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Devil Dogs
The Devil Dogs. From left to right: Smith, Benton, Newman, Falcon, and Deschênes.

War Heroes Missing in Action

The Devil Dogs were a highly trained commando led by Charles Newman, Canada's first superhero

The elite military team was dropped into to the heart of Nazi Germany for a series of extremely successful top secret missions that helped end the war.

Despite numerous recon missions and post-war investigations, the Canadian Shield and his platoon have never returned to Canada. Their bodies were never found.

Their disappearance is a mystery and remains unsolved to this day.

These war heroes have been taken from us as a casualty of war. But the details of their last moments remain a mystery.

In honour of these men of the armed forces of Canada who proudly served in the Second World War, the C.D.O. historical department wishes to shine light over this dark period.

If you have any new information regarding the disappearance or imprisonment of any member of this elite team, please contact us.