentation phase. This led the unit to be named Section 8 due to an abnormal amount of volunteers becoming mentally unstable during and after treatments.

Only a handful of Enhanced Soldiers carried out successful missions in the southwest forest of Cologne, Germany. In November 1944, the Section 8 Unit disappeared, effectively ending the C.D.O. involvement in the Second World War. Since then, the Organization and its research have been kept away from the public eye.

On September 11th 2001, following the disturbing terrorist events in the United States, Canada expressed a need to increase the protection of its borders.

The C.D.O. has been officially reactivated and has become Canada’s number one resource in terms of Defence, security, military research and development.

Creating job opportunities and training the best soldiers in the world, the C.D.O. has at heart the best interests of the nation.