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Neighborhood Watch

Citizens' Patrol - Neighbourhood Watch Committee

C.D.O. specialists in crime prevention can help your community put together and/or improve an already existing efficient and non-profit local neighbourhood watch program.

What is a neighborhood watch?

Also called a crime watch or neighbourhood crime watch, it is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighbourhood.

It is a non-profit corporation that assists the community and police organizations in solving and preventing criminal activity.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to join a neighbourhood watch program aimed at reducing crime in the community, through the active participation of citizens in crime prevention. It involves getting to know one's neighbours and working together to combat crime in your area the most effective way: before it starts.

REMEMBER: Suspicious or criminal activity that is not reported cannot be acted on, and you may be the next victim.

Keep in mind:

- Always keep your entrance gates locked
- Always keep your garage and outside lights working
- Report any open driveway gates, open garage doors, and any other problems in your community.
- Report all suspicious or criminal activity immediately to your local police station.
- Neighbourhood watches are not vigilante organizations.