Government of Canada - Ministry of Defence - Canadian Defence Organization

This symbol above depicts the identifier or the terrorist organization known as Medusa. If you come across any merchandise labelled with this logo or any variations thereof, or if you witness any of their activities in your neighbourhood, please inform your nearest C.D.O. headquarters immediately.

In its fight against organized (and not so organized) crime, the C.D.O. appeals to the public for any information concerning Medusa, a tentacular and ruthless terrorist organization and its alleged leader, fugitive Nazi Josef Mengele.

Joseph Mengele circa 1939
circa 1939
Joseph Mengele circa 1960
circa 1960
Mengele circa 1990
circa 1990

A one million dollars reward is offered for the capture of Dr Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death. Smaller rewards may be offered to individuals or groups who provides informations leading to his capture.

Authorities wish to apprehend the fugitive Josef Mengele for crimes against humanity.