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HORNET - Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


Heroes of the North is a live action web series about Canadian superheroes. We tell the story through various media platforms such as videos, comic books, novels, character diaries, photo books, Tech Sheets, etc.

Best Web Series award
Best Transmedia Web Series award
Best Sci-Fi Series Award
Best Credit Sequence
Best Music Award
Best Costumes Award
  • HOTN wastes no time in grabbing you by the nape of the neck, and dragging you hip deep into explosive action and intrigue. The 7th Matrix
  • De l'action en perspective! Journal de Montréal
  • It is like the Avengers meets the Watchmen, with a uniquely dark Canadian twist. 2011 Toronto Fan Expo attendee
  • Possibly the best thing to come out of Canada since Ryan Reynolds! Thank you Canada! The Monkey Science Journal
  • It's a wildly ambitious project telling a creative story in new and interesting ways. This one is well worth a look!
  • After viewing the web series and a portion of the supplementary materials, it's astonishing to realize HOTN is independently produced!The 7th Matrix
  • Heroes of the North is a pretty well-written, well-staged web series that's actually worth watching.Moon Base Alpha
  • This is how I imagine a graphic novel would look like in full live action. Steve Franklins
  • Movie Seals have managed to craft a show that not only looks beautiful, but is packed with action, has great dialogue and an interesting story. InterWebTV
  • Heroes Of The North is one of the best concepted series on the web!Lance Von Trachtenberg
  • This is a fun series and the enthusiasm shown by the folks involved is contagious.They Stand on Guard Blog
  • I found the first season very good... The second is shaping up to be a lot more than all of my expectations. Great work!!!Ben Côté, on Facebook
  • Heroes of the North EPISODE 1 - CANADIAN ORIGINS: Well acted, produced, staged... Well done!Weird Reviews
  • What makes the web series so outstanding is the mythology of the world has been developed to the nth degree.The 7th Matrix
  • The scripts, acting, cinematography, and effects are of extraordinary quality.The 7th Matrix
  • Heroes of the North frappe fort!La Presse
  • Heroes of the North are the new Canadian Pantheon. Anubix Sanguis
  • Heroes of the North: one of the best shows on the www these days!Place Vine: The Brand Integration Service
  • It's a great show. Very well produced, and exciting.Chris Hadley, Snobby Robot
  • Heroes of the North - Web Series is a great geek gem. It's a Canadian superhero production - web, comic, and appearance - with a dark side.Geek Glories