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Witness Protection

The Canadian Defence Organization Witness Protection Program is a witness protection program administered by the Canadian Department of Justice that is designed to protect threatened witnesses before, during, and after a trial.

What is Witness Protection?
It is protection of a threatened witness, before, during and after a trial. While a witness may only require protection until the conclusion of a trial, some witnesses are provided with new identity and may live out the rest of their lives under government protection. Witness protection is usually required in trials against organized crime, where law enforcement sees a risk for witnesses to be intimidated by colleagues of defendants. It is also used at war crime trials.

Canada's Witness Protection Program Act was assented into Law June 20th 1996, by then Governor General Roméo LeBlanc. It was modelled after the United States Federal Witness Protection Program, and serves the same purpose. It is administered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Under harsh circumstances, the witness is relocated and given a new name. Witnesses are encouraged to keep their first names and choose last names with the same initial in order to make it easier to instinctively use the new identity. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides new documentation, assists in finding housing and employment, and provides a stipend until the witness gets on his or her feet.
Witnesses are not allowed to travel back to their hometowns or contact unprotected family members or former associates. In order to prevent the possibility of the witness being followed, the witness is made to adhere to a convoluted and indirect transportation path before finally reaching the location where they will live under the new identity. This path often involves a long chain of seemingly random flights which are intended to be difficult for a potential adverse party to anticipate.

Do not commit any crimes in the hope to meet in person the officially sanctioned Canadian Super Heroes. They are not, and will not be, part of the process of the witness protection program.